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  1. Just to reiterate in case it got missed. Which to me includes things like the MCH converter because it's still a refined method as opposed to a raw ingredient. We're given a handful of in-game uses and I'm personally one of the people who's generally cool with things as long as they sound plausible within the setting. Results may vary with other RPers. Not necessarily, but given our proximity to recent patches, I don't want to unintentionally spoil things going on in 5.2. Wouldn't this be more of a decision to be made by the player? (Or even their character?) I would make the assumption that any such weapon was probably researched or engineered by the Ironworks and/or Garlemald directly. Or similar science-background characters/organizations. Considerations may include just how powerful this battery is supposed to be, it's uses, and alternatives we see in the game like just having crystals or more refined sources of aether like ceruleum.
  2. Assuming this blade is gonna be made with something incredibly rare like white auracite or related materials, yes, it could probably hold an aetheric charge and be used. Other things in game have similar purposes but are usually somewhat more technical than purely a crystal. Regarding the timeline, this is kept intentionally vague as FFXIV operates in a series of time bubbles. (We know the HW must take place after ARR, and SB after HW, etc, but there are no dates or times attached to -when- those took place.) There are occasionally some references to how long something takes like the ship from Limsa Lominsa to Kugane is about 3 moons, but the last time we had a hard date was the 7th Umbral Calamity.
  3. If you're referring to the 4-legged lizard-ish beast tribe that worshipped/summoned Zurvan, we don't really know anything about them. It may even be considered a stretch to call them centaurs given there may not even be a bipedal form of their race. You see them in the Zurvan fight and we know that the Allagans basically kidnapped them to use as summoning fodder for their works and that's about it.
  4. This was recently asked in the Linkshell Hall forum too. I'll copy my response from there: There is a fellowship on Crystal maintained by @Erah'sae for the Balmung/Mateus/Crystal Events Calendar.
  5. Hello! I've moved this over to the Welcome Desk forum as the Town Square is for in-character posts. (Forum-based RP, journals, stories, etc). Since these seem to all be regarding the same general question, most RP can be found on the Crystal Data Center, specifically concentrated on the worlds Balmung and Mateus. Before the Cross-World features were added, each world server was separate and the only way to interact with other characters on the same data center was through instanced content like dungeons and raids. Now that we have World Visit, you can easily access any world in your datacenter, although certain features like Free Companies, Linkshells, and Retainers are only available on your home server. For this reason, most RPers do still choose to get onto one of these worlds for ease of finding groups, but it's not strictly needed. As long as you're in the Crystal Data Center, you can just world-visit to wherever you want to be to roleplay. In terms of other datacenters/worlds, you will find smaller groups of RP, but not to the same extent. Aether has some RP on Faerie, Jenova, and Siren, but I don't know how many people are active. Primal has RP on Hyperion, which can be found at the Lucky 7s and Tepe's Treasures FCs. Do note that some of their RP is more ERP focused. If you're in the EU, you'll find RP on Omega. And if you're on one of the Japanese data centers, I have not heard of many RPers there at all. After Free Company and Player Housing were introduced, many players began to use their houses as venues for RP. You'll still find a lot of open-world RP on the more RP-focused servers, especially in cities and settlements. There are some people who also RP out in the various fields and zones as well, but these are typically for planned events. If by "specific house" you meant a Free Company or Linkshell, those aren't necessary for RP, but can enhance your experience by finding groups of like-minded individuals.
  6. Hello! Welcome to the RPC. We've got a lore section on-site, but you'll also find a lot of resources over on Sounsyy's tumblr. We keep a subforum redirect to it in the Lore Discussion forums, but it can also be found at https://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update . There's no official RPC Discord server as we're more of a hub site and not some arbiter of the RP Community or any RP Standards. You can find user-submitted listings over in the Linkshell and Free COmpany Hall forums in addition to the Clubs section. There's a general Crystal Data Center RP Discord here: https://discord.gg/UryRMjz and there may be more depending on your home world (Like Balmung, Mateus, etc) or for more dedicated groups like a Linkshell, Free Company, etc. In terms of youtube guides, I highly recommend https://www.youtube.com/user/MTQcapture for raiding guides, but I don't have any strong recommendations for general gameplay. Many people are fans of The Balance for information on how to play the game, but it's not the only resource by any means. I do recommend checking out Novice Hall once you're around level 15. It can be found on your way to the first instanced dungeon by Aleport. https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Hall_of_the_Novice In terms of lore to start off with, I'd recommend "Eorzean Time and Measurements Lore" and to skim some of the racial and geography posts from Sounsyy's index. FFXIV is home to a lot of diversity in style and preference of RP and there's generally at least one group for everyone. If you're still pondering character ideas, or are looking for lore resources or help in crafting a character, head over to the Character Workshop forum. If you're looking for some more general to all RP guidelines or have questions about RP in general in FFXIV, the RP Discussion forum is also a good place to start! If you've got any questions, or encounter a site issue, please let me know! There are a number of posts with links to our old site that no longer work, but I can usually dig up the converted post. (And if it was from a pinned post or so, I can go update the links to their new homes).
  7. For the most part, the RPC tries to stay out of making RPC-endorsed groups or "official" RPC groups like discords, social media accounts, or in-game groups like Linkshells, Free Companies, or Fellowships due to both member number limits and the need for moderation of those groups. While I understand that making such a thing with the site's name/branding is does out of good intentions, it opens up a can of worms if say, Player A doesn't like something going in a group made by Player B and blames the entire site as a whole when the staff here had nothing to do with it. We have in the past asked other groups using "Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition" as their titles to please make a unique name to various extents as we cannot actually enforce it. (Roleplay Mateus / RPM was an example where things were sorted out amicably!) TLDR: Please do not make "official" RPC discords, LSes, FCs, or fellowships as that gets us into hot water.
  8. Hello! I've moved the topic over to Character Workshop since this looks to be more about your character than general RP concepts and methods. What's worked for me and quite a few others is to start with your character's current motivations and needs, filling in the blanks as you go. Remember that while backstory is useful for determining those wants/needs/motivations, people cannot RP with your backstory. They RP with your character as seen presently. (Yes, some do collaborative writing to mesh backstories too, but what I mean is they're not typically RPing out your character's past events). So what are some things your character's up to? Do they have any goals or other motivations? Places to go, people to see, etc? As you progress in the game, you'll find a bit more lore on the Xaela when you reach the Steppes. I'd also recommend checking out some of Sounsyy's lore compilations over on https://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update . Things like units of measurement, time/date, and racial stuff are all a good start, and there's bound to be some related topics to your interests as well!
  9. Depending on your access and bandwidth/cpu requirements, we could potentially host this off RPC's AWS server. Alternatively, I run a small discord bot off Google's GCP free tier which gets the job done for it nicely. (As long as you don't need to run anything -too- RAM intensive, as the specs are somewhat low).
  10. You may be interested in Botanica Eorzea, a compilation of all the plants in game. (source: Tinolqa on tumblr). Some of these are touched on in the Miner quests as well, albeit from a miner who is calling out the character for not knowing the difference in what things do, even if the player character is extremely good at gathering it. Soft metals in general (gold, silver, etc) are all seen as being very aether-conductive materials. As are bones and gemstones. It's also a well known fact that Garlean armor and things like cermet are purposely -not- aether conductive leading to better armor for a people who cannot [generally outside of very rare individuals] manipulate aether. Otherwise, most people tend to base their RP by assuming the in-game items have similar properties to their real-world counterparts, within reason given the technical skills of the people within the setting. (IE: Silicon-based transistors to make a computer would probably be a stretch when Eorzea still doesn't have electricity or combustable engines or telephones, etc). Part of what makes this setting interesting is that there are a lot of blended up technologies from various points in time, combined with the magic system. We can have a clockwork doll that appears to handle its functions and possibly even think (GSM quests) but there are still fire-lit lamp posts and a lack of running water in other areas.
  11. I...wouldn't call any of those sites "for teens" given that the're all heavily used by people in their 20s and 30s, and many much older. I'd say their target demographic is people in their 20s and 30s (so Millennials mostly), but I know plenty of older people on them too. Discord is primarily a cross between IRC and say...ventrillo/teamspeak/mumble/etc servers. People have kinda gotten int othe habit of using channels with pinned posts (or just only those posts) as a storage mechanism instead of forums which isn't really to my personal liking, but it's currently where you'd find the most information these days. Same for tumblr posts. You'll find way more of Sounsyy's up to date writeups on lore over on tumblr compared to the RPC versions which mostly stopped 2016-2017. I've got a forum redirect link over to it so that it's easy to find.
  12. I fixed the link. It's also here http://tinyurl.com/where-is-the-rp Listings on the RPC are all handled by the users running those groups. It's not indicative of the full "community." Only the ones who post here. I'd love to give a better answer than that, but many people have since migrated to private discords or only use twitter or tumblr and don't use the RPC's forums as people collectively decided that forums were suddenly not the best place to store their content back in like 2015 when social media and chat services somehow took that over. I recommend also looking in the Free Company Hall (also provides links to the club sections, which may have other listings and Linkshell Hall (also provides links to the club sections, which may have other listings. Or you can try some of the discords as well, like the general Crystal RP discord or the FFXIV Chaos RPers discord which was formerly run by Dwassyith (but appears to not be atm).
  13. It'll depend on the settings. People can be invited to them, just like a Linkshell or Free Company, but there are also publicly searchable ones too. The lists aren't sorted in any meaningful way, so it could be pages upon pages though. Or it could be set with/without the RP tag or language settings. @Dwassyith Swanra would likely need to confirm. Balmung being the "only" unofficial RP server's mostly outdated information! In terms of larger servers with RPer populations, Mateus (also on Crystal which means you can use World Visit to check it out) and Omega on the Light Datacenter have sizable numbers of RPers too. When the EU Datacenter first opened, the EU population mostly split between staying on Balmung where they were already established and also trying to get RP started up on Omega. There are still plenty of EU-friendly Linkshells and Free Companies on Balmung and Crystal DC in general, but many of them have since migrated to tumblr, twitter, or discord as their primary contact points instead of using the RPC as a hub site. In addition to the RPC's Clubs and LS/FC Hall sections, you may find Maril's RP Index spreadsheet useful for finding FCs and discords as well.
  14. Fellowships are a new social feature as of Patch 5.1. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/3a23a8ba13b2c4152681ec4fa5716915b851002f#fellowships In a gist, they're a grouping for more people than a Linkshell (chatgroup) or Free Company (guild), but without any dedicated chat/housing features. Think of like a shoutbox, poll station, and member list.
  15. Jumping into RP without knowing everything can be a divisive topic among the RP population at large. There are plenty of people who've done just that! And many others who didn't want to get into RP until having completed at least the base game (2.X content to lv50's Main-Scenario dungeon/credits). What I'd suggest is make a trial account first. Trial account playtime is technically unlimited, but restricted to lv30 in all classes among some other restrictions like no market board access, trading items, creating a linkshell (chatgroup), or creating/joining a Free Company (a guild), etc. A full list of trial limitations is available here: https://support.na.square-enix.com/rule.php?id=5382&tag=freetrial Then you can get a feel for the game, sort out some character details without seeing -too- much, and get a taste of the lore firsthand. Within RP in FFXIV, there are people who have character tied to the battle system and those who are not. You'll find plenty of each and with varying levels of lore-strictness. I find there's usually a group for everyone, but finding those people can take a little bit of a search in some cases. My personal experiences were that many people tend to RP as not-the-main-character (or their friends), and tend to RP as more low fantasy/power levels, but I've seen many others who RP out the main story and its events or play more high fantasy/powered characters. When it comes to character creation, if you've got ideas or need any assistance in trying to make a concept work within the lore, the Character Workshop forum is a great place to start. The RPC is not the only place you'll find lots of RP resources as there are also many people on twitter, tumblr, and discord as well. I recommend checking out Sounsyy's lore compilations over on tumblr: https://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update Regarding servers, a lot of RP is mostly done on Balmung and Mateus in the Crystal datacenter, but these servers may be restricted for new character creation. With the World Visit game feature though, you can hop right over to them!
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