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  1. I don’t know how I missed the replies here, but apparently I haven’t been paying enough attention. Sorry! I will message the both of you if you’re still around/interested (its been a while). Otherwise, bumpity bump. I am still looking for contacts, but uh, given my apparent inability to notice replies here, it might be best to send me a pm or a discord poke if you can.
  2. Bumping with an updated carrd. I added a bit more information about Lothaire and cleaned the page up a bit. Still definitely looking for more RP friends, especially for in-game RP as I’d like to get back into doing more things in game.
  3. I don’t know of any specific place where you can find a list of just drinks (although admittedly, I haven’t looked much) but you can see a list of all the recipes that CUL can create on the Eorzea Database. It has the recipies for every level and every craft, so you can see without having to level the class itself. Hopefully someone else can come along with a better, more helpful source, but if you end up having to hunt them down yourself that should be easer than levelling up the class in game to see what it can make.
  4. Three Ravens Mercantile Located at: The Raven’s Rest The Mist Ward 20, Plot 60 (Southwest Subdivision) Three Ravens Mercantile is an Ishgardian-owned trading company which specializes in the manufacture and trade of high quality, hand-crafted goods to customers all across the land. Originally founded in the wake of the Calamity, the company employs individuals from a variety of highly skilled disciplines and crafts. Our customers and clients run the range from individuals seeking one-off works of art to companies and workshops wishing to buy products
  5. Still looking for RP, preferably something long term. I play on Zalera but am happy to world travel for or make use of discord.
  6. Hello fellow Zalera person. o/ There are actually a bunch of RPers on Zalera, and a few FCs too. Not as many as Balmung or Mateus, obviously, but we are around. I don’t know that you’ll find a lot of random RP out in the world but world visit is a thing so its pretty easy to just hop over to Mateus or Balmung to find stuff. You can join cross-world Link shells too, so the only thing that isn’t cross world at the moment would be Free Companies. Finding an RP FC on Zalera is definitely a little harder than on one of the bigger RP servers.
  7. And then I forgot to add the actual link to his carrd… Fixed it now.
  8. Coming back to the game after a long break, I’d like to get back into roleplay a bit more and would love to make some new acquaintances for my Ishgardian Elezen, Lothaire. I play in the EST timezone, mostly in the evenings, though I would be happy to do Discord RP if matching time zones with people is an issue (Discord is probably preferable over in-game generally tbh). I have a character sheet for Lothaire here with a bit more information for anyone who would like to know more. In short, he’s a nobleman hailing from a relatively minor house in Ishgard, who operates a trading compa
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