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  1. I updated the list of people to contact with 2 new EU officers ,) !
  2. A few screenshots edit since I never posted any (oops) [align=center] [/align]
  3. [align=center][/align] Information ♦ Price details and other options can be found > here < ! ♦ Examples of my past works can be found > here < ! ♦ I request to be paid upfront ! I’ll send the invoice when we will schedule your shooting or when I will receive the screenshots you want me to edit. ♦ I’ll send a minimum of 2 WIP : The crop for all the gifs and the coloring. For the Templates I’ll also add a preview with the still frame placed. ♦ Unless there is unexpected delay, delivery should take less than three weeks after the shooting (for the templates and gifsets) and two weeks for the screenshot edits. ♦ You don’t need to source me when using the edit or the gif and may use them anywhere you fancy. ♦ I reserve the right to decline a commission without stating a reason. ♦ I reserve the right to work on commissions in the order I prefer. ♦ I don’t accept game currency but I’m open for trade, don’t hesitate to ask ! [align=center]> FILL THIS FORM TO COMMISSION ME < > Queue available here ♥ ! <[/align]
  4. I definitely need people who play more in EU time as officer. I am online as we speak and try to catch you if you didn't have your invite yet
  5. Hello, I'll update the officer list so you can pm one of us !
  6. Yes, some of the leaders left and I myself fell very sick. I need to find people to replace those who left, but I'll try to be online tonight, usually Xenedra and Aysun are the most often there
  7. Go for it, contact one of the officier to get an invite !
  8. [align=center][/align] Here is something a little different and my new commission infos ,) !
  9. Resurrecting the topic for valentine's day ♥ ! [align=center] [/align]
  10. Good lord, I didn't post in there since forever ! I still do templates and my commissions are still opened, I'm working on a new sheet though. Here are a few new gifs :> ! [align=center] [/align]
  11. Hello, contact one of the officers in game to get an invitation ,) !
  12. Contact one of the officers in game to get an invite ^^ !
  13. I always forget to update this post, oops x_x ! [align=center][/align]
  14. I see you're already in the LS so I believe you found someone ,) !
  15. There are still some slot open, please contact an officer when you'll be online
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