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  1. How about The Lalafell Bride, instead?
  2. To boldy go, where no Lalafell has gone before.
  3. Sentai... I see Johnny Bravo incoming, depending how quickly we can swap between poses... Macros incoming.
  4. Are you sure you got all the verbs right? The sobbing, explicit pictures and translating may all happen in a weird order...
  5. What do you MEAN, the show's too gritty? Say it to my FACE, elf-boy. (Show's tonight!)
  6. Though, in my head, I'm singing "The Brume" [video=youtube]
  7. My deep thanks to all of those who came out for the Show of Redemption. You've given a bard much to think upon. Next month, I am planning a more collaborative effort - stay tuned!
  8. I set you a little further into the roster, to give you time to get online
  9. Show begins in one hour! Here is the performance roster as finalized: Jancis Milburga Leanne Delphium Jana Ridah Marcellain Chevallier Bastien Felicieux Raeje Draeka Renaux Mercier Nathan Telluride
  10. One more BUMP - the event is tomorrow! It's not too late to get on the stage list... or get it on your calendar.
  11. Throwing another BUMP out there - event is this Sunday! Performers are still welcomed and we will always take more attendees.
  12. Last night's RP soundtrack brought to you by the Scorps. [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  13. Dear Ishgard... We've noticed that you got a dragon problem, and that you had it fer a long time. We've noticed that your attempted solutions for said problem seem to involve praying a lot, training gifted people to jump really high with spears, and use some really big ballistas. Hey, those spear-wielders are ok, but jumping isn't flying, y'know. We're pretty big fans of those... dragonkillers, y' call 'em? That seems like a good idea. Didn't seem to us that you use the things anywhere near like you should, though, as if them workin' too well would make your nobles look like useless schlubs, and that dragons ain't too impressed by your prayer sessions. But, hey, then again, mebbe the gods were powerin' those shield tricks you had on the city... oh, those kinda tanked, finally, didn't they? Mind if we recommend somethin' to ya? See, we had a chance to check out that impressive capital of yours, and we saw that you lot had a guild full of people who had some good ideas that we kinda like, and wanted to learn from 'em, ideas that could turn your nation into something powerful enough to send the Garleans runnin' like scared kobolds back to their stupid lookin' forts and huddlin' up, hopin' you'd just go away. We kinda liked that. Then... we found out you all kinda look down on these perfectly clever engineers like they was some kinda crackpots. Seems you're only missin' the knowhow of a bunch of people who know how artillery works. You heard o' firesand, right? Y'ever see what a cannonball can do to a peiste? It's kinda brutal, lemme tell ya. And most o' those dragons ain' THAT agile. So, tell ya what. When yer willin' to pull yer pointy-eared heads out yer arses, and come talk to us, we got some ideas fer trade an' exchange of know-how an' materials that'll make you pretty much immune to any leftover flyin' lizards what still might wanna test their luck. If'n you'd a listened to us sooner, they coulda called the place "Anyx Rubble" a while ago, 'ey? Yours truly, The Artillerists' Guild of Thanalan. P.S. - We got a guy here what's figured out how to turn aether crystals into explodin' ordnance. Give us a contact, 'ey mates?
  14. Could be that she's got some high-quality equipment that has its own infusion of aether. It would be appropriate for Lucia, of all people in Ishgard, to have it. After all, the lack of jumping dragoons and godlike powers in that cutscene indicate that the loss of the Knights Twelve hasn't exactly been addressed yet, not that we ever actually saw those guys doing much of anything useful besides hassling the WoL's buddies and being Thordan's personal guard. Could also be that the Storyboard team and the Lore team missed their lunch dates and weren't exactly in tune with each other.
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