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  1. Howdy folks! I'm new on these forums, and returning to the game. I've got a bit of a... unique situation that I'm not sure what to do with, so I decided that I'd like to share my good fortune. A friend who left the game a couple of months ago left me a Free Company with a medium house in Shirogane and a small fortune of gil. I've sat and waited a few months to see if they would return so I could return these things, but I have been assured that they just don't enjoy the game anymore and will not be returning. As such, I am simply going to carry on with my new toys. Problem is, I don't have time to run a free company. So... I'd like to rent it. Well, I say "rent", but I really don't want any gil or anything like that. I just want a community of fun people to play the game with, since I can't just join a new FC without letting this one sit idle. Since it does have an estate attached to it, I don't want to just let it sit. I'd like to share it. Let me stress that I am not looking to sell. I simply want to share it with an individual or small group of individuals who have their own visions for starting a free company that sounds like something that I could get into. So here's what I am looking for and what I am offering... 1. I am looking for a group of people who have an idea for a RP-based free company to share my FC with. 2. I will be retaining ownership of the FC for my own peace of mind. 3. The name and the tag are both ready to be changed and I will be happy to change them to whatever you might desire. 4. I will set up the ranks to whatever you might need. The highest ranking of your officers will have access to just about everything you might want **except** the ability to relinquish land or buy new land for the FC. I very much like this plot of land and am not interested in relocating or even upgrading. Do be sure you're content with a medium plot in Shirogane if you consider this offer. 5. If there is anything else you think you might need, do feel free to bring it up with me. Chances are, I'll be happy to do anything to help you manage the FC as you see fit as long as that does not violate point number 2. What you get in exchange for dealing with this odd arrangement is as follows: 1. Two active players committed to helping your FC succeed if we get on well and like your FC idea. Those players are myself (obviously) and a friend that I am playing with. 2. Full access to the Free Company estate. Since this is my FC, I'd obviously like to be consulted in the decoration of the estate, but I'll be happy to allow you to decorate the place as you see fit for your theme. If this might interest you in any way, hit me with a DM here or on Discord at Raelthorne#2394.
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