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  1. That in and of itself is why the Republic Commando novels are an extremely-close second to the X-wing series in contesting for my favorite of all Star Wars sets. Call it author tract all you like, Karen Traviss wasn't afraid to call out the bullshit of the Jedi.
  2. They've confirmed no Jedi in Rogue One. This is intended to be a lower deck episode, if you will. With that said, this is the very franchise that gave us the immortal phrase "from a certain point of view" and their exact words were "no Jedi" which does not discount Sith, dark Jedi, or non-titled Force adepts. I certainly hope they stick to the spirit of their statement because I have always liked the military side guys, the Wedge Antilles, the Poe Dameron, the Jango and Boba Fett. I'm very much a "little guy" kind of guy.
  3. It really is, and people sadly forget that. The main six movies just show the space opera side of Star Wars. People were shocked by things like Republic Commando and the Dark Forces games showing a darker, grittier universe, but that's sort of the reality of the setting when you look at places like Jakku and Tattooine were there's abject poverty, thousands of years worth of cycles of warfare, and two factions of mystical glowbat swingers who have this alarming tendency to grind the rest of the galaxy to dust trying to wipe each other out every fifty or so years.
  4. Me, my vote is on a total party wipe. There have been like eight different (often conflicting) stories on how the Rebels got the Death Star plans. Except for that Kyle Katarn schmuck, not one of them had a happy ending. But on the other hand, I don't actually believe that Disney would do a movie that dark, especially for a holiday release, even if the basis of the movie and the setting are asking for it. I'm still also a little peeved it's not a Rogue Squadron movie.
  5. And I challenge anyone to present me with a movie-era saber jockey they think can beat Satele in her prime. She Force Hadoukens people into mountains. And technically Ahsoka isn't considered EU because the Clone Wars movie/show are both accepted in the new canon.
  6. Oh fuck, you're right. That sure as hell was the same kind of sun-powered shenanigans the Infinite Empire used, innit it? Damn good thing the First Order were obligingly cartoonishly-evil enough to go "let's power a GALAXY GUN with it" instead of use it to churn out hundreds of thousands of capital ships in about a month and swarm the Republic instead. Not that the Galaxy Gun plan helped the Republic any better...
  7. You're sent to a goblin in Idyllshire who's been the prior source of adamantite, who tells you he got it in Azys Lla. If I'm correctly recalling a quest I did 6 months ago.
  8. Just an example. -Shrug- None of my characters would've rated an invitation to the melee anyway.
  9. Well, if your character had ties to any of the Grand Companies and/or Ishgard and was regarded as good enough to take on the Melee...
  10. One day you gonna log in and that orchestrion's gonna be in my private room playing Titan on repeat.
  11. Oh? 2h Ifrit BLM stick? ...After the cudgel has started to grow on me, humorously enough.
  12. I'm an awful player, I've played every gen but 3, but I failed to finish White/White 2 and Omega Ruby. I really ought to go back to those someday. Marowak is definitely my favorite. I chose which version to get solely based on reports of whether or not I can acquire Marowak.
  13. It's been a minute since I watched the scene, but I recall the point of contact flashing and the entire visible segment of the shield--which was not an insignificant amount--exploding. That implied to me that the whole thing came down. Plus, a few of the FATEs in the region--one involving a bunch of lamia, if memory serves--mentions that there's now a credible threat of things getting off of Azys Lla, which also indicates that the shield as a whole is gone. The rest of it's pretty spot-on, though. I mean hell, I'm cheating my way onto Azys Lla because I have a character employed at the Ir
  14. The shield is probably out of commission. Wherein the 'key' that the Pope and crew used to gain entry probably was designed to lower and raise the shield as necessary, Cid and party had to bash the shield down with magic, ergo no more shield.
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