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  1. What server is it on: Gilgamesh Housing Area: Shirogane Ward + Room Number: Ward 6, room 14 Owner's Name/Who to contact: Shizuka Tabito Title if it has one: What the purpose is: Home, open to neighborly visits!
  2. Server: Gilgamesh Ward: 12 Plot: 39 Area: Goblet Name: Koma Chashitsu Description: Teahouse, herbalist, exotic importer
  3. Technically I'm still running The Black Sails 8-) But E'Kayah Nuhn is one of my longest standing officers and is a wonderful person to talk to if you're ever interested in joining us. As for RP, it's definitely around and active, and isn't necessarily based around those same groups. While it's true you'll see a lot of the same people at the bar nights, you see a wider variety of people at one-off type events. E'kayah has been putting together a google document of FCs, Linkshells, and RP locations if you're interested in checking it out. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xf9iv55I72q9OYh9Q1Y1SHtAyfR5MklWcuyj5R3TBLk/edit
  4. [align=center][/align] The Black Sails is a Free Company on the server Gilgamesh. They seek to build a crew of people wanting to sail the seas for fun, adventure, and profit. Their current goals are working towards the funds for building a ship, and finding someone who can actually navigate the open seas. It is likely important to note that while there have been some escapades as Sky Pirates, the game's lack of real ships means that this FC is not entirely serious; you don't NEED IC sailing experience to join us. Free Company chat is OOC, however we have an IC Linkshell that is open to Allies in addition to FC members. Questing and dungeons are done both IC and OOC depending on preference. Feel free to stop by our base of merchant operations in Goblet Ward 3, plot 15! We're currently rebuilding our player base, but we're always open to new RP, including that with other FCs. Feel free to contact us about joint projects and storylines as well. If you would like more information, please see our website here, or contact Lalah Molkot, E'kayah Nunh, Shizuka Tabito, or Ce'nedra Zakath in game.
  5. Or, Miss Sounsy, they added them just to drive home the big cat analogue. Male Seekers are based on Cheetahs and Lions, whereas the females are most definitely Lionesses. Keepers have spots around the eyes to showcase a link to Jungle cats like the Jaguar, while the females are more along the lines of Lynxes or Tigers. I love the idea of lady lynxes among the Keepers. I wish they'd give me little tufted lynx ears. Of course, I also wish that absurdly long snow leopard tails were an option too. None of them are quite long enough! And why no bobtails?!
  6. There's actually an NPC by the shrine you can talk to to abandon the questline and then you just have to start anew with the Platinum bracelets.
  7. My most used macro is my raise/rez macro. It's set up that it will work regardless of which healing class I'm on. /micon Raise /p Damnit, man, I'm a doctor, not a torpedo technician! (Insta-raising !) /ac Swiftcast /wait /ac Raise /ac Resurrection /wait 60 /p Swiftcast Raise is ready! Feel free to die again! /echo Swiftcast Raise is ready! I do also use a summon macro for every type of summon I do, which makes it look like my fairy (or carby, ect) comes from blowing a kiss. /macroicon "Summon" /ac "Swiftcast" /wait /ac "Summon" /blowkiss motion My RP trade macro: /handover /wait 1 /trade And then I have two macros to switch my HUD over to something more....RP friendly. /lfm /hotbar display 10 /hud "Duty List" /hud "Party List" /hotbar display 2 /hotbar display 1 /hotbar display 3 /hotbar display 7 /hud "Status Effects" /hud "Cross Hotbar" /hud "Parameter Bar" /hud Minimap /hud "Experience Bar" /hud "Inventory Grid" /hud "Main Menu" /hotbar display 4 /hotbar display 5 /hotbar display 6 /hud "Enemy List" /hud "Gil" And my marking macro for when I'm tanking. It's a little twitchy sometimes, so I'm always prepared to remark if I need to. /mk attack1 /focustarget /ac "Target Forward" /mk attack2 /target
  8. [align=center][/align] Much like our sister linkshell, Perfect Storm, Jeweled Sands is a linkshell dedicated to those characters who are involved or somehow allied with the Immortal Flames. It's primary purpose will be communication; from general chatter to the coordination of IC dungeon runs and missions. This is an IC linkshell, so we do ask people to keep the OOC chat to a minimum and keep it relevant to the linkshell and those in it. OOC should be denoted by the ((double parenthesis)) for clarity's sake. We would like our members to acquire their pearl ICly, through either RP with another member, or for the time being one can be obtained from a higher ranking NPC. We are, at this time, looking for more people who are interested in ICly handing out pearls and helping to organize events. Currently, all members have the ability to invite, though it may not ICly come from that specific character. If anyone is interested in ICly handing out pearls, please contact Lalah Molkot in game, or send me a PM here. What to expect from this linkshell: A place to communicate and RP with other characters affiliated with the Immortal Flames IC chatter Immortal Flames centric missions and commissions IC dungeon runs Possible plotlines Possible cross-GC plots and endeavors Officers: Lalah Molkot ???
  9. We've recently opened a new branch to the business over in Aleport, so feel free to stop by and visit!
  10. :cactuar: Still alive and kicking! Woo!
  11. Your suggestions gave us the inspiration for "Jeweled Sands"! Thanks a ton guys, I really appreciate the input ^^ And the LS is up and running now, so send me a tell in game for an invite. It's an IC LS, so I'd love to do some RP behind getting people invited, but I'm working every day for the next week so we'd have to plan to make time for that ^^
  12. The place where it gets tricky is that gambling laws (including those that apply to internet gambling AND fake money) vary so much not only country to country, but state to state. I wouldn't touch it myself, since the TOU doesn't clarify and I know of people getting spoken to by a GM in other games for running the same thing they're doing in Mor Dhona. I'm pretty sure that one is a standard for most (if not all) MMOs.
  13. Incorrect about Casinos. They are allowed. A mod posted about this on the official forums. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/214616-random-and-the-impending-influx-of-player-run-casinos.?p=2713021#post2713021 "As for casinos, they are treated like trade agreements. This means that you should ensure clear rules are agreed upon in the game before engaging in this type of agreement, since the GMs can only enforce the terms of the agreement that was made in the game. So long as the agreement is upheld, the GMs should not need to get involved. If you do not feel that the agreement is upheld, you should report that to a GM for investigation for Fraud." If you have set rules and you -follow- the rules and don't commit fraud you are ok. Just because some people didn't see it. Clearly what I need to do is buy roleplay with gil. And no one will ever see the beautiful fanart that is produced somewhere and shown. The roleplayer just so happens to be the artist. *nod* I would be surprised if the "casinos" are actually allowed, considering their TOU explicitly states: You may not conduct any illegal activities whatsoever in connection with the Game. This includes every illegal activity not specifically highlighted above, including without limitation gambling, defamation, harassment, and fraud. (emphasis mine) If a GM has stated elsewhere that it's acceptable, then I suspect they haven't fully read their own TOU. That being said, I also doubt it's something they'll actively chase down and ban people over; but if it's reported they might stick those people in the jail for a talking to. It's something I'd be REALLY careful about participating in.
  14. So I've been asked to run a Linkshell on Gilgamesh specifically for Immortal Flames RPers. The idea is a general communication channel to link up not only Sultansworn, Brass Blades, general Flames people, but also civilian allies. The trouble is that I've run into a WALL trying to figure out an appropriate name for it! Most of the ideas we've been able to pool together sound "too militaristic to include civvies", "too flamboyant", "too mercenary" and so on. I now turn to all you creative people, because surely SOMEONE out there can think of a good name for a Linkshell like this! :frustrated: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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