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  1. ==Appearance== Begugtei has meduim length dark blue hair that is styled by the wind. Has odd eyes, his right eye is yellow, and the left is a vibrant blue. Like other Au Ra, he has limbal rings around his eyes. The limbal rings is black, causes the colors to pop. His body is lithe in form, though he doesn't like hearing it. Believes that term is meant for women. Skin color tone is a pale-ish white. He has face paint around his eyes that is a pale bright green. Like other Xaela his horns, and scale color is black. His tail isn't of the slim variety, it is one of the thick tail. ==History==
  2. Hello I am familiar with rp, but new to this game. I am wondering if there is any good sites to read up on lore, if there is a discord server, and if there is any youtube channels you all recommend that will help with better understanding of the game. I like to add that I am on the Crystal Server. I hope that is a good rp server.
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