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  1. Thread has been reopened. Please be civil & remember our rules. In addition, we do not recommend necro'ing old topics, if you have new feelings for an old topic, please start a new topic. /mod
  2. This response is no longer relevant.
  3. //Moderator Message Hi guys. This thread was created as a split as the discussion of the news article is not appropriate for where it was posted. Please be aware that this is a topic full of tension for a lot of people; when discussing, be respectful and mind your tone. Failure to do so may result in additional actions being taken as per our rules. //Moderator Message
  4. Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy exploring the world of mmo rp
  5. If you are looking for stories, I think you should take a gander at tumblr and maybe also pillowfort.social (The latter is lesser used). A lot of the people I see writing stories post their stuff on individual tumblrs; though I can't really name any as a starting point. Tumblr does offer some options for interacting and I think some still also RP on it. There may also be some discords out there that focus on story-style RP, so it might be worth asking around whenever you find anything that seems to look like what you are looking for. It's not exactly the smoothest or easiest s
  6. Official Forum Thread (2011) So this has since been expanded on a little bit through the quests that Skae mentioned. The Hilda quest is likely what the "Future/Quests events" referred to. I do not quite remember where, if it's an official source like the Lore Panels or somewhere else, but I believe it has been phrased that the more different the races are, the more difficult it would be for a couple of said combination to have a child. This is also seen by the fact that half-breeds within each race's clans are a fairly common sight among NPC's, especially with
  7. The Roleplay Calendar (You may encounter it in bot-form in various Discords, too) includes events from all of Crystal. But because Balmung has been the primary "unofficial" RP server for many years, a lot of the events that happen are on Balmung. The RP community in FFXIV is massive. You can't accurately pin down a feel or attitude for neither Balmung nor Mateus because they are so big; there's too many FC's and too many people to have any semblance of a unified overarching truth. You will find that people can tell you both good and bad stories of both servers. There are inclusive
  8. I can recommend the RP handbook here: Other than that, many people have asked that question before you, so perhaps take some time to peruse through the RP discussion forum. There's bound to be some tips and tricks here and there that might help you. I would recommend looking into groups and discords to start with, find yourself a home that can support you on your levelling journey
  9. Welcome aboard! As an Omega-player, you may wish to join the Chaos Roleplayers Coalition discord, if you are not already: https://discord.gg/VPPzZ2F Good luck!
  10. The Quicksand on both Mateus and Balmung are hot-spots for random-RP and walk ups, so it may be a good place for you to start out- you may also be able to watch other people's RP which can maybe help inspire you? All depending on what is going on of course. People do sometimes roleplay in the other city-states but as far as I can tell it's not as frequent & may be more in a pre-arranged meet-up nature. I would also recommend hitting up some events when they start up after the shb-launch "grace period" that many events have placed on themselves. You can check for events in the
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