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  1. I've known players doing this kind of RP and they simply don't have their IC strength reflected by level; most players I know don't take level into account. However, you can actually have your cake and eat it too in FFXIV, since you level multiple jobs on one character. If you really don't care about leveling a certain job on this character, like say, Culinarian, which just so happens to have a lot of gear suitable for this RP, you could totally keep it unleveled and switch to it whenever you RP. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to do. Leveling the job would give you access to be
  2. I'd like to sign up for Antlings with Virara, but if anyone who hasn't participated in an HQE session yet wants to join, feel free to surrender my spot to them.
  3. I'm likely to be unavailable both of these times. Good luck! If I happen to be free and you need a sub, then I can manage.
  4. I'd like to sign Virara up for event A.
  5. Hahaha, we're an endangered species, it comes with the territory of being uncommon. I don't mind it though. People being dismissive is common, but I've worked hard to establish plenty of RP partnerships where that isn't the case. I rolled this race to minimize dirty tells, but they definitely have happened. Usually people don't bother me once I politely decline them. Romance RP isn't particularly important to my writing, and I have no interest in ERP, but I do think being part of the less common races, Roe and Lala, means that finding players interested in romance RP is g
  6. I think it's telling that compared to the scenario mentioned, my character comes off as culturally sensitive, and she both cannot tell different tribes apart other than the obvious, and is still convinced the Au Ra are bipedal Scalekin. (Much as she wrongly thinks dragons are nothing but huge, intelligent scalekin.) Naturally there's no malice in her, she is merely ignorant.
  7. I'm not really certain how the other characters knew yours were Dotharl without godmodding. If anything, given that your characters are so far removed from the tribe itself, it is unrealistic of them to expect yours to have anything in common with Dotharl, as your Xaela would in all likelihood be as foreign to the steppes as Hingashi's people. A passerby could even be forgiven for assuming your characters weren't Dotharl at all.
  8. Usually my comedy elements rely on how serious my character is. For that reason, it's heavily reliant upon situation, the people around her, and the ability to poke fun at her in my emotes. By suggesting myself as a separate narrator and making observations about Virara's actions in the emote, I try to draw out the absurdity in her behavior, or how unsuited it is for the current situation. I don't consider myself particularly funny, so I'm very happy when someone says they laughed, or they were entertained, or even just that they thought Virara was cute. A lot of my RP can be pretty grim and u
  9. If this club is so secret... then... Why can I join it?
  10. I think it might be fun to have Virara attend and I should be free around that time.
  11. I'm up to go to B, but if something opens in A, I feel my character belongs there more.
  12. I'm surviving. I hope you've had a good holiday too.
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