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  1. I. Basic Info Character: Kiara Nocturne Linkshells: n/a Server: Mateus, Crystal DC Kiara's Carrd More than happy to RP over Discord for people in other datacenters! II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy preferred, but I don't mind light/casual here and there! Views on RP combat and injuries: Would rather avoid a lot of full-scale combat within RP, a single scene may be okay! And I'm fine with getting injuries! I'd like to discuss it beforehand though if it's anything serious! ^^ Views on IC romance: Pe
  2. This was fun to make! x3
  3. Thank you! ALSO-- I love the video that image is from. x'D I just watched it the other night. Ooh, awesome! I feel like I'm fumbling around and probably doing things that come off as noobish. x'D But ah well, it's still been fun so far! And I'm glad to hear the community here is so nice, everyone I've spoken to so far from FFXIV has been really great! But thank you, and sure! I'll keep ya in mind!
  4. Character(s) Kiara Nocturne (Mateus, Coeurl) A charismatic, spunky Miqo'te rogue/ninja seeking adventure and entertainment. She has a knack for befriending all types of people, and is driven by reckless curiosity, often finding herself collecting a vast array of information, as well as gossip and rumors. Her loyalty might falter if her own hide is at risk, or even if she thinks it would be more interesting to switch sides, and generally has no qualms about playing double agent. Despite her bubbly, lax, and outgoing personality, her moral compass is pretty broken and she thrives on ca
  5. Hello, everyone! ; w ; I'm Kiara, and I'm fairly new to the game! I played it for maybe a month or so on the PS4 about a year ago... ^_^;; but then recently got it again for the PC! So I've been back in it for a month and since I'm on a computer this time around, the socializing and rping is a lot easier to manage. x) So I figured I'd jump in and try to meet some people and maybe write some fun adventures! :3 I'm actually like... completely new to MMO roleplay, however, and I guess that makes me feel a little nervous about trying to get into it. I've mainly rp'd on MySp
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