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  1. Though few in numbers, the Ardent Lotus Clan has mettle and spirit—the sort forged from a combined desire of its hunters to make this Star an onze safer. They do not operate in the open. Yet far too small to stand among the titans of the realm’s other clans and free companies, they nevertheless toil away where they’re able. Come in, put up your weapon, and have a seat. Enjoy the fruits and libations of lands east and west. Stick around long enough, and you might just put down roots... « THE USUAL SUSPECTS... » Who might you see in the tavern? Frequent visitors, fresh patrons, or veteran hunters...all in this place have come from different places. Grand company members who tire of the rigour and formality of their rank occasionally seek drinks and...variable company. Clan hunters who call this place home...or near-to home as they might have. Rangers of the realm who make their profit as trackers, monster slayers, and mercenaries for hire! Merchants, and other folk whose lives revolve around the coin, come to this place in search of fresh deals and new connections. Of late, an odd number of machinists and magitek scholars have passed through the doors. An uptick in business? Newly profitable ventures? Curious… Historians and researchers from across the realm--those who have no wish to spend their coin beneath the thumbs of a grand company--often enjoy the freedom of a freelancer’s tavern. Tradesmen, looking for fresh buyers to whom they might peddle their wares. Skilled entrepreneurs have struck many deals under this roof. Patrons of no particular affiliation are found in plenty--those myriad souls who find themselves in the right place, at the right time (or the right place, at the worst time.) Motivation need not serve profession or greater purpose, after all, and the tavern’s doors are open to any that aren’t looking to make trouble... « WHAT DOES THE LOTUS CLAN DO? » The Lotus Clan is a small group that congregates in the cellar of the House of the Hidden Pearl Inn & Tavern. This tavern—nestled along the shore of the Mists—serves as a reprieve from the ails of the realm. It’s frequented by all manner of adventurers, mercenaries, scholars, and even a few rare Grand Company members. Seated at the bar, they’re united by a search for fruitful work and unique opportunities. Camaraderie through arms, or at least a desire for a plump coinpurse. From this gathering point, they organize hunts, leves, or missions for Voidsent, Primals, and other problematic creatures (or people) that may threaten the safety of those they deem to care about—or for a large sum of gil. Or both! There are many types of characters within the clan and each has its own motives for being part of the group. What will yours be? « ABOUT THE FC PLAYERS » While roleplay is the priority and the premise of this free company, we enjoy all aspects of Final Fantasy XIV! Dungeons, raids, EX primal trials, PvP, treasure maps—all of it! Because we’re a diverse bunch with diverse interests, we take great efforts to keep organized! Here are a few examples of what we mean, by that: Our Discord channel has several different subchannels, each with a dedicated purpose. From our #ooc channel to our #rp1-2 channels, there’s plenty of space to chat, share, and engage with your fellow guild members. Our voice channels even have dedicated purposes! We encourage everyone to use them, and while doing so, always be excellent to each other! In-game, we use both our FC-chat as well as a dedicated linkshell! The former is always OOC, while the latter is always IC! Our communication channels are fairly well organized, but there are other things to know, too! The free company’s membership is responsible for a majority of our RP and OOC events, and they’re all found on our calendar. Some of the more noteworthy events: Every other Sunday, the free company puts on a public social night! Friends of the company and anyone who sees the advert are welcome, and it’s a great chance to meet new faces and share adventures! Adventure/Mission/Hunt roleplay events are held twice per month by FC officers, as well! These are scheduled in advance at the GM's discretion, and are featured on our calendar and #events discord channel! In addition to this, all regular members make their own events that are hosted at their convenience. All of these things help to keep us running, for sure. But above and beyond all of that… Members of the free company are always excellent to each other! Our friendship and fun transcends all of the activities we share together. Willingness to help each other is the status quo. It’s not a requirement, so much as it’s a measure of our combined character. Because we’re here to enjoy one another, things like selling items to other FC members, bargaining services or trades, etc. aren’t particularly encouraged. We’re friends and comrades, here! If you have any further questions about the OOC happenings of our free company, feel free to ping one of the available officers! In game: Naohiro Mori - Amy (Leader) Clover Pond - Tom (Officer) If you enjoy what you've read so far and feels your character might be a good fit, check out our application and send it in! We'd love to hear from you. « WHERE TO FIND US » FC Website: http://ardent-lotus.enjin.com Tumblr: http://hidden-pearl.tumblr.com Balmung Roleplay Network Discord Server Crystal RP - FFXIV Discord Server Balmung GM Central Discord Server The Crystal Alliance Discord Server
  2. Applications are being accepted for new members! http://ardent-lotus.enjin.com/contact Here is our application; please feel free to read about us on the website as well. We have a tumblr too: http://hidden-pearl.tumblr.com !
  3. Welcome to the FC, BeJuled! And welcome back, Elliot!
  4. Still open for applications! Check our site for more info~
  5. Welcome to our newest members, A'muro and Airis! Thanks for joining us!
  6. What will it be today~?
  7. As the leader of a very old RP FC, I can tell you that the game is not what it used to be in terms of rp. This isn’t to say that no one rps anymore or that people aren’t interested, but people seem to be a lot more casual and laid back about it. Those who want or need a daily rp fix usually find themselves at the Quicksand and/or have partners that they can schedule regular rp with. For my members, I do have scheduled times set aside for social and more adventure-type shenanigans, but it is up to them to take advantage of it. At this point in the life of the game, I don’t think it’s really fair to expect an FC to provide a constant stream of rp—especially if the majority of its member population is not focused on it 100% of the time. Now, I can only speak to my experience in my own guild, so take this as you will. I can tell you without a doubt that my RP FC is active, even if rp doesn’t occur every day, and I’m sure there are several more FCs out there in a similar way as mine. I would guess that a lot of it does happen in FC houses, as the previous person mentioned, but I have also seen it out in the over world several times too! It just takes a little more hunting than it used to is all. I wish you luck on your search!
  8. Hello! I'm looking for some RP friendos as well. My discord ID is Amy#6989 and I'd be happy to chat about characters and possible plotty things! Feel free to message me any time.
  9. Welcome to our two newest members, Theresa and Kalla!
  10. And welcome to our newest member, Kichiro!
  11. Welcome back! If a Mist-based location is fine with you, Ardent Lotus is open for applications as far as an FC goes. We have plotty things that can take place all over the realm, and plenty of potential friendos. If my FC doesn't tickle your fancy, that's fine too! I'd be happy to RP with another sward-lovin' lizard. My main is Tansui Sasanami--poke me any time!
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