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  1. It doesn't really change much, since many role-players are going to want a plausible reason to do something as drastic as travel to a completely different world assuming they follow the lore to any significant degree. Whereas those who are desperate to involve their characters in anything and everything will claim that they can do whatever they so wish.
  2. I'm not the sort to mince words so to be blunt, FFXIV's RP community is at times not a particularly pleasant one. It can be very difficult to get involved with something meaningful without first having to endure a series of bitter disappointments. I enjoy the game well enough, though if RP alone served as my interest then I would have ditched FFXIV years ago. I've been playing since the days of ARR and although I've encountered some brilliant people that motivate me to stick around it took a lot of effort and luck to encounter them. The key is to be persistent. A lot of people who claim to desire RP will, unfortunately, mess you around. I've had people chat excitedly for hours about their plans only for nothing to ever manifest. I've had people approach me, claim to be interested in my character and then vanish the moment I made it clear that I was not interested in engaging in ERP with them. I've had people swear up and down that they like to adhere to the game's lore only to have them suddenly unload some weird, implausible scenario upon my character. I've had people invest in mutual character story-lines for weeks or even months at a time only to one day vanish abruptly because they found someone different to interact with. I've had people suddenly stop interacting with me because they found out that I was British. (!?) The list goes on. As the posts above suggest, it isn't an isolated problem. Even now, whenever I try to expand my network of contacts it feels like an uphill battle. For every new, lasting connection I make there's half a dozen failures. It's easy to feel as though you're the one who is to blame. That you're doing something wrong. Yet in reality, that often isn't the case - a lot of role-players are just not particularly stable, reliable or pleasant individuals when it comes to FFXIV. You have to wade through a lot of bad to get to the good. Though it isn't a completely hopeless situation. The good does exist. You'll eventually find like-minded individuals to hang around with. You have to be very proactive and typically also have to be the one to initiate things. Which can admittedly be exhausting at times. As for your chosen race? Go for what makes you happy. Anyone who immediately brushes you off because you choose to play a Lalafell isn't worth your time in the first place.
  3. As far as physical capabilities are concerned, we need to note that their physiques vary considerably compared to the other races. Cid is roughly the same size as a Midlander, albeit a bit more thickly muscled. Nero is taller and similar to an Elezen. One of the Garlean NPC's aboard the Prima Vista uses a Highlander model and then there's Zenos and Varis who are even taller and physically imposing. They're hardy and disciplined as a consequence of the harsh environment they've been forced to adapt to with a fondness for efficiency to boot - so even accounting for their lack of ability to manipulate aether, they're still not going to go down easily in a fight. Even putting aside the fact that magitek can do a lot of what aether can do, it's not as if every Eorzean can wield aether to a significant degree or be well trained enough to go toe to toe with a seasoned, disciplined enemy soldier. Furthermore, there's their enhanced spatial awareness by virtue of their third eye. You're also not likely to encounter many Pureblood Garleans to begin with, realistically. The vast majority of soldiers serving Garlemald are conscripts after all - with a smattering of Garlean Pureblood soldiers here and there. As for the existence of Garlean Purebloods who can manipulate aether, aside from being exceptionally rare it kind of defeats the point of playing a Garlean Pureblood in my opinion since it just involves eroding away one of the things that makes them so unique and engaging. It makes for some pretty intense situations where you cannot simply have your character teleport about on a whim. Though saying that, there's examples of short range teleportation used by Pureblood Garleans as a consequence of magitek...
  4. I doubt anybody would be in opposition to such a move.
  5. The story outright highlights that the Warrior of Light is, at present, the only one who can travel to the First and back to the Source at will. It's a major story point and even serves as part of the ongoing plot threads to be resolved in the future. Perhaps as early as 5.1. Let's not beat around the bush. Those of you who have already decided to have their character travel to the First are likely to do as much no matter what. Nobody is stopping you - they're simply pointing out that it isn't as plausible as is being presented by some and it also isn't something they're interested in engaging with. If you want to bend or break the established lore, go ahead - just don't pretend as if you aren't doing just that. Not everybody is on board with the 'anything goes' approach to role-play, after all.
  6. I don't subscribe to the idea that anything and everything should be embraced. Everybody is free to do as they please and nobody is saying otherwise - they're simply stating that they're not going to do as much themselves and have no interest in interacting with those who do. On my end, I adhere as strictly to the lore as I can because I enjoy what is readily available to 'normal' inhabitants of the setting and don't feel the need to thrust my character into situations that require a huge amount of stretching and end up putting them centre stage in regards to the overarching narrative. It seems to be whenever someone points out that they're not fully on board with something they're subtly branded an 'elitist' even though the reality is far more nuanced than that. Regardless, overlooking small things like the night and day cycle is in no way equal to having a character venture to a completely different world. I also don't believe that a setting being odd in some ways justifies a policy of 'anything is plausible'. Especially when what is 'plausible' is completely subjective.
  7. It's not really a 'moot argument', especially when a decent amount of role-players avoid taking the approach where anything goes. I doubt anyone here is surprised that there's people role-playing on the First with little regard for the logistics - though I'll say that despite running around the zones frequently since launch the amount of role-players that I have seen has been fairly low so far when compared to the amount that I've seen in the older zones. There's also the simple fact that it takes away from the narrative and the struggles of the inhabitants of the First if there's a bunch of Source characters showing up to go adventuring. I'm sure the site's image tab will soon be flooded with players eager to show off their character running around in the new zones, though. At any rate, it is my firm belief that not every character needs to be involved in every single element of the game's ongoing story. Yes, it's a high fantasy game and that's part of the charm though the story is written in a particular way and a lot of us prefer to stick to what is established as plausible in terms of the world building. Coming up with a contrived excuse to join in with something just because it happens to be shiny and new isn't to everybody's tastes, either. Especially when the biggest heroes in the setting cannot jump to and from the First on a whim. At the moment, the only exception is the Warrior of Light - and I'd wager most people aren't playing as the ultimate hero of the setting. I'm fairly certain the situation will change in due time. It's just a matter of patience, really.
  8. I'm in favour of people just playing a character native to the First if they really want to role-play there. It's going to be awkward if every other role-player running around Norvrandt happens to be from the Source. It just serves to cheapen things. On my end, I don't think I'll be acknowledging any world hopping unless it is handled very well and the character is stranded there and faces substantial difficulty with adjusting to what is effectively an alien world. Sadly I suspect many will seek to show up to attend an event in the First and then immediately jump back to the Source with minimal difficulty so they can attend a different event there the next day. Each to their own, I guess, but it just seems counterproductive to me.
  9. I was in the exact same place up until recently. My advice? If you can, try and focus on finding people who are invested in the game as a whole rather than those who claim to only be interested in role-play. The former tend to stick around more than the latter. Another obstacle is to avoid those who over-commit. If you see them offering to interact with as many people as possible, chances are they won't have the time to actually interact with your own character to any meaningful degree. I tend to let people come to me these days as being the one to reach out all the time proved to be exhausting - especially when so many role-players aren't open and honest about their commitments, desires and level of lore adherence. It can be tough to find people to click with - but it isn't impossible. I do believe there's an element of luck involved, though. At least insofar as being in the right place at the right time to stumble upon something that just 'works' for you.
  10. Anyone claiming that their character is a Warrior of Light is basically claiming that their character is one of the most important people to exist in Hydaelyn. If you really want to do it, nobody can stop you - but the negative reactions are usually justified. Most role-players will either ignore characters along those lines or brush them off as being delusional. I've yet to see it done well - because it's the sort of concept that simply serves to alienate more people than it pleases. It's also inherently selfish by its very nature. It's the equivalent of joining a theatre group and loudly proclaiming that you will play the leading role and everybody else has to resign themselves to being stage props. You could potentially find other people to team up with to also play fellow Warriors of Light yet it'll end up with quite the awkward echo chamber - usually one involving those present stroking each other off and highlighting just how much more important and skilled their characters are compared to everybody else. To be blunt, the sort of role-players who want to play such an influential figure are also the sort to be easily prone to drama, so more often than not things crash and burn rather quickly when there's more than one in the same room. You'd probably find a lot more people to team up with and interact with by simply playing a veteran adventurer. You'd have the 'skilled' angle covered without treading on other people's toes and it'd make it much easier for other role-players to get involved with your character.
  11. There has yet to be a content patch that I haven't been excited for. 4.5 is no different. I'll likely tackle the Return to Ivalice finale first since I'm a huge fan of Ivalice in general. After that it'll be the MSQ's. Doman Mahjong is a pleasant surprise. It'd be nice to see it - and Triple Triad - take off as IC hobbies for many characters.
  12. I'm mostly interested in the doughnuts. They'll make for an excellent dessert item to display all year round.
  13. My concern is that there's been a notable rise in the amount of role-players who don't tackle content to any large degree...and of those who do, it isn't unusual for them to flake out for various reasons. If it happened once or twice, that'd be one thing - but some of us end up experiencing it more often than not despite frequent attempts to set things up. Even accounting for being a large server, many have been forced to look to the cross server system to secure contacts for PvE/PvP and now we're set to be cut off from the servers we leaned upon for that. That aside, I've spent a lot of time in Eureka and couldn't help but note that I rarely encountered players there from Balmung. I wasn't implying that there aren't any role-players who tackle the PvE and PvP side of the game - because there are. I figured that went without saying. Yet right after the announcement that Aether was set to be cut loose from Balmung and Mateus a number of people decided to transfer. More will likely do so in the coming months. There's also serious talk about establishing Jenova as the replacement Balmung on Aether. How that plays out remains to be seen, though in my experience people tend to take the path of least resistance. Balmung isn't going to die out. Mateus isn't going to die out. Though at this point only time will tell how much of an impact the move is going to have and whether the better choice for some is to head to Jenova or some other Aether server set to not be sent to Crystal. Which obviously comes at the cost of cutting ties completely with Balmung/Mateus...but getting ready access to the servers with a large number of PvE/PvP focused players.
  14. I'm excited about the expansion itself...though the news that Balmung and Mateus are being disconnected from Aether has soured things for me. I enjoy role-play, yet I also invest heavily in the game itself. Aether as it is now gives players on Balmung and Mateus ample access to a duty finder and party finder that is active and fairly competent. We're set to be grouped with a number of smaller servers and will lose access to what are the 'go to' servers for PvE/PvP focused players. I'm not particularly pleased about that as someone who dabbles in every aspect of the game. Balmung's cheap pricing is also likely to be negatively affected due to the ability for players from other servers to temporarily visit, buy things from our markets and then head back to their own servers.
  15. Being open and honest about taking liberties with one's character is for the best. It helps avoid needless drama and it prevents both parties from wasting their time if they have conflicting stances on such things.
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