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  1. Sounds good, I'll be up for most of Saturday! See you then. o/
  2. You found an FC for RP? Luckyyy, I've been looking high and low for one ever since I hopped over to Goblin! Well I hope you enjoy it!
  3. Hey! Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV, you're going to have one fun time playing the game whenever you do get the chance. Enjoy the game while you can, the story is pretty amazing too! As for your character, it's okay if there's not a large backstory or anything. Things can be fleshed out sooner or later, so I don't mind at all! I'll add you in-game and maybe we can set something up, or I could help you with MSQ and dungeons if you'd like!
  4. Actually decided to switch to Crystal DC, so I've changed the tag to Goblin! So, update bump!
  5. Name: Kyobi Sen Race: Hyur (Midlander) Gender: Male Age: 19 Server: Goblin Time Zone: Eastern UTC-4 Kyobi was born and raised in Thanalan under the care of a hard working family that, while struggling to make ends meet every now and then, tried to give their only child a joyful life. His father was stressed out working unbelievably long hours as a miner, and his mother took on the role of staying home to raise him as much as she could. Often times, his father and mother did not get along after the long days of work he would do just to get scraps of Gil, and often led into verbal fights, as his father knew to never physically hurt his wife. Growing up, Kyobi did not have many friends but did often sneak out the house to explore Thanalan for all of its interesting locations, often getting hurt by many creatures that laid bare in some of the more dangerous areas, which meant his mother would have to treat his wounds and give him a rightful scolding to make sure he wouldn't sneak out anymore. Yet, he never listened and continued exploring, for that was where his heart led him. Once reaching age fourteen, his knack for exploring had led him into joining a group of similar aged teenagers to try and become hunters to prove that they could grow up and become the warriors of their dreams. Things ended up going well, with how they went to some darker dungeons that some older warriors never dared to seek, and even caught the attention of a guild of hunters that didn't like the fact that some of their prey was being defeated, in turn 'stealing' their hard earned Gil clean from their grasps. So these hunters decided to teach Kyobi and his group a lesson in who can and cannot be hunters in their own right, and met up with the young adventurers in Sagolii Desert, confronting them head on and clearly outmatched them in every way. The young group defeated, beaten and spirits torn asunder with their dreams of becoming brave warriors crushed under the steel heel of a band of rogue hunters, where they told them that if they ever catch them stealing their hunts and fame ever again, they'll go after their families, silencing them for good. With wounds and broken hopes, the group managed to get their way over to the Forgotten Springs where they had a chance to rest up before deciding to disband their group and promise each other that they would never dare explore, hunt, or raise a weapon to anything for as long as they live for the sake of their families. Ever since that day, The friends never saw or heard from each other. For the next few years, Kyobi decided to help out his father's job in an attempt to help them raise Gil for the household, and never expecting so much as a thanks. As months passed, Kyobi and his father spoke to each other less and less, as if there was something unspoken that had gone between the two that he was not assure of, yet his mother always had a look of dismay whenever they were all together for what little time they had each day. One evening, while Kyobi was preparing for bed, he could hear his parents arguing that his mother had a miscarriage when they had planned on having a second child, but not for the reasons of raising one for the joys of growing up in the brave world, but to have another set of hands to work as a miner to help the family raise more money. His father; displeased and angered by this fact, has had enough and let his stress get to him, and soon began physically fighting with his wife. Not knowing how to stop such a fight, the only thing he could think of, was to grab the rusted sword he used with his friends when they went exploring, swiftly running into his parents bedchambers, and raised his sword to his father, shaking in fear of what he was doing and the words that repeated through his mind that caused him and his band of warriors to disband. Was he no better than them if he was planning to hurt his father just to save his mother? With all the commotion that their only neighbor heard, they rushed into their home to see what exactly was going on, and told Kyobi and his father to cease and take a breather before anybody got hurt. Without another word, Kyobi dropped the sword, watching as it hit the ground, echoing in the night. He didn't want to grow up to be like his father. A few more years later; things seemed to be normal yet again with the family, despite the drastic events, but Kyobi knew in the back of his mind that he couldn't continue this way anymore. With some of the Gil he had saved up for himself, he moved it all into a sac and placed it onto his mother's bed side table along with a note mentioning "Please, await my return, and don't forget about what we had." Packing up just a few extra pair of clean smallclothes and food to keep him from being hungry, Kyobi took it upon himself to run away in hopes of being able to one day come back to help his family to get them out of their terrible living situation so that they can live their remaining lives in peace. With a goal set, the brave boy set off for Ul'Dah in hopes that he would be able to find a fresh start, a new life, with his family in mind, and his heart yearning for what he wanted to be all along; A true explorer. What I'm looking for: A long term roleplay involving Kyobi and other character(s) to aid in helping him (and others) to start this new life and learn about himself, each other and the world around them. I'm certainly fine with any sort of themes, especially romance! (Though involving romance, I highly prefer other male characters, though females are always welcome! This player has a soft spot for Au Ra, Roegedyns and Hrothgars tbh) Contact: It's best to contact me through Discord (Kyobi#0666) or in-game (same name as character). I'll do my best to get back to you if you add/message me! I'm mostly active around 18:00-01:00 Sunday through Thursday, and pretty much all day on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for reading, have a great daaay! Hope to hear from you! \o/
  6. Hey there everyone, I'm a long time player on Final Fantasy XIV for about 4-5 years and have loved every hour I've put into the game. I'm not new to roleplaying, but I am new to FF14 roleplaying and have been curious to get into it for a very long time. I currently reside in Midgardsormr but I suppose with the visit system in place itll be easy to peek at other servers in the Data Center to see what goes on! Not quite sure where to start so to speak, so I figured that I would at least start with a greeting to break the ice. I've finished Shadowbringers (though I wont spoil anything) and I frequently raid and such on the side, but until new content comes out, I figured I would take a dip and see what roleplaying is like! Always open and friendly if you ever want to throw a message my way, I'm all ears. I also have a Discord that I can be reached at.(though I'm not sure if I can post it so I'll leave it vague.) Anywho, it's a pleasure to meet you all, and look forward to future plays and gatherings with all of you!
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