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  1. I call upon all manners of unholy necroing to share a flan cake. Yes. IT IS BOTH A CUSTARD AND A CAKE. (Although I ran into some issues getting it outta the pan. ...too much eggwhites in the cake make it super spongey and it rose up too high and cracked.) Slightly adjusted from the Hot Thai Kitchen recipe below. (Lemon cake ftw) https://hot-thai-kitchen.com/caramel-custard-cake/
  2. Unnamed Mercenary

    Cost of Living, Daily Wages

    Also the lorebooks and other interviews like ones on GamerEscape.
  3. Unnamed Mercenary

    Ishgard - Current Hardships & Military

    You may find some useful information in this thread too! (As a heads up, I'm not sure how much longer we can keep the old site's links up and running as more parts of it beyond just the forum software are going end of life/support and won't be getting security patches. Sounsyy's working on getting these all ported over to the tumblr lore index, which is more up to date than the RPC thread) https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=15938&pid=253663#pid253663
  4. Unnamed Mercenary

    Balmung - How to find a FC?

    That'll show a few, but I'd still check out the clubs section as well for more listings. (Hopefully in time, we'll get the reinstated Hall sections back up to how they were, where we go through pruning every month or two!) @yhvh13 https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/balmung/
  5. Unnamed Mercenary

    Crystal (Aether) Roleplay Discord

    Question. Is there something missing from the RPC Forums, Calendar, Gallery, and Wiki that requires another site to handle those?
  6. Unnamed Mercenary

    RP Server options in the new 4.5 Aether Datacenter?

    While I've got your two's attention, are either of your servers' groups making use of google calendars? If so, we can get those imported onto the RPC, and @Erah'sae manages a nifty discord bot (currently for Balmung, but multi-datacenter/world details here: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/topic/21618-45-server-guesting-and-the-evolution-of-the-balmung-rp-calendar / ) which could be of use to you. As with any server, I'd also suggest getting some FC/LS Hall listings up, along with any event details here on the RPC forums. Help boost visibility in both directions.
  7. Unnamed Mercenary

    RP Server options in the new 4.5 Aether Datacenter?

    I know we've seen listings from Faerie, Jenova, and Siren, but I can't speak for how big they are. Gilgamesh was the secondary RP server at ARR launch, but after a few years, most transferred elsewhere. I'd peruse the Lodestone to check for common linkshell/fc names for a quick estimate of size/activity. Things like "RP" in the FC tag. Or "RP, Roleplay, Role-play, Role Play" in the names.
  8. Unnamed Mercenary

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    Have we been playing the same game all these years? Balmung has multiple Free Companies with a focus on raiding. And plenty more casual ones that do it too. People had plenty of an easy time finding groups before the Party Finder went Cross-World. And it still wasn't hard before we even had the Party Finder in general. I think a lot of people are forgetting that RPers want those clears and glamour just as much as the other players. We might lose access to a good portion of the Duty Finder, but given just our server's population, I don't think there's going to be a situation in which a tank doesn't nearly instantly queue for most content.
  9. Unnamed Mercenary

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    It's "crafter/gatherer endgame" stuff. My guess currently is it's going to be some form of Custom Delivery on steroids, using some form of collectibility if the current trends continue. But before we had the Party Finder, or Cross-World Party Finder, Balmung wasn't exactly struggling with forming groups of people to do content. It's a bit of a disservice to claim that people who enjoy roleplay are somehow against doing other content. It could be confirmation bias, but the only person I've seen claim to knowingly not progress in the game/refuse to do content is someone I don't think even plays the game any longer. Roleplayers run content just as often as nonroleplayers. Not to mention Balmung's large pve-focussed populations from before the 1.0 server merges, many who've come, gone, and invited other pve-focussed players into the game. I do agree that opening the markets to other servers' players may not have been SE's wisest decision, even if it's some form of wanting to "standardize" prices. The first few weeks will likely be quite tumultuous while things try to balance out. It's also likely going to mean that Balmung's minions and crafted gear are going to skyrocket in prices as all our cheaper ones are bought up. As a crafter though, I'm looking forwards to the increased profits so long as the botters are kept in check.
  10. Unnamed Mercenary

    Ala Mhigo Occupation Timeline Question

    If it's pertaining to your character, Character Workshop is the right place! (Even if there's a lot of lore posts and discussion. This also helps keeping the lore discussion board separate from "how can I make this work for my character" topics.)
  11. Unnamed Mercenary

    Where is everyone?

    A typo! Some* groups.
  12. Unnamed Mercenary

    Where is everyone?

    No official discords for the RPC! [At this time. And currently no plans to]. Mostly sun groups here and there. Or stuff I see on tumblr. People are still social, but the venues for being social have changed a bit.
  13. Unnamed Mercenary

    Where is everyone?

    I think most people have probably made the transition to discord servers for the majority of their chatting needs. And potentially as forum/tumblr companion/replacements as well, although my personal opinions is that a forum's still much better suited for threads and posts, but perhaps I'm getting old and outdated? The RPC still remains the most populated FFXIV RP related website though. I've seen a few clones come and go, and there've been a couple more recently for select servers, etc.
  14. Unnamed Mercenary

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    I think it's more of a "it doesn't matter how well written and/or justified a thing may be, there will be people who won't jive with it just because" kinda thing. A concept or backstory can be super lore compliant and great and detailed, but the nature of RP is there will be those who want to interact and those who do not. Focussing on trying to appease the latter is usually a bad time for everyone, so I'd work with the former instead! And that's where your RP hooks would come in. It's not particularly something you need to list out and draw attention to, but what aspects of your characters do you want to develop as they're RPed? Or what about them would get another character to interact with them? Are they talkative? Would they approach someone at random? Is there something they're doing that would cause a scene or draw attention to them? A well-developed backstory is really nice, but the thing about a backstory is that it's already happened. What's going on in the present that will help establish bonds between your characters and other people's characters? Those are the types of questions I'd be asking myself.
  15. Unnamed Mercenary

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    It sounds fine to me. The concept and reasoning have been thought out and I don't see any glaring issues with what's written above. One pitfall may be that this has a lot of backstory generation and I'd wonder what and where the RP hooks are for other characters to get invested and vice versa. Are there any motivations or shot/long-term goals that you could elaborate on for your character? (Or perhaps that could be where some of the disconnect is.) Are you planning to play off of Fleurent's story with this backstory in place? Or one of the Miqo'te? (or a combo. Multiple characters is fine by many afaik, as long as you aren't like, trying to RP multiple characters at once in a given scene).