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  1. While making a character on the more RP-focused servers has its benefits (linkshells and free companies), it's not really required for a good RP experience anymore. You can make use of the World Visit system to just hop over to one of the more RPer-populated servers without having to fight the character creator limits. So if your goal is RP on Balmung and Mateus, you could make a character on Goblin or somewhere else that's nice and open on the Crystal datacenter and then just visit over to RP. Between Discord and Cross-World linkshells, most of the other restrictions are all gamep
  2. You'll find people spread across a lot of worlds. With the World Visit system that was introduced during 4.X, you can easily hop between the worlds on your datacenter, so trying to make/transfer a character into Balmung or Mateus isn't quite the issue it was back then. A lot of people have moved over to Discord in lieu of forums like the RPC, which makes finding people a little more difficult when not being quite as...advertised. Some good resources for Crystal-based RP would be the Balmung Roleplay Network discord https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU and general use Crystal RP one https://
  3. Hello! I'd recommend making a character in one of the Crystal data center worlds, specifically on Balmung or Mateus where the bulk of RPers tend to be. Other datacenters and worlds do also have RP, and if you're currently on Primal, I think the bulk tends to be on Hyperion. You can freely move between servers, but things like Free Companies (aka guilds in other games), world-only Linkshells (chat groups), and some other things don't operate the same between your home world and a visited world. For basic RP though, things in /say or /emote or /party chat will all work f
  4. Hello! I've identified the cause of the registration issue and tested that registration is working again now. Please let me know if you run into any issues by contacting the email address above.
  5. It's come to my attention that registering on the site is not working. I've filed a support ticket with Invision Community to check this out as we've had some site glitches after their most recent update. In the meantime, our site administrators can still make your account manually. Please email us at the-management@ffxiv-roleplayers.com with "Temporary Manual RPC Registration" in the subject line and the display name you'd like. We will then create a basic account for you and you'll receive an email asking you to set a password. You should be prompted to set up the rest of your s
  6. Most people tend to use the RPC Wiki, one or more tumblr profiles, and more recently they've also taken to using carrd profiles too for a single-page experience. The RPC Wiki provides some base templates you can copy from https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Category:Wiki_Templates from a "copy here" codebox. Then you just fill in the blanks and sections as wanted. If you're looking for something simpler with a basic visual editor, you'll probably find a tumblr or carrd easier to get going.
  7. The pinned posts plugin is operational again! (Required an update). I've also added a fix for the post numbers plugin we use, which is now considered a "legacy" feature and does not come with IPS. Instead, they recommend grabbing links for posts off of the post date, which is a direct link to that post! (The post number plugin grabs the same link too, but down the line, we may lose this display)
  8. There may still be some glitches due to the amount of customization we previously had that the updater failed to get. If you notice something amiss, please let us know in this thread, in https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/39-requests-and-feedback/ or let a staff member know who can then poke me elsewhere! Edit: I am looking into a fix for the HTTPS/SSL errors. It's because we host images on Amazon S3, which uses a different security certificate.
  9. Major components of the theme should be updated now, and I've switched it back to Carbon. If you're looking for the light theme, you can find it on the bottom of the site in the Themes switcher. RPC for some basic branding and IPS4 Default for super bright and simple defaults.
  10. I'm in the process of fixing up our default theme (Carbon from IPSFocus) and have set the site to our old default in the interim while I fix up some display issues. I apologize for the longer maint page and appearance of things!
  11. I think this is going to be a case of figuring out exactly what you want your character to do. Going with the spear example, are you: Trying to be a Lancer? This refers to specifically the Lancer Guild in Gridania and their skills and practices. Trying to be a lancer? This refers to anyone who's learned those skills and practices, but not necessarily through the sanctioned guild. Trying to be someone who can wield a spear? (This may not even involve outside training.) Outside of a few of the more lore-restricted jobs where the main character is the excepti
  12. Hello! The infobox template code uses some arcane wikicode magic and doesn't need the normal [[file:name.ext]] conventions. I've swapped it to just the file name and that's removed the extra code from your page.
  13. Hello! While the Quicksand on Balmung is/was a good place to find public RP, it's also gotten a name for finding RP of other kinds, which typically goes on through /tell (private message) or in party chat. I would turn on the RP status icon and look for others with it as a good starting point. There's also the character search info, which allows you a small text blurb. Many RPers will state they're RPers, possibly what kind they're into, and if they're open to walkups/random RP along with a small character description or hook. As for Omega, I'm not entirely sure. A lot
  14. For new/returning players, you could join the Novice Network, but it varies wildly by server and time, and may not actually be conductive in having a good experience. SE's gotten a bit better about removing RMT spam, although you'll still see some bots in main cities doing it in /say by market boards and whatnot. They can be easily reported these days. Otherwise, the basic chat channels are: /shout - zone-wide chat channel. Anyone on the same map as you will receive it. /yell - wide-area chat channel. The whole map won't see this, but it's farther than /say or /emote
  15. Hey there and welcome back! I'm not sure what you mean by official roleplay discord as there are no single official RPC-sanctioned groups. If you mean some of the bigger community run discords, these may be to your liking: Crystal Datacenter RP - https://discord.gg/UryRMjz Balmung Roleplay Network - https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU Mateus RP Hub - https://discord.gg/mateusrphub FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition - https://discord.gg/94tTub6
  16. Nobody decent is gonna hassle you over having a non-lore compliant name. It may cause some minor confusion for walkups, and if you have a lore-compliant or public name in mind, I'd recommend sticking that in your search info and introducing your character with their in-character name. But there is absolutely no requirement to have a lore-compliant name. Especially when the naming conventions we do have are all specifically tailored to people living in Eorzea and the world is much, much larger.
  17. There is not an official discord for the RPC, but there are a number of large communities for RP on FFXIV. I'd recommend: Crystal Datacenter RP - https://discord.gg/UryRMjz Balmung Roleplay Network -https://discord.gg/bnBSTeU Mateus RP Hub - https://discord.gg/mateusrphub
  18. There have been several large changes to the game since 4.0 has released. These are the big ones I can think of without going through patch notes. General features: - Like in Heavensward, there are a bunch of new areas accessible once you get to the part of the game. - Flying is available in all 3.0 and later fields and will be coming to 2.0 ones in patch 5.3 - Swimming is also available in many zones Battle system features: - most classes have had major skill/ability pruning and some have been fully reworked - TP is gone - healers have 3-4 dp
  19. Because Balmung and Mateus usually have large active populations, they're closed to character creation. Currently, neither of them are congested though if you want to do a paid transfer into one of them. (You can find the current status here: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/worldstatus/). Otherwise, you can utilize the World Visit feature from Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, or Ul'dah and "World Visit" to Balmung or Mateus from any other server in the Crystal Data Center, like if you made a character on Goblin or something. World Visit does have a few limitations like not being a
  20. Hello! I'd recommend making a character in the Crystal Data Center, which is where Balmung and Mateus are located. These two servers are where the bulk of RPers have gathered and generally have pretty high populations. NOTE: Creation of characters on these servers can/does close somewhat often when too many people are logged in or if the average number of active players gets too high. If you're unable to make a character on one of them directly, you can use the World Visit feature to hop over from another server in Crystal.
  21. Just to reiterate in case it got missed. Which to me includes things like the MCH converter because it's still a refined method as opposed to a raw ingredient. We're given a handful of in-game uses and I'm personally one of the people who's generally cool with things as long as they sound plausible within the setting. Results may vary with other RPers. Not necessarily, but given our proximity to recent patches, I don't want to unintentionally spoil things going on in 5.2. Wouldn't this be more of a decision to be made by the player? (Or even their character?) I would ma
  22. Assuming this blade is gonna be made with something incredibly rare like white auracite or related materials, yes, it could probably hold an aetheric charge and be used. Other things in game have similar purposes but are usually somewhat more technical than purely a crystal. Regarding the timeline, this is kept intentionally vague as FFXIV operates in a series of time bubbles. (We know the HW must take place after ARR, and SB after HW, etc, but there are no dates or times attached to -when- those took place.) There are occasionally some references to how long something takes like t
  23. If you're referring to the 4-legged lizard-ish beast tribe that worshipped/summoned Zurvan, we don't really know anything about them. It may even be considered a stretch to call them centaurs given there may not even be a bipedal form of their race. You see them in the Zurvan fight and we know that the Allagans basically kidnapped them to use as summoning fodder for their works and that's about it.
  24. This was recently asked in the Linkshell Hall forum too. I'll copy my response from there: There is a fellowship on Crystal maintained by @Erah'sae for the Balmung/Mateus/Crystal Events Calendar.
  25. Hello! I've moved this over to the Welcome Desk forum as the Town Square is for in-character posts. (Forum-based RP, journals, stories, etc). Since these seem to all be regarding the same general question, most RP can be found on the Crystal Data Center, specifically concentrated on the worlds Balmung and Mateus. Before the Cross-World features were added, each world server was separate and the only way to interact with other characters on the same data center was through instanced content like dungeons and raids. Now that we have World Visit, you can easily access any wo
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