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  1. You may be interested in Botanica Eorzea, a compilation of all the plants in game. (source: Tinolqa on tumblr). Some of these are touched on in the Miner quests as well, albeit from a miner who is calling out the character for not knowing the difference in what things do, even if the player character is extremely good at gathering it. Soft metals in general (gold, silver, etc) are all seen as being very aether-conductive materials. As are bones and gemstones. It's also a well known fact that Garlean armor and things like cermet are purposely -not- aether conductive leading to better armor for a people who cannot [generally outside of very rare individuals] manipulate aether. Otherwise, most people tend to base their RP by assuming the in-game items have similar properties to their real-world counterparts, within reason given the technical skills of the people within the setting. (IE: Silicon-based transistors to make a computer would probably be a stretch when Eorzea still doesn't have electricity or combustable engines or telephones, etc). Part of what makes this setting interesting is that there are a lot of blended up technologies from various points in time, combined with the magic system. We can have a clockwork doll that appears to handle its functions and possibly even think (GSM quests) but there are still fire-lit lamp posts and a lack of running water in other areas.
  2. I...wouldn't call any of those sites "for teens" given that the're all heavily used by people in their 20s and 30s, and many much older. I'd say their target demographic is people in their 20s and 30s (so Millennials mostly), but I know plenty of older people on them too. Discord is primarily a cross between IRC and say...ventrillo/teamspeak/mumble/etc servers. People have kinda gotten int othe habit of using channels with pinned posts (or just only those posts) as a storage mechanism instead of forums which isn't really to my personal liking, but it's currently where you'd find the most information these days. Same for tumblr posts. You'll find way more of Sounsyy's up to date writeups on lore over on tumblr compared to the RPC versions which mostly stopped 2016-2017. I've got a forum redirect link over to it so that it's easy to find.
  3. I fixed the link. It's also here http://tinyurl.com/where-is-the-rp Listings on the RPC are all handled by the users running those groups. It's not indicative of the full "community." Only the ones who post here. I'd love to give a better answer than that, but many people have since migrated to private discords or only use twitter or tumblr and don't use the RPC's forums as people collectively decided that forums were suddenly not the best place to store their content back in like 2015 when social media and chat services somehow took that over. I recommend also looking in the Free Company Hall (also provides links to the club sections, which may have other listings and Linkshell Hall (also provides links to the club sections, which may have other listings. Or you can try some of the discords as well, like the general Crystal RP discord or the FFXIV Chaos RPers discord which was formerly run by Dwassyith (but appears to not be atm).
  4. It'll depend on the settings. People can be invited to them, just like a Linkshell or Free Company, but there are also publicly searchable ones too. The lists aren't sorted in any meaningful way, so it could be pages upon pages though. Or it could be set with/without the RP tag or language settings. @Dwassyith Swanra would likely need to confirm. Balmung being the "only" unofficial RP server's mostly outdated information! In terms of larger servers with RPer populations, Mateus (also on Crystal which means you can use World Visit to check it out) and Omega on the Light Datacenter have sizable numbers of RPers too. When the EU Datacenter first opened, the EU population mostly split between staying on Balmung where they were already established and also trying to get RP started up on Omega. There are still plenty of EU-friendly Linkshells and Free Companies on Balmung and Crystal DC in general, but many of them have since migrated to tumblr, twitter, or discord as their primary contact points instead of using the RPC as a hub site. In addition to the RPC's Clubs and LS/FC Hall sections, you may find Maril's RP Index spreadsheet useful for finding FCs and discords as well.
  5. Fellowships are a new social feature as of Patch 5.1. https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/3a23a8ba13b2c4152681ec4fa5716915b851002f#fellowships In a gist, they're a grouping for more people than a Linkshell (chatgroup) or Free Company (guild), but without any dedicated chat/housing features. Think of like a shoutbox, poll station, and member list.
  6. Jumping into RP without knowing everything can be a divisive topic among the RP population at large. There are plenty of people who've done just that! And many others who didn't want to get into RP until having completed at least the base game (2.X content to lv50's Main-Scenario dungeon/credits). What I'd suggest is make a trial account first. Trial account playtime is technically unlimited, but restricted to lv30 in all classes among some other restrictions like no market board access, trading items, creating a linkshell (chatgroup), or creating/joining a Free Company (a guild), etc. A full list of trial limitations is available here: https://support.na.square-enix.com/rule.php?id=5382&tag=freetrial Then you can get a feel for the game, sort out some character details without seeing -too- much, and get a taste of the lore firsthand. Within RP in FFXIV, there are people who have character tied to the battle system and those who are not. You'll find plenty of each and with varying levels of lore-strictness. I find there's usually a group for everyone, but finding those people can take a little bit of a search in some cases. My personal experiences were that many people tend to RP as not-the-main-character (or their friends), and tend to RP as more low fantasy/power levels, but I've seen many others who RP out the main story and its events or play more high fantasy/powered characters. When it comes to character creation, if you've got ideas or need any assistance in trying to make a concept work within the lore, the Character Workshop forum is a great place to start. The RPC is not the only place you'll find lots of RP resources as there are also many people on twitter, tumblr, and discord as well. I recommend checking out Sounsyy's lore compilations over on tumblr: https://mirkemenagerie.tumblr.com/post/167534982764/mirkemenagerie-update Regarding servers, a lot of RP is mostly done on Balmung and Mateus in the Crystal datacenter, but these servers may be restricted for new character creation. With the World Visit game feature though, you can hop right over to them!
  7. Hey there! Welcome to the RPC! We may have a few groups listed in our FC and Linkshell Halls, in addition to the Clubs section which is little subcommunities people can build out. You may also find these discords handy, which are the Aether RP discords I'm aware of. There are most likely a lot more! (Thank you Mateus RP hub for keeping a list of actives) https://discord.gg/dEUwuBV (Jenova RP) https://discord.gg/D4qfCTB (Siren RP) https://discord.gg/8x8MpFS (Gilgamesh RP) https://discord.gg/vBK3pda (Cactuar RP)
  8. Unfortunately, there is not. PS4 players pretty much get screenshots or nothing. In-game macros also cannot interact with anything outside the game either, even for PC players. While the network data is -technically- the same, you'd need a computer to intercept and relay the data and a customized parser to log it, the latter still being considered a grey area no-no by SE. (But really, they only care if you talk about it in game and//or use it to harass another player, so a use-case like this would easily fly under the radar.) Currently, your best shot is asking someone you RP with who has a PC to record those sessions for you.
  9. While how the event leaders handled things wasn't great, I don't think they were necessarily in the wrong for telling OP that trying to perform unexpectedly wasn't cool. In the same way that if a random person came onto a stage in a public setting that already had a schedule, people would be confused. Moreso if the person wasn't just cutting in line, but wasn't planned for to begin with. Had it been an open stage or something, then I could see your point more. Except unlike in real life, we do have a method to privately tell someone if they're doing something out of the norm. It's also entirely possible the event people are also not particularly experienced and while we've heard one side of the story and can provide feedback based on that, I find it a bit harsh to immediately brand the event people as rude for handling what they perceived as an issue or unexpected occurance OOC instead of IC. Could it have been handled better? More politely? Of course. Personally, I wouldn't even consider it metagaming considering how people can and do coordinate some of these events heavily off-screen or in dedicated discords/linkshells to keep an event running smoothly. Just like any live venue would have staff who all need to be on the same page in order to provide a functional service. In the future, I'd definitely hope the event leaders will/would be more understanding instead of immediately going off at someone who may not know they've even done something "wrong," but we also don't know if this was perhaps a case of OP asking one person and then it not being relayed to the reset of the people running the event.
  10. Performance RP's a bit outside of what i'm familiar with, but that sounds like an honest mistake. Especially if you're also getting used to the game and the RP environment as well. I'd suggest apologizing again to the leader or some of the others involved and let them know you're still getting used to RP in FFXIV and that it was a mistake. If they're receptive to it, perhaps you can even work to coordinate with them and things will work out for the better? And if they brush you off or don't accept it, then move on to some other people. Perhaps attend a few events as a guest and then inquire about how they're run and how to get involved yourself. It's a common mistake to grab the spotlight out of nowhere, whether intentionally or not, and it's something that people who've gotten settled into RP often forget about. To the hosters, it probably did come off as rude and jarring because it wasn't something they had planned for, but I'd be willing to bet they've all done the same at some point. People just tend to forget about their first few scenes or what they were like when they started out. I'm not sure if you're used to RP in another MMO, or perhaps another format like forum, tabletop, etc, but FFXIV's tends to be a bit different from the others, although with people playing multiple games, MMO RP tends to be pretty similar to an extent. Going forwards, if you're unsure about something, I'd just ask the coordinators! The majority of people RPing in FFXIV have been really friendly and helpful in my experiences, and I'm sure they could help give some pointers or tips that they've found that work well for them. Don't get iscouraged after a single try!
  11. Could you elaborate a bit more? What sorts of things did you do that weren't received well? While it's certainly possible you may have stepped on someone's toes, it's also just as likely that what you did was something only those specific people didn't like. I can't really provide any specific advice but in general, there are any number of reasons one RPer may not mesh well with another. I wouldn't call it off after a single bad experience as it could just be the case you haven't found a group that fits well. My first RP, I ended up power gaming and wasn't even aware I'd done something wrong until another person pointed it out. From there, I was able to make adjustments and things went well! Some advice from a person from way back was "remember that you're the side character in someone else's main character." It's important to keep in mind that while you should have jurisdiction over your character's actions, that you also leave room for someone to have the same for theirs. Most other things come down to preferences and opinions and there are SO MANY people RPing in this game that you're likely to find a bunch with a similar mindset.
  12. You'll need to do it completely inline per tag as classes aren't allowed. Part of thisi s because wiki pages are sent through a few different parsers before being stored/retrieved. If you know that something will be consistent, I'd probably wrap the whole thing a <div style=""> tag, which is what many have done. Unfortunately this type of behavior is something mediawiki supports, but does not actually recommend.
  13. Hello! Mediawiki only allows a handful of HTML that it can sanitize and no external CSS or scripts. This is why you'll find people using a TON of inline CSS on div/span/table tags. We have two plugins available for tabs. There's the Mediawiki Headertabs extension which converts headers into tabs. = tab 1 = content here =tab 2 = content here =tab 3= content here <headertabs /> We also have the Mediawiki Tabs plugin which is a lot more powerful, but also a bit more complex to set up. Most users using this plugin use the simple default tabs and the toggle box. <tabs> <tab name="tab1">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</tab> <tab name="tab2">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</tab> <tab name="tab3">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.</tab> </tabs> <!-- don't encapsulate this inside of <tabs></tabs> --> <tab name="My Toggle Box"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. </tab> If you've got questions about either, please let me know!
  14. I tend to adjust the chat filters in RP-heavy areas to only show /say and /emote text. While each of those can be assigned their own color, if you're around a lot of people, you'll still see a lot of the same. One thing I personally try to do to tackle this is to alternate my posts between /say and /emote so that the log is a bit easier to work with in public. If you're doing private RP, then I recommend switching over to /tell, /party, or /linkshell chat and separating those off to another tab. The game will give you 4 and you can totally customize general and battle despite their hardcoded names. Other things I've seen people do to enhance their experience is make a RP-only HUD setting. Something where you can disable any unneded components of the game and make room for a larger text box, see more of the characters/environment, etc.
  15. Here're some lore snippets from in-game things as compiled by Sounsyy (link). Perhaps these will be of use! They certainly show that vampiric mythology exists. Disclaimer: compiled in 2015, there are perhaps some missing newer snippets and flavortext that could be found in the game. Garlean Garlic: A pungent spice used to flavor many different varieties of dishes. It is also thought to ward off vampiric bats, but there is no evidence to substantiate that claim. Vampiric Tapestry: Despite the fear-inducing moniker, this flying cephalopod neither sups on blood nor transforms into a bat. Rumors that it does not cast a shadow are unfounded, and all manner of stakes, from oak, to iron, to granite, to cermet, have been found effective in impaling this rather peaceful creature of the clouds. Vampire Lampern: Just as its name implies, the vampire lampern is indeed a sucker of blood, using its multiple rows of teeth to latch onto its prey, whether it be sea or land creature, and bore a hole from which to drink. Barbastelle: The vampire bat Barbastelle has many epithets, the only remotely flattering one being "the laird of Blind Iron Mines." While cattle mutilations are hardly any one creature's domain, experts are united in the view that the infamous mass draining of the herd at Red Rooster Stead - the so called "Big Gulp" - is the work of Barbastelle. Wulgaru: Wulgaru, the false tree. Not a few poachers have vanished after being bound overnight to these vampiric man-eaters by unsuspecting Wood Wailers. The Wulgaru is also drawn by noise and commotion, breaking its arboreal disguise to feast on the blood of its favorite prey: man. In other words, go quietly and fight stealthily, adventurer. If a tree comes alive in the forest, you're not likely to notice until too late. Choke Hold: Since Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre hosted a performance of Dusk, the tale of a lovelorn maiden forced to choose between a walking corpse and a nightwolf, chokers like the one worn by the play's moody heroine have been flying off the shelves. Ever sensitive to the needs of their customers, Black Rabbit Traders seek skilled leatherworkers to assist them in supplying the spiraling demand.
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