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  1. Unnamed Mercenary

    New to FF RP in general, have questions.

    Mateus will lock on occasion during primetime hours (and those bordering it). You can probably squeeze a character on during off hours like 2-6AM Pacific/Eastern. They do sell namechanges and fantasia potions (remake character appearance) on the Mog Station as optional items, if you wanted to edit your Balmung character, but I'd save that for a later time like after getting settled in the game again.
  2. Unnamed Mercenary

    New to FF RP in general, have questions.

    Hello! For the most part, Balmung, Mateus, and Omega (EU) are the servers with the most RPers on them. Balmung's currently locked due to server-crippling overpopulation, however. I'd recommend Mateus as your best match at this time. FFXIV does have a lore book (and a fancy one at that), but much of the information can also be found in-game, on the Gamer Escape wiki, and here on the RPC. There are also a bunch of tumblr posts with lore dumps. Our Lore Discussion forum's a good place to search. Many of the older threads may have some funky formatting as we changed forum software back in February 2018. A good place to start for lore is on the previous site's Lore Index https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=17897 (It's also here, but we're working on getting all the quotes to look readable again. Hand-written html is fun.) If you've got specific questions about your character, or need assistance in that regard, I'd suggest making a post in the Character Workshop, where replies will be tailored for your character. Disclaimer: Replies may vary depending on levels of lore-abiding/bending/breaking you and the people you might want to RP are interested in. While we can make a lot of things "work" in the lore, Hydaelyn is pretty consistent and preferences among RPers vary! Not all concepts are compatible with all RPers, and that's totally fine! Lastly, I'd also recommend making a Character Wiki page on our wiki. It uses the same login credentials as the forum and it's also a good place to check out other people's characters! It's a good compliment to our Player Directory, which holds player information like timezone, RP preferences, etc.
  3. Unnamed Mercenary

    Super newbie checking the place out!

    I'd recommend rolling a character on both and checking our their respective groups to see what works best for you. Before the EU datacenter was actually hosted in the EU, a lot of EU players had made characters on Balmung and I wouldn't be surprised if Mateus is similar in that regard. While you'll see the most activity from Balmung and Mateus here on the RPC, it's a weird confirmation bias feedback loop in that regard. All the site resources are open to anyone on any server, although we do add filters in the Free Company and Linkshell sections for the bigger servers to help everyone find what they're looking for. (Which also means we can add them for more servers later on!)
  4. Unnamed Mercenary

    'Mute' character communication

    Hiya! Here's my take. I'd prefer the gesture and motion style. For me, written words feel like they'd be just as deceitful as spoken words, when we start thinking about Qestir beliefs. Even when shown in game, they appear to use symbols and pictographs when conveying something on wall/paper. You can leave certain hints in OOC text based off how you emote. Things like: /em eyes one of the chairs. Her feet were tired and resting in one could improve the evening. She glanced at the group of people she was with, motioning to the table. They could continue from there. /em could feel a certain dryness in her mouth. As she approached the pub's counter, she pointed to the mugs and to one of the barrels of ale. This would do. I feel it's important to note that Qestir are not mute well, they could -also be, but not speaking is more of a choice/belief. You still have access to sounds of emotion. Your character could laugh, cry, scream, let out an unholy bellow of rage, etc. In terms of more complex thoughts, are there any examples? My advice here would be to break it up into smaller bits and piece your character could convey. Use body language. Faces. If someone is saying something similar, point and agree with them, etc.
  5. Unnamed Mercenary

    Why does it have to be so &^$%$ difficult to buy a house?

    There's an item limit per ward, but I don't think we have a hard-set limit on the number of wards outside of SE wanting things to be balanced between worlds and datacenters. But they also basically hardcode them into the UI, which is why a dynamic system to allocate more was probably never looked into. Otherwise, we'd probably see a lot more wards allocated to higher population servers like Balmung, Gilgamesh, etc. But given how many -other- things have to run in the background of a housing ward zone's server to make things like gardening and chobobo stables, and other state-ful things work, they probably don't want too much time working on that instead of content or other features. Toss in other global timer stuff like airships, chocobo training, etc, and all the individual room instances and it's probably more of a mess.
  6. Unnamed Mercenary

    Profile Templates

    Like for the character wiki pages (although the wiki is also a perfectly good place to hold Free Company, Linkshell, and other organizations/groups if you want pages for those too)? You can find some user-contributed ones here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Category:Wiki_Templates (many should have a <pre> code block in a spoiler tag which contains the base template to copy and paste when creating a new page). If you mean for something like the Player Directory (which people have been using more for characters more lately), many of those have likely been lifted from the surrounding posts. If unsure about whether someone's open to copy, I'd send them a PM! They may have used or modified an open template, as many of the wiki pages are based on earlier works with some touchups. (Some of the more advanced ones that use a lot of HTML code have been marked as such. Save frequently with those as they are sometimes easier to redo altogether than to find a broken tag!)
  7. Unnamed Mercenary

    Why does it have to be so &^$%$ difficult to buy a house?

    Let me be the first (or whatever number I end up being if someone beats me to posting) to welcome you to Final Fantasy Housing Struggles 14. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we're going to be getting a housing system rewrite ever. And there have been quite a few threads here on why the current system is horribly unfriendly to all players. And alternative games that did it better. But one can probably find a MMO that does any one piece of the FFXIV experience better than FFXIV, be it raiding, combat in general, housing, crafting, character creation/customization, etc. Usually, the arguments die on "well FFXIV may not do any one thing the best, but the overall experience is still better than X or Y game when you compare all their features." But FFXIV's housing really is pretty irritating on a lot of features. And certain design decisions have made it worse, and others are things it should have always had. For me, I really think we should have had the demolition timers, mystery able-to-buy-after-reclaimed/sold timer, 3 active member in FC minimum (at all times), etc at launch. I'm also of the mind we should never have had mixed FC and Player housing in the same wards. Personal rooms was a good addition. Things like the workshop/airship/submarine are nice, but ultimately limited to a player being in a FC, which isn't everyone's cup of tea either. Granted, if we had split wards up, we'd probably have still had similar issues. People can and still do trade houses using Free Companies, which falls under a grey area. It's something that becomes a bit of a "please don't buy/sell plots here on the RPC since it can be against the terms of service, which we do try to abide by" thing. Your best chance will probably be whenever SE decides it's going to increase the number of housing wards. Thankfully, they don't do this immediately on patches anymore, so you have time to enjoy the game without logging out by a city aetheryte, gil in hand, battling a login queue and crossing your fingers that the patcher doesn't get overloaded by a flood of players rushing in at the same time. Given the current focus on cross-world features, I'm sorta wondering if/when we're gonna see a cross-world free company. It's been mentioned in passing that they could consider it. Should that happen, I have to wonder if housing wards will then become cross-world or if there might be cross-world wards down the line. (Server nerd thing: housing wards are already -really- weird network-packet-wise compared to other zones or to instances. This is probably more to do with all the special stuff going on in them though.)
  8. Unnamed Mercenary

    Dark Knight Lore

    To use an anime term, probably a yandere. I'd imagine a darkside created with an emotion like love would be blind to other serious faults or perhaps so obsessed with the target of that love, they would do -anything- to keep it, whatever the cost. While we typically think of love as something good, it can be easily corrupted just like any other emotion.
  9. Unnamed Mercenary

    Guide for RPC library wiki?

    The basic steps are all on the main page of the wiki. https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Main_Page For wiki basics, you create a new page by searching for one or by trying to follow an [[internal page link]] that's red, meaning there's no page there yet. I recommend creating pages per character and then linking them in your User:(username here) page, which is also accessible by the link on the top of the page when you're logged in. Character templates contain free to use page templates contributed by users. Most should have a <pre> code block meant for copy and paste. If you've got any specific questions, lemme know!
  10. Unnamed Mercenary

    Balmung RP, is it dying? Has it changed?

    I can remember if it's already been stated, but something to keep in mind is that not as many people are actively looking to forge new connections these days. The servers have been online since the summer of 2013 and many have found the RP they're looking for, built up contacts IC and OOC, or possibly even unsubbed if they've moved onto other games. So in that sense, RP has changed. We've got a ton of people running events, but to someone new, there are less new people around all trying to "figure out FFXIV RP" and to make something for themselves. At least on Balmung because the population's so big. I've seen parallels in some of the other RP servers' buildups to things I saw back here on the RPC in 2013-2014. It's all pretty...normal, but it's hard to pinpoint when exactly it happened. And that's not a bad thing, but it does mean that rather that a bunch of people reaching out in every direction to find out what they like, that is put more on the people coming in than the people already there. And then it kinda goes to the established people looking for something (or someone) new. And then to the rest who're kinda just content doing their thing.
  11. Unnamed Mercenary

    Directory Template

    The bbcode above was formatted for a previous version of the forum. Now that the editor is fully visual (or HTML for advanced users), you can simple copy and paste the basic template below and fill in as wanted. Do remember that these are for you, the player! (Character info is best put in the Making Connections forum if you're looking for RP, or on our Wiki. I. Basic Info Characters: TEXT HERE Primary character: TEXT HERE Linkshells: TEXT HERE Primary RP linkshell: TEXT HERE II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): TEXT HERE Views on RP combat and injuries: TEXT HERE Views on IC romance: TEXT HERE Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): TEXT HERE Views on lore: TEXT HERE Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): TEXT HERE III. Other Info Country:TEXT HERE Timezone:TEXT HERE Contact info:TEXT HERE
  12. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    The following links are now valid and can be used: https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/balmung/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/gilgamesh/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/mateus/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/omega/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/freecompany/other/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/balmung/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/gilgamesh/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/mateus/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/omega/ https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/linkshell/other/ If in the future we decide to add another filtered server, we should be able to make more nice-looking URLs.
  13. Unnamed Mercenary

    Suggestion for Site/Forums

    As a general reminder, this thread have been replaced by a private forum, https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/39-requests-and-feedback/ . Topics that will be put up for public opinion/ideas will have separate announcements made (or will be moved from the requests and feedback forum).
  14. Unnamed Mercenary

    RPC Post Editor

    Hello! I've been working on solving the issue where the editor fails to load and think I might've gotten it. I'm looking for feedback if anyone is still encountering moments where they try to reply to a thread or post a new one and the editor fails to load. (If you could let me know your OS/browser and/or handheld device when it happens, that would be splendid!) This is even more important if a refresh does not get the editor to load. As always, if you'd prefer to not reply directly in this thread, you can always send me a PM or make a post in the feedback forum!
  15. Unnamed Mercenary

    Lore Bending vs. Lore Breaking

    Aether can be sensed, but that's typically something that is either a very trained ability, or an innate sense. In either of those cases, it's not something a common person could do, but then, you're likely not RPing with a common person. (And many RPers themselves, tend not to be common people, even if they don't fit the Adventurer label.) As far as I know, aether does not become a physical manifestation outside of summons or primals. And those typically have somewhat of a mind of their own. But lore-things aside, this seems like more of an issue of someone powergaming or being the dreaded Mary Sue character more than their specific actions. I would advise you have a talk with them about it, especially if it's becoming unfun or if they're constantly grabbing the spotlight and not sharing it. Those conversations are rarely enjoyable, which means you'll need to be assertive, but not accusative to the best of your ability. In the best case, they may be simply unaware that their actions are putting a damper on RP. Or it could also just be a case of there being a mismatch in high<->low fantasy/power intensity between you, them, and others. This is fairly common, in my experiences, but not all players have similar views on the topic. A single hero in a group of civilians can do that, if this is the type of thing you're encountering. Worst case, you all come to an agreement that the DRK's character/RP style doesn't mesh well with others and you go your separate ways or tone down involvement with each other.