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  1. Ezenzakhialga

    mateus Fortune's Favored

    F O R T U N E ' S F A V O R E D Overview Fortune's Favor is a roleplaying focused FC on the Mateus Server with a long history. We've been around under one name or another for almost 2 years at this point. Every six to twelve months we reinvent ourselves when our concept grows stale. Fortune's Favored is the latest iteration, focused on adventuring, trading, and battling for fame and (of course) fortune. When not roleplaying, we run roulettes together, offer company buffs, and all manner of events.  A Diverse Set of Activities Characters in the FC are focused on any of a number of endeavors under one big umbrella company. We have a militia, we're owned by a priestess who owns (and operates biweekly for the public) a kami shrine, some hunt Voidsent, others still are interested in Allagan treasure. There's a lot going on that can accomodate all kinds of personalities, RP styles, and interests. Roleplaying Style We consider ourselves to be heavy RP with a focus on realism and consequences. We are lore-abiding without being overly strict, with an emphasis on plausibility. No Fantasia RP, sorry! Overarching plots and events are planned and executed by many different people within the FC. We are not top-down; one of our major objectives with recent changes we made was to give members more ownership over their own plots and the freedom to execute them. Stability The lot of us have been RPing together for a good long while. We're not going anywhere. If you're looking to join a group with a distinct culture that's going to last the test of time, we're the FC for you. Games and Social Events A lot of our RP is focused on just spending time together as a group and experiencing various seasonal activities. We've made our own version of Cards Against Humanity that works in the FFXIV universe. We've also got this little game that the FC leads put together: http://www.rptoolbox.com/levemetes/ Joining Everything is handled via our discord channel here. You can read our rules there. Once you have, retrieve the application, fill it out, and PM it to one of the FC leads. Thank you for reading and considering us!
  2. Ezenzakhialga

    For those who compose their posts out of game while RPing

    The tool has been updated and has a new URL: http://www.rptoolbox.com/ Grammarly is a browser extension that will work with any browser-based tool like this.
  3. Ezenzakhialga

    FFXIV RP Posting Tool

    The other tool is still around, its name just got changed and I forgot to post that update. It's at www.rptoolbox.com now. Having said that, I really like this one a lot. I'd argue it's better in a lot of ways. Rptoolbox got an update at the same time, so feel free to check it out.
  4. Ezenzakhialga

    No Love for Straight Women

    You're definitely not the only person who has noticed this. My (IRL) wife has talked to me about it before in her experiences of RPing on Mateus, Balmung, and even other games. I can't say why there's a relative lack of straight male characters compared to other orientations and genders (that question would require a lot of study and resources to answer), but I agree that's the way it is. Doesn't mean there's no straight male characters, and I don't think it has anything to do with harassment, etc. I bet it's just a personal preference; not enough people want to play them for some reason. In FFXIV it might have something to do with how underwhelming a lot of them look. Au Ra hips make me cringe, highlanders don't have eye brows and some of them look like total goons, midlanders come off as far too young, no races have that many beard options, etc. For what it's worth, I'm a relatively straight guy that pretty much only plays straight male characters, so we do exist.
  5. Ezenzakhialga

    The Aureate Ward

    Are you looking for goal-oriented heavy RP? Do you like your writing to be directed at character development and establishing relationships of all kinds? Roleplay very frequently and looking for other people who do too? Take a look at the Aureate Ward! We're a company full of ambitious, diverse people looking to advance their interests, make connections, and quick gil. Most of our RP revolves around tricky trade negotiations, dangerous adventures, and shady dealings and the repercussions of all of the above! We offer internal RP, events for the public, and stability. We've been active on Mateus for 8 months now and we aren't going anywhere. You can find our website here: http://www.rptoolbox.site/awrp/ And our Discord here: https://discord.gg/qDBfQC2 Do you have any questions our information section on Discord and themes tab on the Web didn't answer? Ask us! Pop in and say *hellur* in our general chat. We also handle applications through Discord, so check us out!
  6. Ezenzakhialga

    For those who compose their posts out of game while RPing

    I'm using cloud platform hosting through google so it handles international accesses strangely I may need to move to another host.
  7. Ezenzakhialga

    For those who compose their posts out of game while RPing

    What browser are you using? Does it do that from load-up? Can you reproduce the issue now and describe to me exactly what happened? Thank you!
  8. Ezenzakhialga

    For those who compose their posts out of game while RPing

    http://www.rptoolbox.site/ Tool is updated with a new preview button that makes it easier to copy individual posts.
  9. Ezenzakhialga

    For those who compose their posts out of game while RPing

    The interactive stuff is written entirely in Javascript with HTML for the 'output' essentially and css to style it. In short, every button has a 'function' attached to it that manipulates the text or performs some kind of browser action based on rules I've defined. It's just complicated text parsing and formatting. I bought the domain name and have it hosted via google's cloud storage platform (which is neat). I'm kind of new to all of this or it wouldn't have taken me as long as it did to write it, I bet. It took a lot of revisions cause I made a lot of mistakes along the way :blush:
  10. Ezenzakhialga

    For those who compose their posts out of game while RPing

    Yep! The character limit is set exactly to FFXIV's chat limit. It'll tell you how many characters you are using and how many posts that requires, and if you click split it'll auto-split them with (continued) at the end so your partners know there's more to read.
  11. Here's a little tool I made: UPDATED: http://www.rptoolbox.com/ Has a lot of neat features, I think. Not perfect, but I hope someone gets some use out of it.
  12. Ezenzakhialga

    recreated post Aureate Ward [Mateus]

    We've grown lately! But we're still looking for some more interested parties. The information above has also been updated. Please contact us if you've got any questions.
  13. Ezenzakhialga

    recreated post Aureate Ward [Mateus]

    Our first cafe opening went well last Saturday! Thanks to all who came out. We'll be open again late this month.
  14. Ezenzakhialga

    discussion Some Mateus Observations

    Disclaimer: This thread is long and I don't have the time to read all of it. I skimmed it, and I intend to remark on the general sentiments briefly. 1) Mateus vs. Balmung attitudes I won't deny these exist, but they are not common. I have seen complaining about Balmung in a few forms. Some have left the server feeling like they weren't welcome there. Others are Mateus natives that resent the 'invasion' of their territory. Neither attitude deserves attention or validation. Square-Enix owns the servers and Balmung folks should be happy that embittered players are moving on and becoming someone else's problem. Mateus is not a threat to Balmung. 2) Mateus' odds of survival If you're worried, make an alt, help. I have an FC you can land in that's friendly to Balmung players (PM me if interested), and there are many others who are running similar endeavors. If you're not worried and just want to speculate, by all means speculate away, but that seems like a waste of time to me. Doing is all that matters. If enough people contribute, Mateus will succeed. The rest just seems like a waste of time to re-litigate. I think people are being too defensive of their communities all around. A few people on a distant server saying bad things about you isn't going to hurt you. There are much larger things in life to worry about.
  15. Ezenzakhialga

    An Essay on the Balmung "Problem"

    Mateus is already doing its best. It was doing its best to foster an RP community before Balmung transfers were locked, and it'll keep doing its best after they're unlocked. If you want to help us succeed, transfer or make an alt. I run an FC there made up entirely of transplants, we'd be happy to have you even if you split your playtime between there and another server. The other arguments I just have no interest in getting into. PM me if you want details.