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  1. There's about 4-5 european guilds on Balmung to my knowledge, so I'd say there's still plenty opportunity. Also a lot of europeans hiding in NA guilds with bad sleeping patterns There's also a lot of NA players who likes to RP during the daytime.
  2. Maril

    Commission's Open! Anime Style!

    This thread has been moderated to be in-keeping with our rules. You can read them here.
  3. Maril

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    I was blown out of the water with hype for this. Like, I didn't really expect much to be revealed, but damn, it's like they're just trying to give us everything we ever wanted.
  4. Maril

    IC Real Life Mail RP - Am I Crazy?

    I don't think you are crazy per se, I think it's actually a really neat idea and I personally would love it. However, you are spot on with most people not really being in a position to get a P.O box- I got curious and checked my local prices, and promptly backflipped out of the page, it is very expensive. And I definitely would not want to give out my address unless I really, really trusted that the person isn't actually an axemurderer- and honestly now that I think about it, I guess I assume a lot of people have the potential to pick up axemurdering as a hobby. Maybe a middle-way would be to make the letters, but rather than sending them, take pictures? Camera's in phones these days are usually good enough for it, and it would still bring forth a warm fuzzy feeling of getting a letter + you get to make them and not have shipping costs.
  5. Maril

    Longing for EU server RP

    Character creation on Balmung is only open during the EU afternoon, because of the high population at peak time. If you want to go onto the EU servers, you need to change the datacenter to the European one (Switching data centers will pull up a map for you.). There are still a big number of Europeans roleplaying on Balmung, and in addition to that, it really goes for all timezones. As a European I've logged in at 7am and managed to find RP for a few hours before headed to work. The bigger obstacles lie with events, which usually start at 2am Central European time unless they are specifically made EU-friendly. There are some european guilds around as well, such as Raven Heart and Winters Wake. You can check the guild listings and club listings here on the RPC for EU guilds on all servers.
  6. Maril

    Deletion of old Wiki entries/pages?

    Hello. You can leave a redirect to a new page, or you can flag the page for deletion by writing {{delete|reason for deletion here}} after blanking the content. A moderator will then come by at their nearest opportunity to delete the page. Please include a reason whenever possible.
  7. Maril

    Sailing the way to Balmung!

  8. This is a reminder that all aspects of 4.4 content are considered spoilers and will be considered such until we reach a three-month marker past the general release on September 18th, 2018. Do Not Post Spoilers in Thread Titles Tag Your Thread Titles with [spoilers] At The Beginning If They Contain Spoilers Make Use of Spoiler Tags in Your Posts Where Appropriate Moderators Reserve the Right to Strictly Enforce the Above The Only Exception to the Above is the Town Square (IC) Board. The above rules do not apply to FFXIV News threads where patch notes and the like are under discussion. As of this message, all content from Patch 4.3 is now free of the spoiler rule.
  9. Maril

    I have this idea...

    Mixes of Keepers and Seekers tends to be social outcasts- They're not rare, but there's still some ancestral feuds and stigma running through Miqo'te culture. As far as I remember, it has been noted that mixed children end up abandoned, sometimes adopted by other races. Your character might be able to go undected in a stranger tribe/clan, though they'd likely have to actively try and conceal the things that set them apart- and they'd probably have an easiest time where-ever their eyes match the rest (Keepers have round pupils, seekers have the more cat like slitted pupils). As for being given to a Nunh as a gift, it would be atypical, as Nunhs usually have to prove their worth to win over a female- It's not so much a position of power where they can demand or own a female, but that's not to say there couldn't be a tribe out there which has some different social norms. You would just have to remember to reflect that it is unusual and there may be raised eyebrows from fellow Miqo'tes. Most tribal Miqo'te roleplayers tend to "headcanon" their tribal family history so as not to affect other people who have decided to pick the same tribe.
  10. Maril

    Server Question and Time Zones!

    Omega is the home of most EU roleplayers. Your time-difference to them can be as much as like +10 hours, so it might be difficult, unless you find some of them that may RP in the mornings - Or alternatively if you happen to be able to RP at odd hours. There's some Australians on Balmung, but it's locked at the moment. I would guestimate that you might need to look at Mateus- it has a sizable community and I'm thinking you may have a greater chance of finding rpers there who RP at odd hours or maybe even other Australians. But it's probably still going to be a challenge! Good luck
  11. Maril

    Heavy rp'er checking out the RP scene : )

    Most EU roleplayers are on Omega, you can check out the fc/ls directories for anyone to reach out to. There are also a bunch of EU rp'ers on Balmung, but you'd not be able to get there at this point in time due to the lock. I'm unsure, but you may also be able to find some on Mateus? - Mateus' character creation is usually open in the afternoon EU time.
  12. Maril

    Cameras in lore?

    Magitek is powered by ceruleum, which is very explosive. My first thought on it is that even if that kind of magitek had reached it's way into Eorzea reliably, holding something to take a picture that could also malfunction and explode your arm wouldn't be very appealing. My other thought on it is that it is a "big deal" technology, meaning that as soon as it'd be in Eorzea, it would spread and be more notable/visible in the universe & we'd see examples of it in quests and similar descriptions- and less so examples of hand-painted or printing-press style stuff. Think about how big of a deal it was to the OOC world. It would likely also hit the public in stages- from researchers to the rich and then onwards - Ul'dah has a monopoly on the Eorzean production of ceruleum (see Northern Thanalan). So it's essentially a case of (as per how I see it) sure it might be technically possible but it's not where Eorzea is at yet, and with the upcoming expansion being (most likely) literally Garlemald I'd rather bide my time and wait to see how the lore-writers are going to incorporate a burst of magitek-influence into the Eorzean culture. They could go various ways, from destroying it, prohibiting it, burying it underground, repeat the whole "allagan" incident in real time.... And there's likely always going to be some resistence towards Magitek (as seen in Ala Mhigo-areas, I'm thinking about the people who wanted to blow that big tower thing up that the anarta prettied up instead) But I have seen various people use "picture boxes" and even display movies icly, so if that's what you wanna do for fun in your RP you totally could, I just would hesitate to think of it as canon lore and more your own twist/take on things. Give it some extra thought and write it well and you'll always have some people interested.
  13. Maril

    Looking for connections in my timezone

    I'm in a linkshell called Redeye Roleplay that is full of people with odd-hours for availablity. PM me if you want a link! I think most people in it are from Balmung.
  14. Maril

    Roegadyn Tinkerer. (Balmung)

    Hello! I just wanted to prod and say that it may help your request if you add which server you are playing on o/