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  1. There have been groups of Xaela who've left the Steppe in the pursuit of new lands, adventure, etc. You may like the Dark Knight and the Alexander raid quests for a couple examples. But it's also important to state that the various race/clan options we have the character creator are just 1-2 options out of many. (Like how the Roegadyn in Othard don't fall under Sea Wolf or Hellsgard. And Hyur are literally everywhere). The simplest answers for leaving are things like: "I wanted to see the world." / "I was told I needed to see the world." Trade Tribal conflict (m
  2. Per creator request, this FC listing has been archived to the Chronicles forum. /staff
  3. That's another project, but a lot of the research tends to flow to/from its creator too. I'm happy to discuss some of the tools in DMs, but as a front-facing staff member, I can't officially endorse any third party tools that would go against SE's Terms of Service, if you catch my drift. We've had a fair number of people come and go to/from WoW throughout the years. MMO players tend to jump around quite a bit and it's been pretty nice to see that FFXIV's got a nice mix of players from various games and communities. My advice here would be to treat it as its own thing thou
  4. This is tricky. Most of the Discord-related plugins I've seen for the website software are either like "login with discord" or "embed a discord into a sidebar" kinds of things. Back in the day, the staff largely agreed that we didn't run to run some sort of "official RPC forums" Discord as that would have been a pretty large moderation task given the nature of realtime chat and how quickly things can get heated. While I do still feel like that was the right decision, we didn't foresee users largely moving away from forums and going to Discord almost exclusively, which is what really picked up
  5. The reality is that most of the forum is pretty quiet because a lot of users have moved to Discord servers instead. This isn't really unique to the RPC as it is to nearly all online communities that saw forum members migrate to newer pastures. The RPC wiki itself has also largely fallen aside as well, given that may people swapped to using Tumblr (back in the day) or then moved to making Carrd sites. Again, not a bad thing, but just another tool to get what they wanted, and usually with less hassle as a carrd comes with a nice visual editor instead of relying on wikicode and/or html.
  6. Hello! Per some requests, I've made some adjustments to the site. I've added tag searches for Light and Chaos datacenters for the Free Company and Linkshell Halls and I've also lightly restructured the Club layout to renamed Omega to Chaos and to Light as an option there too. (I've tried to move everything as well, but go check your club settings to make sure in case I might've missed you!)
  7. Unfortunately, there's no option for that built into the game. There are options that exist within the realm of third party tools, but as those are technically against the terms of service, I can't name or link them here on the forums. But I can give you a hint that it's part of a plugin for a third party launcher.
  8. Doman is still a branch of whatever the common Hyuran language is, which is likely the root of your frustration. Yes, they have some specialized words, but this would be better seen as being a dialectal difference and not a separate language. As the player character/WOL, you and your friends travel across seas and have no issues communicating with the locals. And the Doman refugees who came over to Eorzea likewise did not experience issues with most day to day communication. It's not a case where all the characters suddenly and perfectly became bilingual, and the WOL's Echo isn't
  9. Ah, in this case, yes, using quotes is usually more of a norm, but it also can vary on player. Some people don't use them in /say speech, but will in /emote due to how the text is displayed. I personally use them because I try to fit a couple of sentences in and usually toss in an action or two. And then kinda flip-flop between using /say and /emote to help give the text box a little more variety so I can track reading text more easily. (And in large events, I've made use of /echo as well just as like.... SPACER TEXT YOU HAVE READ UP TO HERE SO FAR
  10. For the most part, people use ((double parentheses)) to denote out of character text while actively RPing. Personal stances vary quite a lot of how often a person may choose to use it, but most everybody is fine being on the receiving end provided it's not being used for [unintentional] metagaming. (As in, don't typically use it to announce your character's internal thoughts or motivation unless you're trying to work out some sort of OOC resolution or need some type of outside clarification as a player, but not as a character). The thing about RP in FFXIV is that it's not super con
  11. Between the World Visit system and Cross-World Linkshells, you can pretty easily play/chat with your friend. The only added bonus of being on the same world would be if you wanted to have characters in the same Free Company or World-specific Linkshells. I think you may also have some misconceptions about roleplaying in an MMO. It largely works the same way as forum-based RP, just in smaller/faster posts (usually). It's more similar to say, roleplaying over Discord or other fast-chat/instant-messager style layouts, but with the bonus of an avatar and animated emotes/settings.
  12. Hello! As you may have seen, we've had a few site layout/data adjustments that have popped up this month! Perhaps the most notable is that the imported calendars and relevant feeds have been removed from RPC and replaces with a new events import block on the sidebar. Due to the number of events, the website software was unable to handle importing the data and instead would fail to load. If you ever got a HTTP Error 500 page, it was the calendar importer timing out. (And even then, it failed to import anything after the first 100 events in the feed). To rep
  13. Truth be told, gil is mostly useless in this game for general gameplay. You'll easily accumulate enough for repairing your gear through playing the game as normal and after that, it's really only used for teleports or if you want to attempt to buy a house, which moreso depends on your home world's availability. I've seen some people amass a fair amount by reselling NPC vendor items on the market boards because people don't really go to check who sells what. And crafting/gathering materials that are in medium/high demand usually sell pretty alright too. Otherwise for ca
  14. With the World Visit system, your home server really only dictates where you can have your FC and home world Linkshells. Since Balmung and Mateus share the same datacenter, Crystal, you can travel freely between them and also to other worlds in the same cluster, as RP can be found in some of them too! Both should be somewhat EU friendly as they're pretty populated, but if you're looking for something more EU-centric and at more normal hours, I'd recommend also checking out Omega, which is where I believe most EU RP can be found in the European datacenters.
  15. Welcome! The RPC's calendar is one resource, but only shows things from people who use the RPC. I'd also check out the community calendars by Erah'sae, which handles a lot more events and is curated by google forms and calendar feeds for servers and datacenters. They've grown so large they actually break the RPC's calendar importer and we're working on a new method to pull in upcoming events!
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