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  1. Love these guys. If you're in need of high-octane adventures and a laugh-until-you-cry comedy, they're the SPOT.
  2. So happy to see so many lalas running around. Brings my tiny heart such joy! Lemme know if you ever need a hand with anything.
  3. Ahhhh fellow lala! Welcome to the game! Former WoW-er here as well, been here for about a year now and wouldn't go back for anything. My FC is little small at the moment as we've just formed, but I'd love it if you checked us out and see if it might be to your liking. If you need a hand with anything you're always welcome to poke me in game on either of my characters (Rerenima Rurunima | Kelza Rilza)- I love doing dungeons and showing people around. ^-^ https://sscrp.carrd.co/
  4. https://sscrp.carrd.co/ The "SSC" is an umbrella consisting of lalafell-owned and operated businesses and venues based out of The Goblet, as well as their many-raced allies and associates. Looking for a job? Always wanted to see the world? The SSC are hiring, and we're located in all major cities! Looking to expand your own business ventures? We're seeking affiliates! From seasoned veterans to new sprouts, we're open to all levels of RP experience: Come as you are, and bring a friend. Our roleplay is primarily made up of adventure, action, and casual interac
  5. I'm okay with RPing in discord, but greatly prefer the game itself, since it's more likely that a scene is going to finish in a timely manner. I got this thing about time continuity- regardless of where I'm roleplaying, things are happening when they're happening. So something that happens in discord will effect my character in the game, same as something in the game will carry over to any discord RP. So when a discord RP drags on for days, it gets in the way of the game's continuity, and ends up becoming a problem for me to sort out time-wise when interacting with other players, if that makes
  6. Maybe it's a little blunt, but I can't help but give this whole topic a chuckle and a "who woulda thunk that finding an RP date would be just as difficult as finding a real one?" I try to feel for these sorts of conundrums, but as someone who is Ace IRL, I just can't relate. I have straight males, but none of them are interested in the sort of RP that straight females are seeking out because I as the player do not engage in ERP- huh. I guess I'm part of the problem.
  7. Just a bump to let the world know that I am still very much available.
  8. Adding a second character, Rerenima's attendant Kelza for subtle sneakery and black market shenanigans. https://kelza.carrd.co/
  9. RenNima


    More lalafell! YES!
  10. Editing again to make this advertisement a little more substantial and really fill out what I'm looking for. Thanks for reading!
  11. Heyo! Editing this as I actually did just find an FC last night! In the meantime always happy to chat business with someone. Or anything, really. He's a pretty sociable dude!
  12. Rerenima Rurunima is the current owner of the Silver Sand Company, a courier business inherited from his late father. From one end of Eorzea to the other, SSC moves goods of all sorts for the right price. However... "Re" is an unwilling participant in his family's legacy. As the oldest child, his fate was decided for him at birth, and now he finds himself shouldered with the burden of contractual agreements and-- as was recently discovered-- an arranged marriage hanging over his head. While he takes on these responsibilities out of obligation to his father's final wishes, the man's
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