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  1. The suggestion in the job quest is that when a dark knight gives in fully to their darkside, they are lost for good. The implications behind the statement are much darker than the simple explanation I gave.
  2. So, for your first question, you hit it pretty dead on with having a lord, mentor, city, etc to serve. As you do the job quest most of the lore will be explained, especially through Stormblood. As far as rping the concepts, I've seen it done many ways. Generally it just depends on how you write the character, unless you find another pc that wants to co-write that interaction with you. Wandering samurai are totally a thing, though expect there to be tension with most traditional samurai that still have their obligations. Samurai are most widely spread in Doma and H
  3. 1) Play your character how you enjoy playing them. Too many times I've seen others try to tailor their character thinking it will make them more acceptable and they will have more interaction. This is generally not the norm. Do what you find enjoyable and the people that enjoy your rp will follow. As far as discussing specific jobs, I have a character that hunts voidsent with an almost religious fervor. People enjoy interacting with her despite her grim attitude. 2) Encyclopedia Eorzea is a wonderful resource if you have the means to buy one. There are plenty of discussion t
  4. @Mermaid Also all good points. There are, of course, positive people in the erp community that know or actively learn the terminology to support lgbtq people. You're also right in saying that fetish terms were prevalent. Though, for what it's worth, people that use those terms seem to be getting pushed further and further to the outside and are less prevalent now. Only the future will see if problematic wording is removed entirely from the community.
  5. Def, it's more so because when you have groups... especially for legal reasons, that can get an entire server flagged should they sneak into adult content... it's just best to keep it to two seperate servers. That way, should anyone in the erp server be found underage, it means they had to actively lie to get entry. where as, if it's just a nsfw spoiler warning/opt in channel, it can be seen as much more a problem of the server than the individual lying to get it. Consider it a hard stop to prevent problems.
  6. I can answer the distinction for discord spaces. You have a lot of factors when catering to a large community, age, sexuality being two big factors I'll hit here. Having a non erp space allows players under 18 to join in the community. It also opens a space for aspec people, like myself, that may or may not want erp...aspec being asexual, demisexual etc. It's not to say it's a hard fast you must do this. It's just nice to let people that are commonly overlooked, know that you understand their situations. Hope that helped!
  7. Shev

    New to FF14

    ^RP on mateus can happen just about anywhere. I dropped in character running fates last night, healing people, and made a few contacts out of it. It's all what you're willing to put into it and stepping a little outside of your comfort zone to meet new people!
  8. No worries! I'm glad the information helps and it seems like you're already starting out strong so I think you'll be just fine. Slow start with long term results. *thumbs up*
  9. As far as engaging goes, there are plenty of places to look from free companies, to party finder, to simply checking the search info of other players. My longest running interactions have come from simply complimenting another players character or their carrd. The old saying 'you get out of rp, what you put into it' fits well with the ff community.
  10. ^Free companies are guilds in game! They're a great way to meet other like minded rpers. My main method of rp finding, is looking at player search info/carrds and reaching out to the ones I think would mesh well or have an entertaining interaction with my character!
  11. ^Then you'll do just fine! If you enjoy the character and find those rpers willing to write with a lalafell, you'll have a great time in the community.
  12. Make a character you will enjoy. The stigma from lalafell comes in when others start truing to push stuff into romance territory. The simple fact is lalafell look like children so anything beyond sfw tends to squick people out.
  13. Most people with their rp tag on are fair game if they're sitting around. It's always good to check search info since people will put preferences there. like WU, walk ups, or /T, tells, that kind of stuff.
  14. ^Everyone has their own ways. I tend to look at carrds in people's search info and if it catches my eye, I see if they're available for rp. I have more success that way, than any other way.
  15. Mateus and Balmung are two of the largest rp servers on crystal! If you are still considering jumping servers, those are your best bet. However, there is also the server visit function, so you don't necessarily need to start over!
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