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  1. Osric Dullane Who is he? Osric Dullane is the eldest child of House Dullane of Ishgard, a relatively wealthy if non-traditional family with holdings in the Dravanian-plagued Hinterlands of their realm and centered around the fortified keep of Montaubon. Well known for their skills in the hunting, taming, and training of various kinds of Chocobo as well as their Chocobo Knights, the free-spirited Dullanes have endured even in the political turmoil of the past few years. Wild and rambunctious like many of the Ishgardians in the Hinterlands, Osric in particular has taken to heart the painful lessons that have been taught to the most traditionalist of his kin in the Dragon Wars and seeks to keep an open mind about him even as he enters the strange and often dangerous outside world. Incredibly charismatic and clever beyond his years, Osric tends to make his way through life with a mixture of luck, bravado, and a relatively honest gentlemanly attitude. Always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need whether with his wit, his means, or his magically-enhanced bladework, the young man is a true adventurer. What does he want? While his family would prefer Osric stay in Ishgard, marry a nice respectable woman, pump out some kids, and eventually settle down as lord of his house, the young man himself has much different goals in mind. Though he is plenty loyal to his homeland, Osric would rather spend his youth out in the world seeing what there is to see. To that end he wanders Eorzea and beyond in search of brand new experiences of any kind: new people, new knowledge, new enemies, and new adventures are all on the menu for the young Ishgardian, and any way he can find them is just fine for him. Anyone with leads on ancient unexplored ruins or troves of lost treasure are sure to be on his radar, but he is also equally happy to learn about people themselves to add to his collection of stories to bring back home to his younger siblings. A romantic at heart, Osric also has a liking for anyone with passions like his own -- male or female -- and will flirt mercilessly with any who catch his fancy! Despite this, he longs for a true companion to share in his journey. Who should reach out to him? Anyone who is interested in any of the below... Quality, long-term focused roleplay A true Final Fantasy style character with both depth and surface-level value A nice blend of more comedic and serious styles of roleplay An active and adaptable RP partner A long-term romantic partner with which to go on various adventures Rich storytelling through small and large-scale RP scenarios done Dungeons and Dragons style Chocobos. Did I mention he really likes Chocobos?!? Long-term is ultimately key. I'm newly returned to the game and want to make a reliable set of friends, allies, and potentially enemies to roleplay with since these days I don't like dealing with conventional FC stuff and random tavern drama. I like to craft stories, explore characters, and sometimes roll dice. If that sounds fun to you, please contact me! I am also actively looking for a romantic partner for Osric, either set-up a bit beforehand or grown organically through RP as that is one of my favorite kinds and gives me something constant to work off of with my other RPs. Please don't hesitate to send me a message on here or in-game if you have any comments or want to express interest. Thank you!

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