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  1. For most, Aetherial Crystals were a rather simple affair. There were six types, and a crafter mixed them alongside other base ingredients to create items both fantastic and mundane. A pot of chili might have a dash of fire crystal to add heat, or a chain might contain crystals of earth, to give it strength. Most crafters did not care if their ice crystals came from the heart of a forgotten glacier, or a chilly cellar. Only that they were pure and of the proper size. For Evangeline though, crystals were more art than science. It was not only the type of crystal, but its history. Where it was from, what its impurities were, its shape, color, texture, smell… and no two sources were alike. She could never prove that such things mattered. They mattered to her though. An artist has to be picky about their supplies. The fact that she tended to paint chaos rather than canvas, didn’t matter. In this particular case, her masterpiece was the large beaker before her, the liquid inside glowing a faint pulsating red. Scattered around her cramped lab were cartons and jars of crystals and ingredients, listing their name, date, and origin. “Hmm… it seems correct…” Evangeline paced back and forth, tapping her chin as she went over the process in her mind once more. The first steps had been simple, preserve An’s tainted blood until it could be studied, then slowly extract the aether from the biological components. She had been excited to find the aether in An’s blood tainted with the void. It made her job in some ways more interesting. Any aether from the void was like hungry fungus or bacteria. It gobbled up any other aether it found, trying to make more of itself in the process. In some ways she didn’t have to replicate the Aether in An’s blood, she had to feed it. So she did. But everything has a favorite meal. Fire Crystals full of rage from the ashes of a burned Ala Mhigan settlement. Earth Crystals full of lust from an ancient fertility shrine. Wind and Water crystals bursting with restless energy, from pounding waterfalls and windswept canyons. Ice crystals from the frozen body of a dead drake, and a perfectly formed lightning crystal, formed when a massive bolt stuck an auroch dead. All of these were mixed together, the dark Aether from An’s blood mixed among them. It had taken three days, but eventually all that remained was the red pulsating fluid before her. While she ached to try it, even she wasn’t foolish enough to consume raw void tainted aether. So she had taken a small amount, taking it to a conjurer who asked few questions. The raw hunger of the void was banished, and in its place Evangeline added new ingredients. A half dozen different stimulants of various strengths. A dash of mind clouding venom from a Morbol’s tentacle. A few slivers off a succubus’s horn. A clump of hair supposedly from the great beast Behemoth, and a drop of dragon’s blood. All these and more she added, giving the concoction the tiniest of sniffs as she works until she was satisfied. Now, five vials sat in front of her, children of the glowing red vat. If she was correct, they would give the imbiber a sliver of the Falling Star’s power. The side effects could be… troublesome, even deadly, but one couldn’t match the power of a blood crazed near primal warlord and still play it safe. Weighing her options one more time, Evangeline sighs, before grabbing one of the glowing red vials, and swallowing the contents whole. Instantly, every muscle in her body seized up, a burst of raging heat spreading forth and filling her limbs with power. Muscle cords her slim limbs, her shirt suddenly seeming far too restrictive as she tears it off with a snarl. Her skin feels like it’s steaming with heat, and suddenly An’s habit of going shirtless makes sense. The physical effects paled though, in comparison to the mental ones. Without thinking, her hands flex at her side, images of blood, conquest, feeding and breeding flashing through her eyes. In an instant, she rushes over to grab a second vial, then heads for the door, trying to keep control. S’imba needed to try this.
  2. I'd like to use turns to work on Eva's special Nuhn Aether combat/lewd drug, but I'm not sure exactly what that would entail? So can I just reserve a few until I talk to you about rules?
  3. Hello! This might not be the normal type of request but... I'm looking for a location for a fancy RP date. This would hopefully be player run bar/restaurant/lounge/club/something. I know lots of places only open on set days, so I'm hoping for some place with seated tables. No need to even have staff there, I'm happy to improvise with one of the many well decorated player houses I've seen. I just want to make sure I have permission of course. Though, if anyone wants to RP as staff, that's even better! Anyways! Just hoping to get some ideas, I've been out of a loop a while so I don't know which places are still active. Thanks!
  4. WOOOOOO Yeah! I love him. Here are a few other things I've read recently that I think are good! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24876258-the-aeronaut-s-windlass I hesitate to call this steampunk, as steampunk is lame. It's more of a final fantasy type magical technology world. There are talking cats! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33369873-forging-hephaestus Is amazing. I think Anti-Heroes and villanous protagonists are going to be showing up more and more. People irl think the system is fucked up, and we like those who rebel against it. Anyway it's a super hero story about a girl who gets apprenticed to the most notorious super-villain on the planet. It's awesome. https://parahumans.wordpress.com/ Another super hero story, this one a web serial of a girl who wants to be a hero but finds herself becoming the villain. It's free and complete and if anyone reads it please tell me what you think because I LOVE IT! I just finished this recently as well and I loved it. I watched the TV show as well, but I feel like the book does a better job thematically. The TV show has more drama, and is more exciting, but it also cheapens it. Oh, and I'm playing tales of Berseria, which is awesome. It's another villainous protagonist plot. You play as Velvet Crowe, the angriest woman in the world, and everyone should try it if they like JRPGS.
  5. I play a thaumaturge and priest! PM me if you want someone to read sermons about how money is good.
  6. Blegh... I was so excited when I saw that notice. It's so hard being on balmung. I always want people to join, but once you explain how they'll need to transfer servers after 3 days and all that nonsense few actually go through with it. I know its our fate being on the most popular server, but still frustrating. @ten that's a good idea. I suppose I have plenty of time, so if you're planning to take a hiatus from the game, let me know. We can be friends and I'll pay for your first month back
  7. Oh. DAMMIT. Mm... maybe on the next free login day?
  8. This may be the wrong Forum for this but... http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/callback/?utm_source=lodestone&utm_medium=pc_banner&utm_campaign=eu_callback I just noticed this is a thing. If there is an inactive roleplayer on Balmung interested in coming back to the game... Accept an invite from me and I'll pay for your first month, as well as helping you with RP/PVE as much as possible. I play currently as a Hellsguard Thaumaturge who works with the Immortal Flames and the Order of Nald'Thal. The FC I run is an IC free company, but also has some boarders and other wierdos. If you're interested in coming back, and want a friend for pve/rp, let me know! I'm five feathers away from my cool twintania mount lol, so you'd be doing me a favor as well.
  9. I treat walkup RP like talking to the person next to you on the bus. It doesn't really matter if it goes anywhere special, you're just passing the time and learning about someone. Eventually you'll find a deeper thread in there with someone. Most of your encounters will probably lead to nothing and that's ok. As for #3, the biggest thing for struggling RPers is to think of a reason your character might approach a stranger. It doesn't have to be just one thing, but pick one and just walk up to someone that seems interesting. For example, my current Main is a Thaumaturge that has a monthly quota of graves and wills to sign people up for. She constantly has to approach people and sell them things. Even something as simple as "I'm looking for directions" or "I lost something" work.
  10. Welcome to the RPC I'll give you the same advice I gave everyone, the best way to start is to just walk up to people and say "Hello" in character. It's a little scary not knowing anyone... but it's also a little exciting too! You don't know anything about the other person behind the screen, and they don't know anything about you! You're just two characters interacting. After a few interactions it won't feel scary at all.
  11. Masked Miqo'te: Zombie runs Free Company. Dusk Shadow: Roegadyn thaumaturge helps you die.
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