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  1. Unnamed Mercenary

    Wiki Help

    Hey there! To add a picture onto your wiki, you'll want to upload it first, as it doesn't support hotlinking. You can upload to the wiki by going to https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Special:Upload and adding your file. (I recommend marking "watch this page" so you can easily find them later!) From there, there are a few ways to reference your pictures. Method 1: Calling the file directly [[File:image_name_you_uploaded.png|thumbnail]] Method 2: Using the gallery wrapper (best for multiple pictures) <gallery> File:Example.jpg|Caption1 File:Example.jpg|Caption2 </gallery> Method 3: Using a template that already handles pictures Image_name.gif For more details on what you can do with images, check out the main MediaWiki page! We're not on their current release, but wiki features have largely stayed the same and they should all work! https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Images
  2. Unnamed Mercenary

    (self-deleted - beaten to death in other forums)

    When I was reading the changes, it basically boiled down to the same basic rules they already had. "Just don't be a dick." Just with probably waiting for less constant reports, or maybe if they notice it in the shout chat for a map like Balmung's Ul'dah, where things can get pretty stupidly heated out of nowhere. (And I'm sure this happens on other servers as well). Provided people aren't being outwardly malicious in some out of character fashion, I don't think there's going to be any sort of change.
  3. Unnamed Mercenary

    Possible race swap, seeking animation videos /customization

    Correct, Au Ra wouldn't be in the trial. :< ...just the base race options, although you could possibly find a player on an open server to do some emotes for you for testing! The benchmark should have a few, but they'll mostly be the same scripted benchmark run throughs. I think a couple options for the voices will trigger some of the emotes.
  4. Unnamed Mercenary

    Possible race swap, seeking animation videos /customization

    Raid videos on youtube (or twitch streams) would probably give you the best shot of seeing some battle animations. If you're just looking for -currently available- customizations, the stormblood benchmark may suit your needs! An updated one for 5.0 is expected to drop some time after the Tokyo Fan Fest in late March, but we don't know exactly when. It should feature Viera in it too! For the most part, animations between classes are all about the same, with more of the changes being emotes or for height difference. (See /pet on a lalafell vs /pet a hyur/elezen/roegadyn etc). A few change based on gender, like the battle weapon pose. If you're looking for more emote/animation testing before re-subbing, there's also trial accounts, which no longer have a time limit. (So they're good for say, character creator stuff beyond what the benchmarks could handle, but will lack gear and expansion content).
  5. Unnamed Mercenary

    Why do people say 'this star' when referring to the world?

    Given that the game scripts are written concurrently between the 4 main global localizations, I find it hard to believe that this is the case. While the base script may have started in Japanese, the English localized by Koji and the rest of the team often adds more nuance and complexity to the setting, which then sometimes gets backported to the far more blunt and direct Japanese, French, and German locales. They're definitely referring to the planet that way purposely. (Or perhaps it's another one of those fun archaic terms that's fallen out of use and now sounds strange in English).
  6. Unnamed Mercenary

    Getting back into FFXIV RP! [Mateus]

    Welcome to the RPC!
  7. Unnamed Mercenary

    new player here!

    Hey there! Welcome to the RPC! If you've got any questions about the site or where to post something, ask away!
  8. Unnamed Mercenary

    Displaced Highlander?

    Plenty of other settlements in Gyr Abania that aren't strictly "Ala Mhigo" or within the city itself, at least. What we see in game is always only a snippet of what the fuller world would entail. I've seen others say they were from distant Monk sects that didn't generally leave their temples. And then we do have the more secretive Red Mage quest giver as well.
  9. Unnamed Mercenary

    Old RP-er, New Game, Many Questions [Balmung]

    Generally, these are frowned upon in the game. Not in an overtly racist fashion like segregation, but more in a "but why did our lovely Elezen daughter have to fall in love with a Hyur?" It's only briefly mentioned and shown in-game however and most RPers you encounter will probably not take it to heart unless that's part of some scene setup or a story you're RPing out. For some examples, see the Wanderer's Palace unlock NPCs and Hilda. These largely vary between RPers! One of the fun things about FFXIV is that the "RP Community" isn't very homogenous and you'll find that there's a sliding scale for nearly every opinion for RP here. The two biggest are gonna always be /say and /emote, but how you use them is purely up to you. Some people like to use (( OOC Text markers )) while others do not. Some will use quotation marks in /say and others assume that because they're RPing and using /say, there's enough context. Some will only use /say for speech and /emote for actions, others will mix and match like "/say 'Hello!' She waved." or "/em waves. 'Hello!'" Any of the other emote commands + motion will also only show the motion for you. Like "/wave motion" It comes in handy when you want an animation, but not the automatic game text that comes with it. Lore-wise, we shouldn't call them "British" but the various accents are modeled on sounding more like an older form of English. Like typing in general, you'll find that people with accents have varying methods of doing it. Some will adjust their spelling, much to the pain of ESL RPers, while others may use common foreign word or a hint. Like saying "...she said, in Doman." Some NPCs do this too, so they're always a good place to start for examples! This sorta varies by server, but on Balmung, the most common one you'll hear about is the Quicksand in Ul'dah. Most of the main hub cities tend to have some RP in them as well, especially newer patch/expansion cities, like Kugane. In my experiences, you'll see less RP in areas with tons of nonRPers or endgame characters. (So mostly Rhalgr's Reach, currently.) Formerly, I'd say in the towns was the most. Then fields. When housing was introduced, especially with additional wards and subdivisions, a lot more RP did migrate into housing. It'll ultimately depend on who you're RPing with and what sorts of RP venues you're looking for. If combat RP's your thing, go check out the Grindstone, which happens every Saturday at 10 Eastern in Central Thanalan by Fesca's Wash. You can't miss it. Yes! And the RPC is host to a few of them. (Although after some site changes and the rising popularity of discord, our list has shrunk as they're not being posted up here as often as they used to.) Check out our Linkshell Hall and Linkshell Clubs sections for some! The same goes for Free Companies and other groups. Typically, people divorce their in-game levels and their character's abilities. FFXIV doesn't really have any sort of open-world PvP or method of holding a level over someone else, aside from the gear they can equip. When it comes to the actual skills, remember that most of the jobs were dying arts or recently revived and are either quite uncommon, limited, or brand new to Eorzea. I most often see this come up as "can I be a White Mage and a Black Mage concurrently?" Which...both of these would normally be something a peron couldn't be, but if we were to take it as "can I be incredibly skilled in Conjury and Thaumaturgy," it's still iffy. Think of them like getting a doctorate degree with no overlap. Yes, you can do it, but a person may fully devote their life to the study of one thing and never fully master it. You can find some amazing lore compilations and writeups about many of the jobs and how their interact by Sounsyy. A link to Sounsyy's Lore Index is on the front page under the lore forum. There are quite a few of these! While I don't know how maintained some of the lists are on RPC, Maril keeps an extensive google sheet with tons of them on tumblr. http://tinyurl.com/where-is-the-rp This will also depend on who you're RPing with! In my experiences, the MSQ is not something any of my characters or their contacts went through directly, but most people have a semblance of current events, within reason. Typically, I don't see anything happening plot-wise that's current patch tier, but once another patch has come out, some people do take that into their characters' stories. I'd just ask OOC to see where they exist in the MSQ timeline, if at all! There are plenty of user-made plots, although nothing quite server-wide as nobody will ever fully agree to any sort of firm server canon like other MMOs might. There's also generally a large helping of more casual slice-of-life RP and you can easy mix them all together. I kinda touched upon this above, but for the most part, not the bleeding edge. And not something that only the Warrior of Light (WoL) would know. If you see general NPCs talking about it, it's probably fair game. Otherwise, just check in with the people you're RPing with and you should be fine!
  10. Unnamed Mercenary

    New to FFXIV but love RPing. One question...

    Hey there! There isn't quite a definitive list of [all] lore on any particular topic, but a good place to start is with Sounsyy's lore compilations. They're mostly spread between tumblr and the RPC (although RPC's were before our move to IPS which caused some formatting blips. Links to our archived old site are more common). http://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update Sounsyy's Races of Man lore compilation Beyond these though, it's far easier to ask direct questions! Nobody's gonna really make a huge fuss over some inaccuracies. THe Character Workshop forum is also a great way to ask questions that are tailored specifically to your character. (Backstory, can it be done questions, etc).
  11. Unnamed Mercenary

    I'm NEW... What do I do?

    Mog Station stuff will let you know if it's account-bound or if it's character-bound. (Typically, if you had to select a character to have the mog mail with your items sent to, it's character bound. Other things, like the recruit a friend campaign or veteran's awards are account-wide.) But in general, if you've found a group you like RPing with, I wouldn't jump ship. FFXIV's pretty incredibly alt friendly! (Although when the Aether/Primal/Crystal split happens, Gilgamesh is gonna be separated from Balmung/Mateus, so I would prolly still stick an alt to have a character there. A lot of people in soon to be Crystal that I know are doing similar to keep a presence on Aether for friends they won't have cross-world contact with anymore.) In terms of lore-abiding-ness, my personal experiences have been that getting too polarized on either side of it is a can of worms. And lore isn't the only topic on that end! (Like high/low "power" levels, aether usage, how much gil is equivalent to a US Dollar, etc. There are a lot of sliding scales and gradients. And I definitely don't mean the character creator there. Some people skip the lore check by saying they're from [insert other places unfamiliar with the setting you want to RP in]. Like take someone from Othard/Doma and stick 'em in Eorzea. Or take an Eorzea who's gone east as they discover a whole new land of people with culture differing from their own! Or take a more tribal/clannish character (Miqo'te and Au Ra seem to be the common fit here) who may not be accustomed to things they haven't really encountered much outside their own people. If there is lore you'd like to read up on, Sounsyy on the RPC has an incredible amount of writeups and compilations on a large variety of topics. The main link is on tumblr, http://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update and there's a formatted link on our previous site layout (disclaimer: long load time. link may die soon-ish because running the older forum software's a security risk these days. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=17897 There is a converted version of the post, but since links didn't get updated and spoiler tags broke, it's even more unruly than the mybb version. Cleanup was paused while content was moved to tumblr to join other compilations.) There are tons more threads there and I do recommend searching for common topics if there's one you're thinking of! If you've got a character-centric question or are looking in assistance in creating a character, I'd head over to the Character Workshop forum and make a post there. Do note that while most concepts are usually pretty easy to get going, there is a divide between "we can MAKE this work" and "should this even be a plot point?" styles. Like there's nothing stopping a person who -really- wants to do multiple lifetimes worth of things in a 20 year old, but whether or not other RPers will want to jive with that is another matter. Standard RP character style things. If you're unsure of a more general RP-related topic, like, "how should I do combat RP if I'm interested in that" and the like, head over ot RP Discussion which is less FFXIV-based and more RP-based for those styles of topics. Quite a few things can be posted in different parts of the site depending on wording though, so these aren't strictly enforced and a moderator can always help move a topic or help point you in the right direction if you're unsure where to post something!
  12. Unnamed Mercenary

    I'm NEW... What do I do?

    Heya there! Welcome to the RPC! FFXIV was technically the first MMO I've RPed in as well! (Although that was a few years ago now.) What sorts of questions do you have? We can help! While I don't know of any RPers on Gilgamesh at this time, I do know they used to be around and active on the regular. (A good number have probably since moved to Balmung or Mateus though, aftrer certain sites started pushing anti-RPer attitudes onto Gilgamesh while trying to promote it as a raiding-centric server.) The good news though, is that the World Visit feature is coming sometime in patch 4.5-ish and that'll let you hop over to servers with RPers on them. (Or if you don't mind alts, definitely try to get a character on servers with people who pique your interests. Balmung's pretty locked down currently, but Mateus, Jenova, Faeri, and Siren also have RPers on them, with Mateus being the second largest server after Balmung). In terms of "how do I RP" style questions, these are pretty open-ended and you'll likely get a different answer for each person you ask. The basics include using chat channels and the /emote (or /em for short) command. Length of text varies depending on the person, but I'd suggest maybe 2-3 sentences so you can fit a reply, an action, and something to build on. Others may prefer doing longer paragraph RP (para-rp). Eventually you'll get a feel for about how long the other people you're interacting with type and kinda go fro mthere. In terms of finding other RPers, many now use the RP status tag, search info, or make a listing on the RPC or RPC Wiki. The wiki's a great way to see and post character concepts and log events. Sorta like an interactive character sheet! There are also Linkshell and Free Company sections in a couple places here on the RPC! Over in the Club section, you'll find listings where people are making use of the club feature, giving them a personal subforum, gallery, etc. For a more RPC traditional layout, we've also got dedicated forums for listings as threads. There are also a bunch more people on tumblr and various discord servers, with RPC only showing a tiny amount of the overall RP population.
  13. Unnamed Mercenary

    Hi all! New FFXIV Trial player, I have a couple questions ^-^

    Hiya there! Welcome to the RPC! While Omega does currently have the largest amount of RPers in terms of the EU datacenters, there are also a huge number of EU players RPing on the NA datacenter because Chaos DC came about after the game's release. Because of that, a lot of long-time RPers started on Balmung when there was kindasorta a single server that was generally "RP-designated" by players, and some have probably also moved over to Mateus. While Balmung remains locked to new players and transfers too at this time due to "congested server" status, Mateus currently flops between locked creation and open for creation depending on time of day based on user load. (So as EU players, you'll probably have an easier time getting into it if you want to take a look since you can avoid NA primetime). In terms of Omega, I'd definitely recommend joining a few of their discords to help find more, as you may find more activity in them. (Hub sites like the RPC have been seeing less activity as more groups have kinda migrated and settled into discords). The one I'm aware of is https://discord.gg/39f43kN If you've got questions about the site, run into any issues, or aren't sure where something can/should be posted, feel free to poke me in PMs or stick a thread in the Requests and Feedback section here on the RPC! I try to help keep things working smoothly as possible.
  14. Unnamed Mercenary

    Where is everyone?

    As a social network built off curating one's own "community" as some may call it, your best shots with tumblr are basically following people you find agreeable. And then following people based on the posts and reblogs made from those you follow. Finding new things is basically... not part of how tumblr works. But it's incredibly good at creating a unique and curated experience, which is something it does quite well! (The same could be said about discord groups as well, as you aren't really going to find an invite unless someone puts one out there. Or you get invited in.) Some may call it clique-ish, and I guess it can be seen that way, but it's also something people in consistent groups would form anyways. You could try the FFXIV tag for some starters, or just check if the people here who have content you like have a link either in their profile/signature or posted in the probably very dated tumblr thread.
  15. Unnamed Mercenary

    General Lore Questions

    None of the races are native to Eorzea. (Although they may claim to be after various Umbral Eras). You can find a good writeup of Miqo'te lore here: http://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/180737329244/the-miqote