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  1. Thanks! Yes, server visits should be fun! I actually do play on Balmung at times with my character there these days. With my time zone and schedule, it works out better for me on some days is, so I go between it and Mateus. Either way, I hope to see you sometime too!
  2. Hello, and great! I actually found a great FC, but never mind meeting new people.
  3. Hey there!!! =D We need to get together in game sometime!
  4. Hey there! Thanks, and good to see you too! I still definitely have to run into you in game for some RP!
  5. Neat, welcome back! I actually played the TSW as well as NWN, SWTOR and others. I help run Radio Free Gaia. I am really enjoying FFXIV so far. Hey, was that world that you ran.... Sigil? In fact, I recognize your name from my Discord/Enjin lists. You know me as Notes. Maybe we will run into each other in game!
  6. Hello, all, I have been in the game on and off for a bit now, though now playing on Mateus as I last checked. I do have one character still on Balmung, but I had moved to Mateus and started over as other friends were there. I have played in games like SWG, WoW, TSW (now SWL), SWTOR, and others over the years, and enjoy roleplaying with others with good plot, humor, stories, intrigue, and more. I play when I can as I work full-time, and it has been over a year since I was back in the game, so not sure what is out there at the moment. I am generally a heavy role player by preference, though at times, I also just relax OOC and play the game for the game. If anyone has any suggestions for good places/links to meet others as I do have discord too, and anything else, feel free to say hello and suggest away.
  7. Welcome! Nice variety of characters, and nice to read about them. I recently migrated to Matteus and love it so far, having found a good FC to join. Always looking to run into others in game too for some RP.
  8. Would love to join this. I will drop you a message on here.
  9. Little update... moved to Mateus mainly after hearing from friends, and found a nice FC there too. Still always open to RP and meeting new folks! Cheers.
  10. That sounds great, thanks! I shall look you and your characters up sometime soon. Thank you for the response.
  11. Adventure calls to Tsuzuri, a Raen has a penchant for both exploration, unlike some others of her original family, with skills in healing, research, magic, and gadgetry. She has an interest particularly in artifacts, though not as much for the monetary value as for the sheer excitement of unearthing old objects and treasures while trying to determine the history behind such things. While not always successful in the latter right away, she seeks to learn more. She has some interest in infusing arcane qualities and is an amateur tinkerer in such devices. The mad scientist aura is not an accident. Arashiko, aspiring Miqo'te fighter and doer of great deeds, or so she dreams. Having learned her sword skills from her brother, she comes simply to Ul'Dah with the starry-eyed wonder of a new adventurer, with a love of the sea, though travels have now taken her away from the beloved ocean. What is being looked for: Roleplay, IC interaction, stories to unfold, plot.. both short and long term are always welcome. i may add more as I get to know the game again and get into things, but for now, I am keeping it simple. Tsuzuri is the 'main' though lately, I have been spending time on Arashiko as well. Interesting to have fresh characters, I find, that I will shape for story (though I do keep their backgrounds in mind) as I find RP in Ezorea. Snow is my third character that aspires to be a bard, but I have not played that one as much. Cheers!
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