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  1. Namine

    [Balmung]Two to choose from.

    Both of your characters look lovely and it's cool that you have them connected through a story! Council of the Dawn is currently recruiting if you'd like to take a look and see if it'd be a good fit for one or both of your girls!
  2. Namine

    Progress Report

    Phew! The Council has been busy as of late! After a few different relocations and quite a bit of gil, we now have a new permanent home in the Lavender Beds Ward 4 Plot 28 (some might remember it as CLAN's old FC house)! Decorating and moving in is coming along nicely as our members start to mingle and get to know one another. Tonight is our first Social Night where we'll be attending one of Balmung's many events as a group. This time we'll be at the Sword and Skillet Grand Re-Opening! Hope to see you there!
  3. Namine

    Council Members

    A look at those in CD-RP!
  4. Namine

    Progress Report

    Just about all of our current members have gotten their IC in's to the Council and work has already started! A trip was taken to Qarn (HM) to obtain some crystals to be used in warding the house against vermin and other intruders. Injuries were inflicted and everyone was picking cactuar needles from their skin over the following days but at least they got the crystals! Merits are currently being minted and will be handed out to those who accompanied Kiyokage on the venture!
  5. Namine

    Progress Report

    Welcome to our new recruits! Six new people came to join the Council and we're very excited that RP has already started! CD-RP also obtained a medium in the Mists that is currently in the process of being decorated and remodeled! Pictures will be posted in an album once everything is finished!
  6. Here you'll find progress reports on the status of the Council involving recruitment, upcoming status changes (open or closed recruitment), events, and more! Posts will be up to date at the time they are listed with any further changes to be added as soon as leadership is able. As always - if you have any questions on what you see here or about something else involving the Council, please message us!
  7. Recruitment is open until further notice!
  8. Namine

    LF Forum RP with you!

    Tossing you a friend request over discord to pow-wow there since it's faster to communicate with!
  9. I filled it out myself. If the purpose can't be gleaned from it being repeated and stated multiple times and you still have skepticism, you don't have to fill out the survey. I didn't see an issue with the questions and how they were worded though some of the questions make it hard to be more specific. But like with any survey just pick whatever answer best suits you if you do fill it out. It helped that many of the questions allow you to pick more than one answer to help encompass more possibilities. It's being used for an article. Participate...or don't. It's really not that difficult.
  10. Namine

    The Glass Sylph

    We're still here and our recruitment is still open, However, things have gotten quiet for the holidays! Any questions or inquiries please toss to me on Discord at Parvacake#8103!
  11. Namine

    discussion What or how did rp come to you?

    I was playing Dark Age of Camelot when I was in 2nd grade. I started RPing there without realizing what RP really was, pretending to take other characters on tours of the land and standing on a rock to tell stories in the square. Later, I discovered chatroom style RP in FF11 in their PlayOnline chatrooms. After that was more formalized forum RPs in MSN Groups (may they rest in peace) before graduating to MMOs in WoW my senior year of high school. Now MMOs are my preferred method of RP followed my mediums like Tumblr and Discord!
  12. Namine

    Where/What else do you roleplay?

    Oh jeebus there's a lot >.>; GW2: Though mainly retired from the game due to the bad memories I have of the community and experiences, I have a lovely mesmer whose concept I still adore. I may revive her in another game at some point. WoW: I'll be going back more fully come the expansion launch, but I have a lot of characters over on WrA on both Horde and Alliance. Bless: Though the game hasn't officially released for the US yet, I have a character (an Iblis) I created over a year ago who is ready for roleplay! She also has a guild. AU: I'm a fan of AU style roleplays and have a couple characters and universes from other games set around AU concepts There are others but four is a good cut off number.
  13. This is lovely! Bumpbumpbumpbump.
  14. Namine

    discussion Random FC House Idea: Mall of Eorzea

    I like this!
  15. Namine


    I've always thought of Midgardsormr as the kind of boss you can't actually beat. Dropping his health down to 0 doesn't kill him but it ends the fight and then you go through a much of cutscenes.