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  1. Please come stop by for an enchanting evening tea-party held at the Blackrose Estate. We'll be delighted to serve you and make all your Little Ladies Day dreams come true! All proceeds will go towards the Refugee Relief Fund as every princess ought to help her subjects wherever possible.
  2. THE ANNUAL VALENTIONE’S CHARITY GALA You are hereby invited, through flyers decorating the major cities across Eorzea to the yearly charity gala in honour of Valentione’s day. This year all proceeds will be going to the Orphans of Eorzea fund, a non profit focused on providing safety, security and a future to children from all races. Events will kick off at 6pm pst with a thank you to all attending, drinks and other refreshments are provided free of charge to all attendees. Everyone is encouraged to chat and meet those around them. Promptly at 7pm pst the charity date auction will begin. Please keep these things in mind through the entire event: This is a roleplay event! No real gil will be exchanged at any point! There is no maximum bid nor minimum interval between bids but we ask that you remain respectful. This is first and foremost an event meant for entertainment and meeting new friends. It's important to acknowledge the reality that Date Auctions have a popularity contest tone to them. There is little way to remedy that fact unfortunately but we do ask that you try and go out of your comfort zone to meet new people and bid on more than just your friends. A winning bid is no guarantee of roleplay of any kind. Please respect people and their own schedules. Remember this is about making friends and forcing people into something isn't conducive to that. Out of Character is NOT In Character if the divide between the two is hard for you to navigate or understand then this isn't the event for you. What takes place after the event during any arranged dates is not my responsibility whatsoever. If things happen you're uncomfortable with there is a report and block button. That being said please let me know of any difficulties so as to prevent more issues in the future.Don't be creepy ooc. If you need a primer on how not to be creepy then we have a huge problem. NC17 means that the event may have adult overtones or adult themes but should not be blatantly erp in any way shape or form. Suggestive comments etc are fine but full on explicit rp in public chats are not. Use DM's if you must. No public erp of any kind will be tolerated. If you must be a horny bastard do so in DM's or you will be asked to leave.
  3. Magic and Mayhem All Hallows Eve party Blackrose Estate. Mateus, The Goblet - W12 P35 | October 27th, 7 pm PST Come celebrate a spooky scary All Hallows Eve, an in-character roleplay event hosted by The Blades of Blackrose. Costume contest with prizes and a DJ playlist (Link provided during the event). Come celebrate the spooky times! - Prizes for Spookiest costume, funniest costume and most creative costume.
  4. Nymeia's Wish Clinic Located in Mateus, The Lavender beds, Ward 12, Plot 55. Please /tell Alvaeia Candraed (or @apatheal#3676 on discord) for more information! A warm, cozy, inviting space for people of all walks of life to receive judgment free medical care for a wide variety of issues. No treatment is to complicated, no problem is to small. We will work with you as best we can. Also seeking volunteers for both medical staff as well as support staff.
  5. Looking for someone who's up for some long term roleplaying, both through discord and in-game. I'm interested in a wide variety of topics and am ALL for very dark rp if that's your go to as well as sweet slice of life scenes. Someone who would be interested in a potential romance rp would be ideal but not required, everyone needs a best friend! The character I roleplay the most is Alvaeia Morvix-Bekkar (You can find her info here!) so take a peak and hit me up either here or through discord, Apatheal#3676. I'm around most of the time. Lets see if our writing cliques!
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