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  1. Unnamed Mercenary

    FFXIV Combat Events

    This is exactly the section where these things go
  2. Aha....I've been around a while, but I'm still pretty new to RPing as well! FFXIV is the first MMO I've ever RPed in, and even then, I was lured into it at the time by friends, so I cheated and had interconnected backstories from the start! That's exactly how it starts! I don't wanna draw too many parallels to other servers since the focus here should be fostering a place for your FC's RP, but disjoint groups coming together and mixing it up is what starts to create that healthy "server RP" environment where groups can come and go without all the RP suddenly dying. Like, when a server hits that sweet spot of enough events to give people lots of options, while also having open-world stuff casually going on so a person can be as involved as they want! You'll find that RPers are pretty much on every server, even if they tend to cluster around a few. (Until SE gives us cross-world zones or something for a RP venue option, it'll prolly kinda stay that way!) While I can't say I've encountered any server-specific user-generated lore, I know it's happened in other games. Yup! Let them know if they're interested in RP and are looking for a place to talk about characters, stories, lore, do forum RP, post their character art, etc, the RPC wants to help out! Our forum sections have mostly stayed the same since I started lurking in 2013 as a regular user. ...a few adjustments have been made, as well as our jump to IPS. (although theme is still a huge work in progress. This is mostly just bits and pieces I ported over from our previous MyBB layout.) This one's gonna be a subjective answer that I can't really provide. I'd say the majority of users tend to register and make a welcome/directory post. Many also make a character wiki, which is where the bulk of our traffic comes from these days! (Login syncs with the forums, although anyone who makes a username with special characters, underscores, or emoji may encounter a login bridge error. This will -hopefully- be getting fixed in a coming update, but I've still got some testing to do!) We've got a few general interest sections made for all servers though, which is where I'd say a lot of people hang out. Places to discuss RP, work on a character, talk about the game or lore, and other off-topic things like music interest, etc!
  3. Happy Sunday! As you may have seen, the menubar on the top of the site has been adjusted and the Free Company Hall and Linkshell Hall sections are back! After a long-enough test period and feedback from users, we've found that while definitely handy, the Club sections were not working as well as we'd hoped for fostering group exposure. Between a smaller section for activity, and strict requirements on what would bump up the activity field, it became more difficult for group listings to make it up on site's main page. Because of this, we're rolling back to our previous method, the Halls! Now, you may notice they work a little differently from the other forum sections. Here are some of the changes: Prefixes for your server are required - These drive the filters for each section and the menu entries. As before, if/when a server reaches a point where it has the vast majority of entries in the "other" category, we'll build out a section for it with a dedicated prefix and color. (This includes calendars, clubs, and any future sections, as well as friendly-link creation like the other ones. Pin your posts - This has technically been enabled site-wide, but these are the sections where it'll probably be the most useful. Similarly to our old MyBB forums, you can make the first post (or any post!) of your listing pinned to the top. While this isn't on by default as it would force every thread to be treated that way, it does mean if you want to have multiple pinned posts, say, your listing and then a current event handled by another member, you can! Look for the 📌 marker to pin your posts! One pre-filled tag, unlimited additional options - To better help with searching, "free company" or "linkshell" will be automatically added to each listing, depending on the section they're in. We encourage you to add other useful tags for your listing like "heavy rp," "adventuring," "magic," and more to help give users a quick idea about what your listing has to offer. These are also searchable! FAQ: If I had an old listing that was chronicled, can it be put back? Absolutely! Please get in touch with a staff member and provide them the link and we'll get it moved for you. Moved threads will still need to have a prefix added, which the staff member may do for you. What happens to the club I've made for my listing? Nothing! Clubs won't be going away, but have been transitioned to a new spot on our navigation menu. As they still work great for hosting small user-created subcommunities, we'd love to see you continue to use them if they fit your needs. If you already had a list-like post in your club, a staff member can help get it copied/moved to the reinstated halls if you'd like.
  4. Hey there! As one of the site staff (mostly here to do server upkeep), I'd like to welcome you in to the RPC and help address a couple points based on experiences between RP in FFXIV and the RPC! This is a good thing! It happened on Balmung. It happened on Gilgamesh (moreso 2.0-3.0 era), and it happened on Mateus. A "roleplay community" is a mythological standard since no singular person or group can possibly be involved in it all. distinct groups for their concepts or interests are ideal, as long as there's some overlap to help keep people connected. The RPC's goal is to help facilitate this. On the main board, I'd heavily recommend making use of tags and prefixes where possible so all that good search engine optimization can work its magic. (Assuming our server doesn't choke!) Prefixes now show up in our recent threads section to give users on the front page a quick glance of things! Over on the wiki, adding [[Category:Hyperion]] to any character pages should also help! Common templates like the infobox are Hyperion friendly already! This is also normal! (Or has become normal, per the trend of creating a discord for everything). I'd encourage those discord owners to get their group a listing here on the RPC as well. (We're still debating how the club sections will work. These may go back to being little user-created subsections as some feedback has shown that the FC/LS sections were doing better as forums themselves. A formal announcement will be made if/when that happens though!) This is where the calendars (and accompanying bots) come in handy! It does mean that a group of people will want to eventually curate it slightly, like preventing duplicate entries or people editing other people's events. The Balmung and Mateus calendar maintainers @Erah'sae and @Neneso Neso can probably give some tips on this works and pros/cons. (Bots = programming required). In the meantime, I'd recommend using the RPC Community Calendar section for anything you want to be public. If there are internal events or something you only want users in this group to see, the club calendar would then be handy. (This is great for say, using the RPC instead of Enjinn for a FC site). We can technically make ical exports of calendars here, but IPS has a few known limitations with imports and exports. I'd typically recommend moving over to a multi-user managed google calendar for RPC to import if things really kick off. This is exactly why we're here! The RPC should typically be the top result on google and other search engines for FFXIV RP/Roleplay and the like! We're always open to feedback and making adjustments as things change!
  5. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    The Latest Threads block now has prefix support! For threads that make use of prefixes (generally server name), this will now be shown instead of having to editing the title to include a [prefix] which doesn't provide you the fancy search/filter options.
  6. Unnamed Mercenary

    Coming back to the community~

    RPC supports changing your display name if you want to hold onto that account's posts and other content! (It also supports account merges, but only a handful of the staff have access to those pages). In any case, welcome back! If you got any questions about the site or its resources, feel free to poke me or poke the Requests/Feedback section and I can help out.
  7. Unnamed Mercenary

    How Much Time Has Passed in Hydaelyn?

    Pretty much. It works like TV series that have been running for years on end. Time bubbles! But it's also to keep things like player A, who started playing 5+ years ago, and player B, who just picked up the game, on the same timeline as they progress through the main story. While there are a handful of NPCs who violate the time bubbles (usually event NPCs who may remember your character from the previous year), it's generally much easier to say "this MSQ event took place X amount of time from [hard date]." The technical bloat of having to potentially update every single NPC's dialogue based on how long the game has been out and/or how long that character's been playing (or both) would be pretty dampening on getting actual content released. (Or could potentially blow up because all the NPC dialogue is predetermined by the client based on server flags for your character on map loads or quest completion.)
  8. Unnamed Mercenary

    Third Times The Charm

    Hey there! Welcome to the RPC! I don't know too much about what's going on on Hyperion, but there are pockets of RP on that server, most notably the Lucky 7s events. Some Hyperion-oriented content can be found from the tag/prefix. https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/tags/hyperion/ In terms of groups,
  9. Unnamed Mercenary

    staff RPC goes Invision Power - Q&A

    ...I'm still trying to figure out that editor bug! (It's been narrowed down to our use of site caching engines, but without those, we'd see -really- slow page loads and a LOT more cpu/bandwidth use. Finding the right balance has been difficult /cry ) In more positive news, I've added a plugin to pin posts, demoed here in this thread. It's part of a larger update to the forums that is planned as soon as I can get said changes implemented!
  10. Unnamed Mercenary

    Trying to Decide if Rping is For Me

    To better help with finding RP on Mateus, I'd also join their Discord hub (or one of them. There are a few). https://discord.gg/77DDRUg
  11. Unnamed Mercenary

    Trying to Decide if Rping is For Me

    There are a few different preferences between roleplayers when it comes to this. Often, they're sort of a gradient between two extremes and everyone's got their own preferences. Some things to keep in mind when looking for RP and other RPers you'll get along with are. 1. How often you want to be in-character. This ranges from Light RP (casual, here and there), to Heavy RP (in-character almost all of the time. May also be called an immersive RPer). 2. Are you looking to roleplay as a class/job or as a character first? This one varies a lot and there are a LOT of opinions. For the sake of combat RP, if that interests you, you don't necessarily need to be part of a named guild to use that particular tool/weapon, although many people are! 3. Do you prefer to walk up to strangers/friends in-character, schedule a block of time for a scene, or pre-plan your RP? A mix of these is also certainly fine too and you may find you like to do a little of each, depending on what suits your tastes. The event calendars are a great way to see which things are coming up, although they are only a fraction of what is actually going on at any given time. I haven't seen any roleplayers who use voice chat in-character yet. Most of the time, RP is typed out in game, in forum posts, or in chat services, like skype/discord/etc. You'll see a lot of variety in how someone may handle this. For in-game RP, you'll generally see /say and /emote channels being used together. Some players may use quotes to denote in-character text while others do not. ((Sometimes this is used for out-of-character text)) [[but some may do this]] (or a single version) or just at the end)). Some prefer to keep all their speech in /say while leaving only actions in /emote. The most common I've seen is to mix and match. A couple examples are below. /s "Hi, I'm a new person." He looked around the space. /em looked around the space. "Hi, I'm a new person." In terms of Linkshells, I've got two interpretations of this I can cover. 1. Do you need a linkshell present to speak into? - No. Some RPers do make use of IC Linkshells for communication. This varies upon groups. 2. Do you need to be part of a linkshell to find/coordinate RP? - Still no, although they can help! RPers may use linkshells for a variety of reasons, such as in-character communication, out-of-character coordination, or just for general chatter or to group similar interests. This is going to vary largely with the people to RP with. Generally, unless you're roleplaying the main scenerio quest, I wouldn't be doing quests or turn-ins while also in-character unless there's a need to for in-character purposes. I'd generally recommend not having the Duty finder active if you plan to be in-character as it's definitely more game mechanic than in-character lore. People can and do roleplay in levequests, guidehests, and dungeons, but I'd recommend keeping that to a pre-formed group. While some players may not mind if you're in-character during your daily roulettes, others will. See: "Ice mage" controversies for this. I touched on this above, but to reiterate, it's personal preference. The calendars are just to show scheduled events. In my experiences, I've found it pretty easy to get to know people when I was also willing to put the effort into that. Simlar to real-life relationships, the people who are social or outgoing will usually have more success. A lot of roleplayers will note in their search info if they're open to strangers walking up. Otherwise, the Making Connections forum is a good place to start to see if there's someone looking for a character like yours, or to advertise your character! The RPC Wiki is also a good place to browse through some created characters. If a character catches your interest, don't hesitate to send their player a /tell in game, or a message on the RPC, or a message on any other platform they might be on (tumblr, discord, etc). You may not always get a response, but people do pick up on the effort and the ones who do respond could be a good match for a scene! I probably shoulda started with this on the top, but welcome to the RPC! We're glad to have you here. We've got some pinned threads in each of the forum sections to help you get started. While some of the content may be a little dated, or contain screenshots from our previous site layout, the information should still all generally be current. Currently, most RP is centered around Balmung (NA Legacy), Mateus (NA), and Omega. However, there are generally smaller clusters of RPers on pretty much every server. Siren, Faerie, Jenova, and Malboro have some people as well. I'd check out the Free Comany and Linkshell sections of the site to see if there's a group on your server, or to see which groups may interest you. Mateus unlocks during non-peak hours. You may have to try late at night or early in morning, but you can definitely still make characters there or transfer in.
  12. Unnamed Mercenary

    Balmung RP Discord Server?

    It's not expired. I just joined it to test. https://discord.gg/D9TxP8C They have an alternative invite link here: https://discord.gg/DJkQ7E2
  13. Unnamed Mercenary

    Balmung RP Discord Server?

    I think this one's invite is still active? https://discordapp.com/invite/D9TxP8C For discords, I'd check out this thread, and the Groups section. disclaimer: I'm not actually in any Balmung discords myself. I think I have Mateus and EU/Omega for organizational purposes and cross-group awareness.
  14. Unnamed Mercenary

    Best Server to RP on

    Mateus. Balmung still has congested status according to SE, which prevents new characters from being created or transferring in. Omega could be an option if you're typically online in European primetime.
  15. Unnamed Mercenary

    Alternate Roleplay Servers?

    Mateus still occasionally opens outside of primetime to my knowledge. That's probably your best bet if you're playing on an American timezone. If all else fails, you can still transfer into Mateus, but Balmung doesn't actually allow this as it's currently marked as a congested server. If you're online more around European timezeones, Omega may be an option, but they're still growing as a server and I can't speak for the people who are currently on there as I don't have an alt to see for myself at this time.