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  1. We just finished our second storyline involving finding a link between black magic and missing fledgling adventurers and we have plenty more stories on the horizon!
  2. Hello! And yes, we absolutely do have a crossworld linkshell for off-server contacts, as our RP isn't primarily exclusive to the FC's roster.
  3. ** edit: Added header image, formatting. We're in the midst of our second storyline involving a mystery surrounding new adventurers suddenly disappearing in Central Thanalan, but that doesn't mean we're not recruiting!
  4. The Gilded Onslaught | Medium RP FC Located on Mateus | Mist, Ward 20, Plot 26 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral | Active Times: Noon to late evening (most members in the NA CST timezone) | RP Themes: Adventure, business, mercenary, hunting https://fc-gilded.carrd.co/# The Gilded Onslaught, or simply known as The Gilded, is a coalition of mercenaries, fledgling adventurers, and vagabonds alike. The pursuit of coin through whatever means the employer dictates is what drives the group and there is little not within the scope of operation. Who are we? Although a new face on the server, the FC has been founded by a small group of veteran players. We aim to provide a strong tight-knit and laidback OOC environment and an IC framework that allows characters to both jump into any storyline at any time and encourage further personal growth. With that being said, all of our events are malleable and completely character-driven, with no ending or outcome completely concrete. Our events could range from long-winded expeditions, reconnaissance missions to casual social nights. There also tends to be a couple broken bones, someone 'accidentally' destroying an artifact we were going after, and one person having to drag a bunch of idiots to a nearby infirmary. We highly value creativity, so we will always prioritize clever scenarios over rolling dice. (But, if you'd rather try your luck, then by all means, we're all here to have as much fun and be as flexible as possible.) Most of our events are impromptu or better scheduled to fit the greater sum of our members' time. We also put a great deal of enthusiasm in helping members create and run personal story lines. Outside of RP and given the nature of being a medium frequency RP FC, we can often be found doing in-game content, watching shows together, playing other games, or AFK in the randomest spots. ICly, our members could be found all over Eorzea and some beyond, and under our ranks are those with a plethora of skill-sets. Our estate hall (OOCly located in the Mist, ICly in Western La Noscea) serves as our main office that is open to the public for those wanting to talk business or for our members as a meeting place. What are we looking for? We're looking for laid-back members and while we're not a strictly 18+ FC, we expect everyone to have at least a sense of maturity and common sense. Our OOC environment comes with a zero tolerance for drama but with a handful of shitlords who don't take themselves seriously. As we also have members who are either busy or partake in other in-game content, we need people that are capable of finding their own RP at times, or even take initiative within the FC, whether it be content and roleplay storylines alike. We also appreciate patience during the process of building an entirely new FC from the ground up, so please understand that things might oftentimes be slow. We're also happy to take in new roleplayers with the willingness to learn. The Gilded is always looking for new blood and welcome to characters from all walks of life and alignments (just as long as your character is lore-abiding), including: fledgling adventurers, mercenaries, the average grand company member who tires of the rigor, researchers, specialists, merchants, and.. well.. you get the gist — practically anyone who seeks adventure and/or a heavier coinpurse. However, we're not just exclusively looking for roleplay within our official roster. Given that at the end of the day, the Gilded is a mercenary company, we're willing to take up business with outside contacts. If you're interested in setting up a joint event between FCs or becoming a potential collaborator, contact one of the officers! How do I join? In-game Contacts: C'ehres Tia (Lead) Oraborus Musa (Officer) Sui Kaneuchi (Officer) Our recruitment process is simple. If you're interested and have read through our rules first, just reach out to any of the officers if you find them in-game or via Discord by our main recruitment contact: snowball#4613. You can expect a response within a couple hours. After coming into contact with an officer, we can work out how we'll induct your character into the Gilded. This can include a formal in-character interview or discussing having already established contact prior. We're also happy to invite people who don't roleplay, but are happy to join the ride and hang out. **Discord server is given upon recruitment or on request to see what the community is like. Happy RPing!
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