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  1. First off I think we all need to remember that we're in a pre-expansion lull right now; there isn't much to log into the game for beyond RP which can be a factor in people disappearing. It's a pretty common trend that I remember happening with HW and SB pre-expansion times as well, things go a bit more quiet and people vanish. I think there's always a tendency for people to fade though, and as sucky as it might be I really do need to tell you that this is a pretty common experience- at least from what I can tell. I tend to say that persistence pays off; it takes a long time to find and build up the relations that form friendships to last. My own tips, beyond what you are already doing would be; - Join a Free Company if you aren't in one already. Alternatively, if you're not finding RP where you are, you may need to consider moving- aim for an FC that is either a promising upstart or one that has been around for ~6months and has regular (from reading your post, I'd suggest weekly) events. Then attend everything that FC dishes up religiously. Be open and approaching in your engagement & avoid putting yourself in a corner. - Review your hooks. If people aren't coming back, in the event it does have something to do with your character, it may be because they don't quite know how to hook a second encounter. Assume that people aren't going to read your profiles; some will and they're great & definitely worth it, but sometimes you really need to slap the hook in people's face. Instead of asking if people would generally like to RP again, mention that you want to do something specific, and (gently) push for a day to do it on. - I know you mention you're going to events, but consider becoming a regular at a few core events. Pick a bar that you enjoyed and prioritize going there; you'll be more recognizeable to the event staff which may lead to additional RP. If you have the time and a character suitable, offer to volunteer at an event, it isn't always a high-pressure thing & can get you some good connections + you connect with people oocly about the purpose of making the event go smooth. But most importantly, don't give up. Shadowbringers is right around the corner, and the new content will bring about a wealth of new opportunities and a slew of new characters (Viera/Hrothgars) that are starting from scratch; needing exposure to RP and friends.
  2. Welcome! If you haven't found it already, try giving the Roleplay Handbook a read, it may help you understand the basics!
  3. Maril


    Welcome aboard! o/
  4. Zalera is definitely the most up-and-coming of the bunch. They have a community discord here: https://discord.gg/7mBXW8h
  5. 1. Depending on which version you purchased, you may have 30 days of game time included. 2.The free transfer period for EU sadly ended on the 16th of April. If you have any characters on NA, you can move them around until the 7th of May. You need to have an active account to be able to transfer.
  6. There's about 4-5 european guilds on Balmung to my knowledge, so I'd say there's still plenty opportunity. Also a lot of europeans hiding in NA guilds with bad sleeping patterns There's also a lot of NA players who likes to RP during the daytime.
  7. This thread has been moderated to be in-keeping with our rules. You can read them here.
  8. I was blown out of the water with hype for this. Like, I didn't really expect much to be revealed, but damn, it's like they're just trying to give us everything we ever wanted.
  9. I don't think you are crazy per se, I think it's actually a really neat idea and I personally would love it. However, you are spot on with most people not really being in a position to get a P.O box- I got curious and checked my local prices, and promptly backflipped out of the page, it is very expensive. And I definitely would not want to give out my address unless I really, really trusted that the person isn't actually an axemurderer- and honestly now that I think about it, I guess I assume a lot of people have the potential to pick up axemurdering as a hobby. Maybe a middle-way would be to make the letters, but rather than sending them, take pictures? Camera's in phones these days are usually good enough for it, and it would still bring forth a warm fuzzy feeling of getting a letter + you get to make them and not have shipping costs.
  10. Character creation on Balmung is only open during the EU afternoon, because of the high population at peak time. If you want to go onto the EU servers, you need to change the datacenter to the European one (Switching data centers will pull up a map for you.). There are still a big number of Europeans roleplaying on Balmung, and in addition to that, it really goes for all timezones. As a European I've logged in at 7am and managed to find RP for a few hours before headed to work. The bigger obstacles lie with events, which usually start at 2am Central European time unless they are specifically made EU-friendly. There are some european guilds around as well, such as Raven Heart and Winters Wake. You can check the guild listings and club listings here on the RPC for EU guilds on all servers.
  11. Hello. You can leave a redirect to a new page, or you can flag the page for deletion by writing {{delete|reason for deletion here}} after blanking the content. A moderator will then come by at their nearest opportunity to delete the page. Please include a reason whenever possible.
  12. This is a reminder that all aspects of 4.4 content are considered spoilers and will be considered such until we reach a three-month marker past the general release on September 18th, 2018. Do Not Post Spoilers in Thread Titles Tag Your Thread Titles with [spoilers] At The Beginning If They Contain Spoilers Make Use of Spoiler Tags in Your Posts Where Appropriate Moderators Reserve the Right to Strictly Enforce the Above The Only Exception to the Above is the Town Square (IC) Board. The above rules do not apply to FFXIV News threads where patch notes and the like are under discussion. As of this message, all content from Patch 4.3 is now free of the spoiler rule.
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