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  1. Update Post: Free Company name change, cutting down or deleting irrelevant information from before, addition of brief summaries of the various ranks and branches. Compressed information about the Wardens of the Ashen Realms and filed under the corresponding branch. Removal of previously limiting goal view in exchange for a most focused opening. Story removed and replaced with brief back story and reason for name change.
  2. All Free Companies have a ranking system of some description that divides the Guild Leader and the Officers who help with the responsibility of the Company and the normal members who reap the rewards of the upper echleon's work. The Leader is called the Ashen One for lore purposes. The Officers are called Immortals and are in charge of their own branch in which they were once a regular member of, but now take responsibility for. Each Immortal has their own official title in the guild: Matron of Bones for the Bone Maidens Horseman of Ashen for the Wardens of the Ashen Realms Archon for the Shard of Light Mab for the Coven of Ashen (Ashen Coven) Titania for the Autumn Wakers Odin's Chosen for the Wild Hunt Judge for the Sanguine Court Professor for the Iron Hand Admiral for the Amber Lantern and Shogun of the Yomi branch, respectively. In addition to there being Immortals, there are the Immortal's Second-in-Commands who act as sort of Squadron Leaders. Each branch having its own opening which is, either greater or fewer than one another. Their titles are currently in a To-Be-Determined state of development. While a roster of titles for the Second-in-Command has been chosen. Their general titles are the Lords of Bones. Lastly, there are the new members of the Free Company, those brand new and in a trial phase are known as Initiates. Once an initiate has been in the Bone Orchard, long enough and their character's own story has progressed enough. They are granted the title of Candidate by either the Immortal or Hollow Visage associated with their Branch. Whereby they are set on a path to through a general story for the Branch they are interested in. Before becoming a Branch Member, the rank of which is named after each branch. Speaking of which, each Branch is as follows: The Bone Maiden Branch Information - The Wardens Branch (Full Title: The Wardens of the Ashen Realms) Information - The Shard of Light Branch Information - The Coven of Ash Branch (also known as the Ashen Coven) Information - The Autumn Wakers Branch Information - The Wild Hunt Branch Information - The Sanguine Court Branch Information - The Iron Hand Branch Information - The Amber Lantern Branch Information - Yomi Branch Information -
  3. Free Company Name: The Bone Orchard Free Company Tag: <<Ashen>> Leader: Genixma Fukkatsu Officer(s): Q'ruhka Tia Type of Roleplay: Dark | Mature | Gritty | Supernatural | Adventuring Sub-Type: Casual | Starting Up | Original Lore | Occult Eventual Aim: Militant or Mercenary Alignment: Grey Recruitment Status: Open Discord: Upon Recruitment Long ago, betwix the Third Umbral Era of Fire and the Fourth Umbral Era of Earth. There was a religious tribe of nomads traveling across the realm. Living their life on the fringes of civilizations, twas a grim journey. As their founder and soothsayer had grown eld and ill under the strain of life. Upon her death bed, she witnessed a macabre vision. Within it held the future of her followers and the tribes for many, many eras to come. The Soothsayer witnessed a vision of a great orchard made not for apple or citrus or produce of any kind. But, of bone, the soil fertilized with the carcass of their enemies. As well as, with the fallen of their own tribes, the orchard lined with many a white oak made of ossain carapace. Drinking deep the dead and the rotting, the putrid wasteland feeding this Bone Orchard. To accompany this morbid sight was two armies gathering on either side of the Bone Orchard. On one side were men of the Sand, the Wood, the Sea, the Ice, and the Wind. On the other, men of Iron and Blood. They both entered the Bone Orchard and did combat upon its corpse ridden ground. Each one that fell, was consumed by the white oaks that line the area. When, between their fighting, came men of Shadow. Who rained down terrible calamity upon the heads of both armies and sow discord among their ranks. Then arose, a great White Oak of Bone from the blood soaked group in the center of the Orchard. Greater than all other oaks it reached far above into the sky and emitted a shield of light around it. Protecting the armies of man against the shadow and calamity. Intrepreting the dream, she called her followers and in her dying breath, rechristened the tribe as the Coven of Ash. Their task was survive until such a time when men of Sand, Wood, Sea, Ice, and Wind. Stood against men of Iron, Blood and Shadow. They were then to go forth and find the Great White Oak among the realm and forge a company to protect the world from such things. They were tasks to find the Ashen One. And so, the tribe went forth surviving the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Umbral Calamities. Keeping the words and visions of their Founder alive even as they were long since buried. And when the Grand Alliance met with Garlemald in the Grimlyte Dark. The Coven reappeared and found a being touched by death and clad in white, the Ashen One they sought. Gathering around them. They were given the title of Leader. So it was, the Bone Orchard Free Company was forged after many, many eras of waiting. The Soothsayer's vision would come to be. The Company would become a shield to aid the Alliance against all threats. Even if they were to sacrifice themselves to the Orchard and the White Oaks. The Bone Orchard The Bone Orchard is a small Free Company starting up on the Mateus Server. This company are seeking to carve out a place of their own on Hydaelyn. To this end, they are searching for beings from all walks of life. A rogue, a mercenary, a grizzled veteran, a tradesman, or a novice scholar. All are welcome beneath its branches as it begins its search for individuals who might serve the vision of the Soothsayer. Initially set on only seeking the Wardens of the Ashen Realms, they have recently decided to cast a wider net. The more eyes, ears, and hands working to find the Wardens and fill the branches with members. The better they might lay the foundation for the Free Company and come to the aid of all realms and shards. The Free Company is of the mind set that even if you are not a Warden, there are now Branches that your character might enter. So they may carve their own destiny alongside the Free Company, itself. How do I join? You can send in an ask to set up a a meeting by throwing one: here Alternatively, just wait for any of the following to come online to express your interest: Genixma Fukkatsu, The Frayed, Hakkotsu Tsuki, Horae Solstice, Lord Shamhat, Don'yoku Mugen, Nikoyoku Sanguinius, or Q'ruhka Tia How would my character of heard of the Bone Orchard? Some characters have dreams, visions similar to that of the, now, passed Soothsayer. Others, would of heard it in whispers around taverns, later at night. Or from a drunkard being hauled off to gaol after having a bad run in with something.
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