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  1. Ryuji

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    Being open and honest about taking liberties with one's character is for the best. It helps avoid needless drama and it prevents both parties from wasting their time if they have conflicting stances on such things.
  2. Ryuji

    Portal from Vana'Diel?

    To be blunt, a lot of people would simply roll their eyes and avoid anyone embracing such a plot point. If you want to tell a story involving a character that is exploring a new land for the first time then...there's no reason not to simply have them hail from somewhere like Hingashi and make up a reason as to why they're venturing to Eorzea. That's pretty much the basis of my own character and it doesn't involve taking any liberties at all, so the pool of role-players I can interact with isn't artificially limited. Just because you can do something, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should. Nobody can stop you, though you're likely to get more meaningful opportunities and contacts by role-playing something fairly grounded compared to something extremely exceptional.
  3. Ryuji

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    I wouldn't say it's dying so much as it's stagnating. I don't really post here much these days and there's a lot I could say on the matter but I'll try to keep it brief. The most obvious cause of the stagnation is the server being locked down. That prevents fresh faces from popping up outside of the occasional returning player and makes it difficult for various Free Companies to recruit additional members. This is even more apparent when accounting for niche concepts. I've also found that a lot of role-players are unfortunately prone to baggage in the form of needless drama and/or manipulative, flaky behaviour...so I doubt that I'm the only one who is very selective about who I choose to interact with these days.
  4. Ryuji

    Emotional distress from RP

    I'll be blunt. Ditch anyone who strings you along and manipulates you when you try and smooth things over with them. It may be painful to cut them loose but in the long term you'll be happier and healthier for it...especially if it's souring the game for you and causing you stress. Unfortunately there's a lot of role-players who are manipulative and lack much in the way of empathy and social skills. I've seen even close friends suddenly drift apart based on a lack of acknowledgement of any issues - sometimes no matter how much you try and smooth things over with someone they'll just continue to be blind to their problematic behaviour. Basically, if you've reached a point where you're consistently feeling like you need someone to stop doing something because it's hurting you and they aren't listening...then it's time to move on. There's thousands of other players that you can befriend and get to know - you won't be starved for opportunities!
  5. “It is time to bring about a new era for Garlemald - one of peace and prosperity. Not solely for her native people but all those brought beneath her glorious banners. The question, then, is whether you stand with me or against me. I am so terribly weary of seeing good men and women on both sides of the battlefield cut down like pigs. We have more in common with one another than many would like to admit. We all have comrades in arms. Dreams. Families. Have you the desire to break the cycle of hatred? To truly make this troubled world work for all of us? If so, I cordially ask that you join me.” - Cato pyr Eligar - - - - OOC: I have been wanting to do something like this for a very long time. With confirmation that the story of Garlemald is as politically driven as I hoped it would be, it is time to put my plans into action. I am reaching out to all role-players who want to explore the possibility of having their character team up with a Pureblood Garlean who, whilst loyal to his homeland and people, is very eager to see an end to needless bloodshed and hatred. Such a lofty goal cannot happen overnight and will no doubt rely heavily on the advancement of the MSQ’s. Yet with all that said, the first steps can be taken right this instant. So consider this a call to arms. Who wishes to join me? I suppose it may go without saying, but I am seeking the sort of role-players who adore political intrigue in their role-play. Naturally there will be those who seek to oppose my character, so rivals and enemies are also welcome to get in touch! All I ask of my role-playing partners is that they are literate, reliable and portray characters that feel like they could be a plausible part of the game world. A willingness to spend time outside of housing districts, cities and taverns is a major plus as well. If this sounds intriguing, feel free to contact me via PM or in-game as Cato Eligar. If you take the latter route, bear in mind that I may be AFK!
  6. Ryuji

    The tricky subject of Rp and Spelling

    If somebody didn't like my writing style or found it to be jarring, I'd prefer that they told me outright. I've had bad experiences in the past where people strung me along, pretending to be engaged and interested in my long term character plots only for me to waste hours and hours of my time investing in them only to find out they were lying. It led to me taking a break from role-play altogether and I only recently plucked up the courage to return. I don't think people should go around with a smug attitude looking down on how other people role-play but at the same time I don't think the approach where any and all feedback is considered 'bad' is healthy either. Many role-players simply aren't going to click with one another. We all have our preferences. We all have our pet peeves. I can't stand interacting with characters that speak like modern day American teenagers, for instance. I find it incredibly immersion breaking - and whilst I wouldn't bash people for doing it, I'm not going to bend over backwards to stick around and interact with those characters on a long term basis. I'll also outright excuse myself from the presence of anybody taking extreme liberties with the game's established lore, simply because I don't care to interact with someone's take on the 'Warrior of Light' or a canon NPC. FFXIV has people coming to it from all sorts of different backgrounds, both in terms of role-play experience and real life cultural elements. European role-players, in particular, often get branded 'frigid' or 'blunt' for the way that they post on a forum or in a chat channel. I've had it happen to me more times than I care to count, but I'm not changing my posting style as a result because the people I care most about interacting with are absolutely fine with it and they see the more casual side of me when I befriend them. There's countless role-players on Balmung. I feel like things would be a lot better for everybody if more people were just open and honest with each other. It's absolutely fine to find frequent spelling errors to be jarring, so long as you're not mean about it. You don't necessarily need to grit your teeth and never, ever speak up about it for fear of 'offending' someone. You just need to be prepared for a potential overreaction or cold reception if you do offer constructive feedback. It's no different to the sort of reactions you may find in the PvE or PvP side of the game. I've seen people rage in Rival Wings in response to someone speaking up at the start and suggesting that the 'every1 go mid' strategy is flawed and not nearly as effective as it used to be after the latest round of balance changes. I've seen people flip in response to a gentle reminder to use their cooldowns during large pulls in a dungeon so that the healer isn't strained more than they need to be. Nobody is obligated to take advice given them to heart. Yet at the same time, I don't feel as though everybody needs to keep their mouth shut either. All feedback should be constructive - and so long as it is constructive, there shouldn't be much of an issue. The person receiving it can either take it on board, or they can carry on as they were. Meanwhile, the person who offered the feedback in question can either politely excuse themselves or make their peace with the situation and continue as they were. Now, personally, I'd be happy to overlook someone's errors if I could understand what they were saying and their character intrigued me. I've never met a role-player who didn't have teething problems. Everybody makes errors from time to time, myself included.
  7. If it is making you feel uncomfortable, then you need to address it sooner rather than later. If left unchecked it could easily mutate into a situation that makes you feel burned out on role-play altogether. That you recognise the red flags is a good thing, though - you simply need to confront the individual in question and let them know you feel discomfort in regards to how the interaction between your characters is playing out. The two of you should also - ideally - be able to maintain a friendship even if it doesn't involve any further role-play. There's people I absolutely adore as friends but don't necessarily interact with in a role-play environment simply because it doesn't make sense for our characters to interact or our styles are vastly different. Think of it in the same way as how you might not necessarily go out and watch movies with a particular friend but will happily dine with them instead.
  8. Hello! I portray a nineteen year old Garlean Pureblood in-game who is currently aligned with Garlemald. He is sympathetic to the plight of those who suffer under Garlemald's rule, yet at the same time he is loyal to his homeland and people due to seeing firsthand the best of what they have to offer. Thus he attempts to take a stance of neutrality on the world stage over becoming an outright defector, clinging to the hope that someday he will see a true, lasting peace. Recently he has come to spend a considerable amount of his time within Kugane, appreciating the city's neutral stance towards his kind. He can often be encountered purchasing exotic goods from the market stalls, feeding stray cats in and around the city, gazing up at the Prima Vista in admiration or tinkering with some manner of device related to engineering in one of the city's workshops. He has a fondness for fishing, felines, swimming, history, engineering, theatre, art, literature and fine cuisine. He is a friendly, well spoken fellow who is fairly easy to approach and converse with - though he does have a more frigid side to him when faced with those who seek to do him harm or spit on his attempts to be more open minded than many of his brethren. I am the sort of role-player who favours lore adherence and story/character driven interaction, particularly that which leads to venturing out into the game world. Those who have characters who would be friendly - or at least neutral - towards a silver tongued, friendly Garlean are highly desired. I am also in the market for finding a reliable mercenary to serve as his personal guard as he explores Othard. Such an individual would be paid well in coin! Potential rivals and outright enemies are, however, also welcome to approach me - so long as they recognise that nuances exist and that not every Garlean associated with Garlemald is a ruthless soldier, cackling maniac or worthy of immediate execution upon being spotted. In short, my character is not antagonistic and he is currently living in a city that is neutral towards his homeland. Of course, it's a completely different story if he ever ends up being found within Eorzea...or Doma. I fully expect him to earn a much more fiery 'welcome' there if he ever sees fit to visit either region! Then again, he would likely do his best to disguise himself beforehand...though such things are not without risks. Now, hopefully this manages to pique someone's curiosity! I can be contacted in-game as Cato Eligar, though I may very well be AFK. Sending a direct PM using this site is the ideal route!
  9. Ryuji

    Live Letter XLI Master Discussion Thread

    I have mixed feelings about Kefka. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy VI - though given the way that the Omega storyline works it means we'll no doubt get a cool, theatrical fight against him just like we had a cool, theatrical fight against ExDeath. Yet their impact on the overall plot will be minimal and likely ignored outside of the little bubble that raid side stories take place in. Coil, at least, was actively tied to the overall story. As much as I appreciate references to previous titles and doses of nostalgia we're getting that in spades with both raid storylines this time around.
  10. Ryuji

    Omega Server Closed?

    Yeah, Omega is closed - and it has been for a few months now. It's not impossible that it will open up again at some point in the future since it supposedly isn't nearly as bloated as Balmung is. I initially planned to move over to Omega myself for a number of reasons but ended up settling down on Cerberus instead. I won't rule out moving over to Omega if it ever opens up but I can attest to Cerberus being a pretty swell and friendly place. There's pockets of role-play, too - though it's not nearly as open and obvious as it is on the likes of Balmung, Mateus and Omega. As it stands your only path to Omega at present would be to just create a character there and start from scratch since character creation is not disabled there. Only character transfers. If you do transfer, though, keep in mind that there's a 90 day limit on it. I overlooked it myself when I first left Balmung and figured I'd be screwed if Omega opened up before the 90 days were over. As it stands, though, it didn't open up at any point during that 90 day period.
  11. Ryuji

    discussion Red Flags in RP/RP Partners?

    - A lack of willingness to actually commit to anything. It's so weird that many role-players love to talk about potential plots and character interactions but never actually commit to them. - An obsession with romance and/or erotic role-play at the cost of anything else. This is particularly irritating when those involved only ever seem to commit to something if it serves to advance their relationship arc. - Individuals in positions of leadership who claim to be open to constructive criticism yet grow cold and distant even when a reasonable issue is brought to their doorstep. - Individuals who act like because someone is pleasant to them that individual could never do something unpleasant to somebody else. - A lack of willingness to actually talk any potential issues out in a calm and civil manner before they fester. I've seen trivial problems become dire due to such idiocy. - Individuals who get online and then immediately rant about real life issues. It's fine from time to time but when it's every single day it just comes across as an attempt to fish for sympathy; plus a lot of people have issues but choose not to reveal them at the first opportunity. - Individuals who only seem interested in role-play if it involves their character being in a prominent position, particularly during events. It took me a while to realise that such was the case with a few former friends. Tying in with that, role-players who only seem to treat other people's characters as convenient props to be used and thrown away at will. - Individuals who seem very quick to retcon major aspects of their character or background, especially if it's on a whim and not in response to some new lore being revealed that may work better with what they had planned.
  12. Here's my question: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/340608-PAX-West-2017-Questions-for-English-Localization-Lead-Michael-Christopher-Koji-Fox?p=4355512&viewfull=1#post4355512
  13. It's definitely the guy shown above! His name is Solbranthius Dawnsurge - a pragmatic blood elf wholly devoted to the military so that he could do his part to ensure that his people survived the odds stacked against them. He did whatever was needed to keep his homeland and people safe. I first created him back when blood elves were first added to WoW in The Burning Crusade. I role-played him at least once a week up until Cataclysm. That was my interest in WoW started to decline but it wasn't until FFXIV's relaunch that I found a suitable replacement MMO. By the time WoW brought Warlords of Draenor I had pretty much given up on the game entirely. I stopped playing - but I haven't forgotten the great memories I forged whilst he served as the focus of my MMO activities. I wrapped up his story by having him take a step back from active duties and focus instead on training new recruits. It seemed like a fitting conclusion to my time portraying him and I didn't want to kill him off even if I had no intention of ever picking him up again.
  14. Ryuji

    Your Gender vs. Your Character's

    I'm a guy in the real world and the characters that I play are men as well. If I play a female then it's usually for the sake of a temporary plot/background NPC but given how difficult it is to actually create temporary characters on Balmung I don't really bother.
  15. Ryuji

    Roleplaying in Public, but not..in public?

    At the end of the day, not everybody is fond of showing up to events or joining a Free Company in order to be given the 'privilege' of access to some consistent role-play. There's a lot of people who prefer to simply walk up to other characters that they see out and about and try their luck. Not everybody is going to have the same approach. Or the same standards. I'd politely excuse myself if I felt like someone approaching me in the game world wasn't a good fit for what I'm after. At the same time, though, I've been singed enough times during my time on Balmung to realise just how difficult it can be to actually find role-play even as someone who is rather outgoing. I dread to think how much worse it is for those who are a lot more shy and reclusive but push themselves out there regardless. If they're told, multiple times by multiple people that they can't join in with a scene because it's 'private' then they'll start to lose interest. I've seen many people take their leave of Balmung for that very reason. I was even tempted to do it myself rather recently, in fact. Nobody is obligated to interact with anybody else, obviously - but at the same time if you truly want something to be 'private' then ensure it actually is private. There's no need to get annoyed at someone for trying to get involved with something. Be civil and polite, even if they're an unwelcome distraction. It's possible they mean no ill at all and misread the situation - or maybe they were surprised to actually find people out in the wilds for a change.