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  1. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    The following links are now valid and can be used: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/balmung/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/gilgamesh/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/mateus/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/omega/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/other/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/balmung/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/gilgamesh/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/mateus/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/omega/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/other/ If in the future we decide to add another filtered server, we should be able to make more nice-looking URLs.
  2. Unnamed Mercenary

    Suggestion for Site/Forums

    As a general reminder, this thread have been replaced by a private forum, https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/39-requests-and-feedback/ . Topics that will be put up for public opinion/ideas will have separate announcements made (or will be moved from the requests and feedback forum).
  3. Unnamed Mercenary

    RPC Post Editor

    Hello! I've been working on solving the issue where the editor fails to load and think I might've gotten it. I'm looking for feedback if anyone is still encountering moments where they try to reply to a thread or post a new one and the editor fails to load. (If you could let me know your OS/browser and/or handheld device when it happens, that would be splendid!) This is even more important if a refresh does not get the editor to load. As always, if you'd prefer to not reply directly in this thread, you can always send me a PM or make a post in the feedback forum!
  4. Unnamed Mercenary

    Lore Bending vs. Lore Breaking

    Aether can be sensed, but that's typically something that is either a very trained ability, or an innate sense. In either of those cases, it's not something a common person could do, but then, you're likely not RPing with a common person. (And many RPers themselves, tend not to be common people, even if they don't fit the Adventurer label.) As far as I know, aether does not become a physical manifestation outside of summons or primals. And those typically have somewhat of a mind of their own. But lore-things aside, this seems like more of an issue of someone powergaming or being the dreaded Mary Sue character more than their specific actions. I would advise you have a talk with them about it, especially if it's becoming unfun or if they're constantly grabbing the spotlight and not sharing it. Those conversations are rarely enjoyable, which means you'll need to be assertive, but not accusative to the best of your ability. In the best case, they may be simply unaware that their actions are putting a damper on RP. Or it could also just be a case of there being a mismatch in high<->low fantasy/power intensity between you, them, and others. This is fairly common, in my experiences, but not all players have similar views on the topic. A single hero in a group of civilians can do that, if this is the type of thing you're encountering. Worst case, you all come to an agreement that the DRK's character/RP style doesn't mesh well with others and you go your separate ways or tone down involvement with each other.
  5. Unnamed Mercenary

    Lore Bending vs. Lore Breaking

    It'd honestly be a case by case basis, so much as to say what one group would call bending, another may call breaking, and another may think is perfectly find. There's no firm consensus on a lot of heavily debated topics. The game's lore, however much is shrouded in mystery and purposeful misinformation, is pretty consistent. if there's an idea you're considering, I'd take it over to the Character Workshop forum and we can see if there are things to work with. Or if you're looking for clarification on a topic, Lore Discussion's a good place to start. Do note that many threads that had quoted material are a little...lacking in nice formatting after our forum conversion February 2018. The "classic" site is still up at this time on https://ffxiv-roleplayerscom/mybb/ and provides a good resource for older threads with lots of quotes. But Franz is a good example of lore bending (and a lot of it) kinda becoming lore-backed. Ideas I had on how primals worked and how the Echo worked were mostly confirmed in later patches. (Like 2.4, and a LOT in 3.0/4.0). So just because something seems a little far-fetched, I'd encourage more to see how things currently work, and then make observations and go from there. And who knows, it might actually be the case later on!
  6. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC Surpases 100GB of data

    In an effort to speed up some site performance, I had enabled a setting to cache some information differently, which turned out to break ArrowChat, which powers the chatbar on the bottom. I've since reverted this change and chat should be working. Apologies for the outage!
  7. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC Surpases 100GB of data

    They shouldn't have been from the things done today, but the IPS 4.3 update a little while back might've been the culprit. (We updated to 4.3 a few weeks ago, but I also applied a minor fix to it today). The plugin we use to expand the clubs feature released an update recently and I just applied that. They should be showing up again!
  8. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC Surpases 100GB of data

    hopefully not! i did adjust some caching settings and there was a minor update to the forum software. Some search indexes are being rebuilt due to that.
  9. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC Surpases 100GB of data

    The resize is complete. File uploads should be safe to do again.
  10. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC Surpases 100GB of data

    Hello! Our webserver's storage has reached a new milestone. (And actually got full). I'm working to expand the storage now, but until then, uploads to the site may cause an error. This thread will be updated when the maintenance is complete.
  11. Unnamed Mercenary

    New to XIV RP, Character questions.

    If you're looking for magic info, check out some of the write-ups on this page! (Note: if the site's not loading correctly, add in the /mybb/ bit on the URL! We've got some fancy redirect magic happening on the server to keep old links working, but it messes with some formatting). https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=19136&pid=289427#pid289427
  12. Unnamed Mercenary

    New to XIV RP, Character questions.

    Hiya! I'll see what I can answer through these! The Lore Board should have some resources too, although it may take some time before it's all re-reformatted for our newer site layout. The old site data can be accessed on https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/ and may be a bit easier to read until then. Play what you like > playing something that looks more compliant. While RP in FFXIV may be a little different from other sites, forums, MMOs, etc that you've been a part of, it largely follows the same golden rules of RP. Don't metagame, don't god mod, do unto other characters as you'd want them to be able t o do to yours, and have fun with it. One of the more distinguishing factors about FFXIV is that the RP is not homogenous and you'll find differing opinions on a lot of topics, even among people who say they're following the lore and can even cite the NPCs, developer posts, or lore book pages to back it up. (NPCs in this game L I E. Or they can just be misinformed. Take everything with a grain of salt because they're part of the story and not particularly OOC.) If it's something that really bothers you, you can always introduce your character with an in-character name or grab one of the namechanges off the Mog Station if you're invested in the character and things are going well! The Warrior of Light by all accounts is the exception. (Or a freak of nature crafted by Hydaelyn to solve Her problems :p ). One thing I've recommended in the past is to allocate yourself up to 200 levels to allocate to various skills/classes/etc. Think of it like desynth. If you start getting -really- good at one thing, the others may fall out of practice. I'd also take the character's age into account, or how experienced you want your character to be at something. We don't have a very strong timeline for things happening in game, but it doesn't hurt to dabble and mix things up. (That is exactly how 1.0 was originally intended. Become a cross-class monsterand build your own sets of skills. Then they scrapped that and went more traditional and have continued to phase out the 1.0 bits in waves.) My personal recommendation would be to master no more than 2 classes/jobs. But anyone can know how to throw a punch or kick without being a pugilist. Or know how to swing a sword without being a gladiator. It's important to remember that the classes and jobs we're shown are a city's particular brand. So we're learning Gridanian conjury, Uldahn pugilism, and Lominsan arcanima, as examples. Other schools and crafts may vary. It returns to the whole opinions on lore thing. Ishgard officially opens its doors to the Warrior of Light between 2.55 and 3.0. The timeline in this game is a MESS. (Not because we can't figure out when something happened, but because the writers make heavy use of time bubbles and not hardwritten dates for gameplay.) http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XIV/Timeline (does not include 4.0 and later). Effectively, we operate in a series of layered time bubbles. There are... [Past events with dates] [things that happened in 1.0] [5 year skip during the Calamity] [2.0 start] [2.0 patches] [3.0 start] [3.0 patches] [4.0 start] [4.0 patches] Things in red mostly have written dates, except for 1.0 gameplay. Things in green are all seemingly happening one after the other within the same couple years. (and I thought I was busy...) Because of this, you'll find people using different scaling for the timeline. Some ignore it and count every day IRL as a day in game. Others try to use lore-related timespans to piece together a data. And others just ignore it because we're not going to know what year it is until some NPC states it, which SE heavily avoids. (But we got tidbits like 2.55 -> 3.0 being a couple weeks. Or that the very fast boat ride from Limsa Lominsa to Kugane was a certain length of time, etc.) My advice, go with the flow there. So to begin answering things again, Ishgard didn't open until 3.0 started, some length of time between the WoL popping out of the aether (or you starting 2.0) and making it to 2.55 and escaping from Ul'dah. But they made a number of exeptions for the WoL. A safer bet for the common person to visit Ishgard would be after the events of 3.0, but I wouldn't try to attach something with a hard date there. Related, the routes we have to access maps may not be the only ones, but they are the ones the player has access to. Without more knowledge on the geography, and how the last few years may have changed it, it's a safe bet to assume old passages may no longer be safe or usable. This...I'm not sure. I'll have to leave it to someone who knows more. Raen culture (and well, a lot of Doman culture too) draws from feudal Japan. I'd say it's a safe to make interpretations as I don't recall anything being one way or the other. Besides, Adventurers kinda toss out a lot of the rules and conventions! Refer to above posts about opinions. It's impossible to please everyone and there are a variety of players who range from completely average to actually the Warrior of Light and their companions. There are also a fair number of Echo-enabled people out there, although blessings may vary. By heavy confirmation bias, I found more people keeping MSQ things at arms length and who were playing more underpowered characters. WE wouldn't just go off to fight primals (although some did! With some lore-bending to make it a little more feasible.) If you recall events in 2.0, the Scions had a LOT more people, as it was actually two different organizations that were later merged. Minfillia was leading the Path of the Twelve, which aimed to find other people with the Echo. Louisoix lead the Circle of Knowing. Together, they made the Scions. (But many of those Echo-enabled people may have died, become 1.0-style warriors of light, or have died when the Garleans raided the establishment.) You've got some flexibility unless you try to say you personally know some named NPC from some event. I find a fair number of people who are in the know of what's going on in the MSQ, but aren't a part of it themselves. News gets around.
  13. Unnamed Mercenary

    White Mages in Othard?

    While the Calamity weakened the Elementals, they're still excruciatingly more powerful than people. It should be noted that the Elementals more grant permission to use White Magic (here-on referred to as Succor) which they previously only were OK with Padjals teaching other Padjals. The weaking of the Hedge and other hidden off sections of the Black Shroud does ease some restrictions, which I'll get to in the next block. Yes, it's possible that one could find a White Mage soulstone in the ruins of the Lost City of Amdapor. (Probably next to all those monsters that would kill anyone who isn't on par with the Warrior of Light or their companions.) The legality of White Magic is something more debated among players. Previously, the only ones who could cast it were trained Padjals. Who stayed in the Black Shroud at all times. The 3.0 WHM quests did open this up a little, as they found that outside factors were affecting the forest and were eventually granted a temporary leave to investigate. (Think of like the Catholic Pope leaving the Vatican.) But assuming you had a character who found a soul stone, that doesn't immediately grant all of its knowledge onto the holder. Soulstones are more like shorthands, cheat notes, or guides on how to do something someone else once learned. Effectively crystallized memories and experiences, similar to materia in that regard. By continued study and becoming in-tune with the soul stone, people gain access to what's held within. From there, assuming that you've not only found a WHM soulstone, but have begun to learn Succor whether from some very dated book, or through "nefarious means" as one of the FFXIV Lore writers put it, yes, you'd be able to use some Succor. It might not quite resemble the spells and techniques that the Padjal deemed OK to share with the Warrior of Light. The Elementals may not like it if you cast it in their forest. And to the average person, they'll likely assume you're just casting some really fancy conjury or local equivalent.
  14. Unnamed Mercenary

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    This opens up a different, but related issue though: what if someone lacks the resources (we'll say, time and organizational skills for basics) to run said event? -- [generic stuff below] Like a lot of things, it usually a lot easier to participate or be a guest than it is to host something. Of course, if everyone were a guest and nobody hosted, there'd be no guests either. A healthy community needs to have both to function, which I find FFXIV has, but then we get into this topic, which is moreso about taste or preferences. Then we have the logistics of actually getting something planned and public, which I think is partly why RP has kinda shifted from uncontrolled environments to the more controlled ones like housing areas. In the time I've been in game, I've seen what RP was like before and after housing was introduced, let alone made affordable enough for people to buy and then use/get sold out. Back when everything -had- to be public, there were a handful of known disruptive players who would try to troll RPers. Or otherwise get in the way of their scenes, such as spamming effects or clipping thier character model into the people they were trying to disrupt. Those are far harder to come by in a closed environment where one could theoretically lock house entrance off if absolutely needed. It also means we don't generally have multiple groups using the same spot for different settings/times of day/etc, which I didn't personally run into issues with. In some of the older "open world" RP events that took place in cities and fields alike, we also ran into other issues like "how many people is too many people to coordinate?" And "what happens if the event we're hosting conflicts with someone else's views on the world/lore/setting?" Members from 2014 already know the references. They were fun events, but oh boy do features get ruffled for doing something in public. With villains. Trying to run an event in public also means that the public is going to watch, judge, and/or try to get involved in that event. And complications can arise if add-ins don't necessarily agree with a DM or what I'd call event-layered-lore. And that can make being the change someone wants a little more difficult. Everyone's got the opinions on what's lore-abiding or interesting and everything else. And typically, that's easier done in a Free Company, Linkshell, party, or housing area where some of the public issues can be simplified.
  15. Unnamed Mercenary

    Can Raen's use English/Normal names?

    Questions. What other parts of your character's backstory are set? Did he grow up in Othard? Was he possibly on one of the ships of Doman refugees that came to Eorzea? Has he been living in Eorzea for a while already? You could very easily say that your character decided a localized name would make his life easier. Look at almost every Hellsguard. They've had the same thoughts. Something like "well my given name had this meaning, but when I came to these lands, I found that others had difficulty saying or remembering it, so I go by [name] instead." Should you then find a conventional style name that you like, you can easily plug it in. And if you don't, the above will probably give you enough leeway for just about anything provided it looks or sounds like an Eorzean name.