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  1. Haha, Same! I got an outfit I like, now I'll spend some time leveling up!
  2. Marvelous! Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it! I hope that we could see eachothers on the game one day! -Noctua
  3. Hello UnidessGaming! Thank you for your anwser! I completely didn't see your guide when going around the forum, Haha I'ma take a good look at it! as for the Server visiting system would I need to pay something to have access to this feature or is it already available to me? (I have the base game with no extensions for now) -Noctua
  4. Hello! I'm Noctua and I'm quite new to this forum I've been lurking here and read some posts for a week now and I finally decided to create an account! I just wanted so ask some small questions that I'm not sure about first. I am not ready for doing any roleplay right now, I would like to get a decent outfit first and learn a bit more about the lore, I already got a really rough Idea for my Character's personality and backstory and I'll continue to think about all that while doing these things. My first interrogation is that I'm playing on Brynhildr from the Crystal server group and I'm wondering if there is some other people who roleplay there or used to. My second question is, How does it work? What I mean by that is how does the interaction between players goes? I tried searching it up but didn't quite find the stuff I wanted, I'd like to know so when I'm ready to jump in I would know what to do, Haha. Thank you for reading and taking the time to asnwer me! I really hope that I can make some friends to roleplay with here! -Noctua
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