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  1. I did it guys. Bought the whole damn collection.
  2. Thanks man, I appreciate it.
  3. I left the game, or rather, was forced to leave the game, around the time stormblood was set to release.
  4. I'm gonna be creating a new account and getting back into the game soon. I'm not at the point now where I'm willing to share what toons I'm making or even what server I'll be on primarily, but I have had the opportunity to make a fresh start of this for a while now and I'd like to give it a shot. So on that note, I'd like to know, what are the biggest changes to FFXIV that have taken place that I'm not gonna be used to? I hear of this World Visit feature, which sounds amazing and per-tenant to my interests, but I'm not quite in the know on anything else. I don't expect a giant list o
  5. How ya doing? I wanna talk about something kind of personal here, and I hope it opens up some good discussion. Look, let's not dance around the issue, I was a bad roleplayer when I got into this game. I did so many things wrong and I have a lot of regrets as a result. The last 6 years have given me time to refine my skills by participating in DND with other people. I've learned a lot, and I wouldn't have had the chance if not for the latest edition of the franchise and my discovery of the now deceased Stormbrew Games on my street. As of this moment I have a group of about 4 people, mostly
  6. It's not bad writing on the part of Aymeric hastily tossing them off a cliff, it's bad writing on the part of having the Ascians just be able to so easily retrieve something that shouldn't have been retrievable. The eyes were frozen solid at the bottom of a supposedly bottomless pit; how the FUCK did the Ascians retrieve them?
  7. I remember having some random roleplay with Ser Doric. This guy's pretty damned good, you should rp with him!
  8. Just send a /tell asking if they'd like to rp. It's that simple.
  9. Doesn't mean people can't attempt time travel with the Trance, potentially with unexpected side effects. It lends itself to interesting scenarios.
  10. I'm happy the Warriors of Darkness got a resolution, but i'm not happy with many things about it; that it was done in a single-player instance, because I expected at least a trial, a la Chrysalis; that it was so abruptly, after all this build-up, and that we'll probably never see them again after this point. Way to drop the ball, SE. Edit: With the supply of crystals to the Amalj'aa to summon their gods by the Ala Mighan Resistance, this may mark a turning point in Edgar's character development. He keeps tabs on Primal summonings in Eorzea, so to learn that they went that far might
  11. The Dreadwyrm Trance called upon the aether that Bahamut bathed Carteneau. You just have to be at a place bombarded by the energies of the Primal itself. The site where Alexander manipulated time would probably work.
  12. You make it sound like wanting to stay within the bounds of the lore is a bad thing. I never got why people felt the need to tie their characters to important lore figures or give them powers on par with people/jobs that are supposed to be legends or extremely rare. It's safer and more interesting to play something original that fits the established lore than try to find ways to bend it to justify your character having X ability. No I'm talking about those people who don't actually care about the person's characters but only initiate roleplay with a person just to question them abou
  13. Pretty much. I'll have my reasons for why my character will be able to do this, and I hope it's good enough for the lore-hounds.
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