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  1. I believe that was answered earlier. More lgbtq people roleplay because roleplay spaces are far safer than irl spaces. Unfortunately, by the same idea, this also is acknowledged by straight people that also rp lgbtq characters. You won't get harmed in most online roleplay spaces. This of course means people questioning their gender now have a space that they can experiment as well. However it should be noted that she-male and futa are not gender expressions, but harmful characterizations of transgender individuals.
  2. We are full, but we're considering individuals on a case by case basis! Don't hesitate to reach out, we'd be happy to meet your characters!
  3. Welcome to final fantasy! I look forward to seeing you in game!
  4. Most of my contacts are random interactions from events or just walk up rp. Those that clicked with my character stayed around. We even founded our own FC! There are tons of resources like this website, your server/data center specific discord, carrds linked in people's search info, etc. The hardest part with making contacts is getting over the hurdle of messaging random people. Hopefully that helped answer some of your questions! I look forward to seeing you in game.
  5. Fun group, highly recommend you give them a try. You won't be disappointed with their spread of characters.
  6. Research is certainly the most important part of learning about a group that you're not a part of, and a lot of people forget that talking to members of those groups is necessary. As stated before, this thread is for trans peeps that might be afraid to rp trans characters. It's a means to remove the fear one might have due to irl interactions.
  7. Cis people are addressed at the start of my post. It only applies to trans characters. Thanks for the question though!
  8. I'm flexible since my contacts are half and half on in game and outside of game. I think both ways have their merits and drawbacks.
  9. That is why I included what I did at the start of my post. I agree, it doesn't sit well with me either. People will do it though, so I would rather they be informed than do something offensive.
  10. Welcome to final fantasy and the rp forums!! Look forward to hopefully running into you in game! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  11. As the title reads, this isn't a rant or anything like a question. After the trans day of remembrance I wanted to take the time to make a post for the ooc trans rpers out there who might be questioning making a trans character. *I'm really sorry cis rpers, if you want to make a trans character....just pleeeaaase research and talk to trans people.* So here you are and you're wondering: "What is this rper even talking about?" Well, I'm glad I had you ask. I've interacted with a lot of people in my time rping. Quite a few have been here in FF.
  12. I highly recommend you go see Tonari! The show was great and it's a lovely RP event to attend!
  13. As for niche, rp can fall into a lot of categories. Deciding what kind of rp you want to offer, bar rp, adventurer rp, drama rp, the list goes on, will influence interest in your group and who might contact you to join. Hopefully that explains a bit of what I meant. The more specific the niche, the harder it may be to find interest.
  14. Balmung and Mateus are the two biggest hubs on crystal. There's some that have a little rp but nothing compared to the sheer amount of those two. You may also consider niche of rp and what you want out of your fc, as it will influence interest in your idea.
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