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  1. I would definitely look into Brynhildr. It's been pretty active with rp lately.
  2. Lovely group btw. Having an absolute blast being a part of this FC.
  3. Half and half for me. I've made some close acquaintances and friends through one offs and my FC. Things just kind of developed from there and now I help out with story arcs and that makes people want to help out with mine. I'd say it was like networking for job contacts for me, at first. There's a making connections section here and if you find a good FC, they usually have an rp requests channel. Also, just spontaneously doing a walk up with someone who is advertising are all good ways to jump right in to rping. That being said, its always good to have something pla
  4. Nice to meet you! You have it right, guilds are free companies in this game. If I remember correctly, trial accounts can't join FCs. However, if you decide to keep playing, there's plenty of FCs to choose from.
  5. It's easier for people to gauge interest if they know what type of events they would have available. It's usually in an FCs best interest to be upfront about what they hope to offer.
  6. She's awesome and I def recommend interacting with their character!
  7. Awesome! If you're ever on mateus and need a dark knight or blacksmith feel free to yell at me. Always glad to rp with new characters!
  8. Glad you decided to dive into roleplay! Everyone here is pretty chill and inviting so if you have any questions or need help there's plenty of people here to jump in. What data center are you on?
  9. Hey, I can kind of answer these, though others may have more insight. 1. As far as mateus goes fem ra are pretty popular. I play a femroe though so I notice when people I'm talking to are smaller than me. My experience is that hyur, miqo's, and au ra are the majority of my interactions. 2. The echo is a touchy subject for some people. The main worry being, that some people write it so that they can see memories/backstory that others might want developed in a different way. 3. My tiny group of friends avoids canon characters and their events as being pa
  10. If it's random people I just have my character correct them casually, like it's part of the convo. If you have any regular rp partners, it helps having them reinforcing who the character is when others are around. Sadly some rpers are aware and others it just goes over their heads.
  11. Public events. Big help to my partner and I. There's usually a list on here. Another way is to reach out to groups like FCs that fit your characters needs. Its basically like any other rp scene, you'll get as much out of it as you put in! Definitely don't be afraid to reach out to people you enjoyed rping with once you start developing your character. As far as I've seen, everyone is super nice.
  12. Thank you! It took forever to line them up due to the height difference!
  13. If you ever find yourself in need of equipment or food my femroe artisan is happy to take care of strangers! (I'm usually on anywhere from 8pm to 4 AM EST) https://rhothyrt.carrd.co/
  14. I'm always happy to offer my Roegadyn if you're looking for a rather handy smith. https://rhothyrt.carrd.co/
  15. Felroses Tag: (FelRP) Felroses is a company that prides itself on the diverse skills of their members. A smaller contracting company, Felroses, holds their own against larger competitors all while building a close-knit environment for their members. The nature of their work sees them acting as a shield for those that contract them, usually standing up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. The Jagged Stag tavern is a source of pride and respite after missions and a chance for members to interact with the public in a more relaxed setting. Who are we looking
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