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  1. The linkshell is one BODE boy, full to capacity. It's about time for more purging of inactives. If you feel that you have been removed by mistake or wish an invite back, please follow the steps on our home page!
  2. X'shah Zinbhe

    Seekers of the Sun (Lore)

    I honestly have been considering spending some time on Mateus and opening my linkshell as well there and switching time between the two servers. It's been under some serious consideration. If you feel like tribal Seeker of the Sun role-play is something that you're highly interested in investing your time in, message me, I think it would benefit to in the least open our Discord to Mateus members. A lot of players split time between the servers and there is some great camaraderie.
  3. X'shah Zinbhe

    Seekers of the Sun (Lore)

    I always direct people here first when dishing out a heaping helping of Seeker of the Sun lore. You are reminding me that I should at some point screenshot the conversation with M'rahz Nunh on the subject of two Nunh. Valence already addressed it perfectly so I won't go there too much. It is worth noting that not all Nunh are the tribe leader, and it's also (at least to me) worth noting that Nunh don't have Jim Jones level of influence where the women are under his control. (Well, unless he's the crazy Coeurlclaw King ... ) Women outnumber men significantly and this is the father of their children. They aren't going to pick some guy who is a complete douche and won't fulfill their needs. M'rahz seems to be a great dad-type, and the U'odh ... well, we all know his backstory. No wonder they picked him even if he's slacking in his older age! You can tell he's putting on a tough front to protect them. In the player made sect of Lynx (Caracal totem) that X'shah is part of there are the "Tia Olympics" that first decide the contenders and then they fight for the amusement of the women. Who pretty much at that point already know who they're going to pick for the position. Another thing I would like to note is that in my tribal linkshell I encourage members to create "sub-groups" or "branches" of a tribe. This is done so that you don't step on the toes of other players who have characters in the same tribe and don't create sweeping culture rules/expectations that might clash with their idea of a backstory. That way when two characters from the same tribe meet, they can say: "Oh! I'm from _______ branch! How lovely to meet you!" Everyone can have their own unique backstory and have an interesting cultural exchange as well. Win/win! I hope that you enjoy role-playing a Seeker and have a great time, it's been really rewarding for me for the past several years and there are a lot of avenues available for character growth.
  4. X'shah Zinbhe

    Master list of FC & LS themes

    Oh, sorry about that! My FCmate had linked me the thread and told me to update and I hadn't noticed. Thank you.
  5. X'shah Zinbhe

    Master list of FC & LS themes

    Hello! I would like to request an entire rehaul of our submission onto this page so I'm not going to bold anything. I'm re-doing my Large at the moment but desperately wanted to update this, I'll be asking you in a few weeks to please update the housing part. Just a heads up! Thank you so much for doing this, by the way. In Game Theme(s): Race / Clan / Tribe Specific, School / College / Academics / Library, Ul'dah / Immortal Flames / Thanalan, Healers, Explorers. FC/LS Name: The Warden's Reliquary Website(s): RPC page. Tumblr page. Application page. Contacts: X'shah Zinbhe, J'tehn Nunh, X'sekhah Tia, Rhuaza Kasa, X'tai Tia, L'miska Petih, C'lai Nunh, Syn'thiel Lyrin. Housing: Large. Zone, Ward, Plot: Goblet, Ward 15th, Plot 30. Housing Type: Currently under renovation.
  6. X'shah Zinbhe

    Linkshell Meet Up!

    Weekly Meetup! The weekly meetup is being held at 8PM Eastern. This is just a little informal get-together IC to act as a platform for introduction and conversation. An announcement will be distributed in the Discord & linkshell that includes coordinates of the locale. Hope to see you there!
  7. Frequently Asked Questions What's this "Secrets of Jackal Pleasure" tom memery? There are a lot of Jackal-tribe prostitutes situated around Ala Ghiri. I made this joke to J'tehn and the rest is history. Why does U'odh Nunh roll his 'R'? Why does this NPC purr in-game? ... and et cetera. I suppose the developers/translators thought that this would be cute and add a sprig of life to miq'ote? On a personal level, I am not a fan of making my miqo'te too anime cutesy with purring and mewling and I would recommend keeping it to a minimum in role-play. Having your character act anime childish cutesy will put people off. Miqo'te making a "hissing" sound in general with the "H" sound. Most other races cannot imitate this. Do I have to use the Eorzean mythology for my Seeker's people? No, you do not! There is a whole written entirely different mythology that my character X'shah follows. She does not follow traditional Eorzean religion at all, and thinks of Azeyma as something different. In fact, Azeyma is the center of her religion, and the chief deity. And much more! What the hell is that language in regards to miqo'te naming conventions? Do I HAVE to use that? I ... don't know. That said, you do not have to use the random name generator or try to emulate the names in-game. I took my own approach to this with the Dune Specters, X'shah's people. Their names are concepts/onomatopoeia. The name "Shah" is a hissing noise for miqo'te, emulating the crackling hiss of something burning over a fire. The "Heshek" in "X'heshek" is the sound of a blade cutting through a body, as they are both from an intensely brutal warrior culture. The "Kataya" in "X'kataya" is the sound her father made in pure joy ("KATAAAAAAAAAAYA!") when he ran through the encampment, having earned a special boon after years as their strongest warrior to sire her. The "Nim" in "X"nim" is the little ping of sunlight on the horizon at dawn. This is an example from my own background I wrote, you are free to come up with your own way of handling names if you wish! Since Dune Specters are based on Egyptian culture, they also possess second names that their people consider "true heart-soul names." As example being that X'shah is nicknamed "Living Flame" as a priestess or "She Who Speaks With Flame." You've got the idea, get on it! Are there miqo'te in Thavnair? Sounsyy sums it up well in a post on these forums. In short, we don't know yet.
  8. Lore Resources Naming Conventions: The first name is always preceded by a letter representing their tribe. In colloquial speech amongst close friends and companions, sometimes the tribe letter will be dropped from the first name as a sign of informal intimacy. In the mass exodus which occurred during the Fifth Umbral Era, 26 Seeker of the Sun tribes crossed the seas (which had frozen solid as a result of the Calamity) to Eorzea in search of food and warmer climates. The names of these tribes contained many sounds which were difficult to represent with the existing Eorzean alphabet; but the fact that there were the same exact number of tribes as letters in the Eorzean alphabet was taken as a sign that they were destined to make the new realm their home, and so assigned each tribe with a letter/sound that was closest to its name. Over time, this resulted in the changing of the pronunciation to more closely resemble the pronunciation of the Eorzean letter than that of the original word. The extra aitches we see in names such as “Bhee,” “Kuzh,” and “Pahsh” represent a slight hissing/spitting sound that is made when the name is pronounced by the cat-like Miqo’te. Many of the other races in Eorzea cannot accurately reproduce this sound, so the aitches end up going silent when read (Bee, Kooz, Pash). The tribe names are originally based on traditional beastkin, scalekin, or cloudkin totems, which are said to protect the tribe. A: Antelope (pronunciation: short Ah) B: Boar (short Bee) Coeurl (short Ka) Dodo (short Deh) E: Eft (short Eh) F: Bear (short F) G: Gryphon (short, hard Goo) H: Gigantoad (short Hah) I: Buffalo (short Ee) J: Jackal (short Jah) K: Hipparion (short Koo) L: Viper (short Lee) M: Marmot (short Meh) N: Aldgoat (short N) O: Mole (short Oh) P: Basilisk (short Peh) Q: Puk (short Key) R: Raptor (short Ruh) S: Zu (short Soo) T: Condor (short Tuh) U: Drake (Ooh) V: Vulture (short Vah) W: Wolf (short Wah) X: Lynx (short She) Y: Jaguar (short Yah) Z: Ziz (short Zoh) Males do not take family names, as they are each considered the ‘origins’ of new families. Instead of a last name, they are given a title that denotes their position within their tribe. This is discussed below this section in "tribal positions." A female first name will always begin with the letter representing her tribe, followed by an apostrophe, and then her given name. Her last name is the first name of the tribe’s breeding male who sired her. Tribal Hierarchy & Dichotomy: For a male Seeker of the Sun, there are only two positions available—breeding males (nunh – pronounced ‘noon’) and all others (tia – pronounced ‘tea-ah’). All males are born as tia. At any time in their lives, a tia can challenge the tribe nunh to battle. If the tia is victorious, he takes the nunh’s place as breeding male (until he is challenged and defeated), and the nunh becomes a tia once again (if he survives the ordeal). This is done to ensure that the tribe’s offspring are of the finest stock. Depending on its size, a tribe may have multiple nunh (a ratio of one nunh per ten to fifty females is average). There is only one other way a tia can become a nunh, and that is to leave his tribe, and start his own. This, of course, requires several females to accomplish, and most female Seekers of the Sun are rarely impressed by a male who cannot defeat a nunh. Important Note: Nunh status does not equate to leadership within a tribe, and in fact, very few nunh ever become leaders.
  9. Ⅰ. Introduction All right, X'shah, what in the hell makes you qualified to write this primer? Honestly, I'm not. I have been role-playing a tribal character since 2013. I want to share my experiences and bring this little niche community together. Feedback & information is always welcome and this will be an on-going work-in-progress in the coming months. Role-playing a tribal Seeker of the Sun miqo’te on Balmung can be immensely rewarding. The staff of the linkshell and I want to share that joy with you, so we’ve compiled what we believe is a kit of dire necessities to get you on the ground running with character conceptualization. Ⅱ. Spotlight Sharing One of the most exciting aspects of Seeker of the Sun tribal role-play is that we are handed a blank slate to create our character’s own unique backstory and culture. The Warden’s Reliquary promotes the idea of sharing the spotlight to the best of your ability with your fellow player. To that end, we ask that you be mindful of other characters that exist within the same tribe as yours. An example of this would be if you have created a character of the Jackal tribe, do not use wording that describes the Jackal tribe as a whole, as it stepping on the toes of the lore (we have none!) and the background of other players. A wonderful alternative is to explain that your character comes from a Jackal sub-group, breeding group, clan, branch, sect, or line, settlement, or village. Whatever wording you are most comfortable with. I personally chose the word "sept" because X'shah's people are zealots. As the maps in-game are limited, sometimes territory is going to overlap. Several clans are from the Sagolii for example, or share Raincatcher Gully. Pick the hunting territory of your character's people with pride and know that those maps are limited and there's plenty area that we cannot access. We can all fudge it a bit here for the sake of role-play, right? Ⅲ. Stigma Now to address the oliphant in the room. There is a certain stigma associated with tribal role-play that, unfortunately, exists due to player ignorance. It can be willful or not. You are going to have to steel yourself and understand that a significant amount of the server population is under the false impression that we tribal Seeker of the Sun role-players do nothing but ERP due to the “harem” approach Seeker utilize to combat low birth rates. If you play a tia, sadly, a lot of players will assume he is a “beta male” or homosexual. If you play a nunh, a lot of players are going to assume it’s an ERP-alt. If you play a female, they will assume you are a “harem slave” of some nunh both IC and OOC. It is an inevitability. There are a number of players who can and will utilize their character as commentary on what you yourself are role-playing. The moderators won't lecture you on how to handle these situations, as everyone as their own unique approach. If this is overwhelming you as a role-player, you are welcome to approach a mentor or vent in our Discord. We are here to support you when it gets tiring.
  10. X'shah Zinbhe

    Linkshell Meet Up!

    Weekly Meetup! The weekly meetup is being held at 8PM Eastern. This is just a little informal get-together IC to act as a platform for introduction and conversation. An announcement will be distributed in the Discord & linkshell that includes coordinates of the locale. Hope to see you there!
  11. X'shah Zinbhe

    Master list of FC & LS themes

    In Game Theme(s): Race / Clan / Tribe Specific. Healers. Explorers. Linkshell Name: The Warden's Reliquary. Website Url: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18583 Contacts: [Admin]: X'shah Zinbhe. [Moderators:] A'vraiya Tia. X'heshek Vizinh. X'khalara Haqqisekh. J'tehn Nunh. X'yr Ero. J'serin Tia. Y'tajha Fhuz. J'ferrhin Nunh. X'nim Vizinh. J'ira Rhenare. W'lefay Sheqa. Miscreant Vagabond. T'yki Tia. R'elira Saathi. X'zavir Tia Housing: A temple devoted to Azeyma, although it is not required for use and typically functions as a point to meet up if players networking are stumped. Sometimes linkshell meet ups are held here. Zone, Ward, Plot: The Goblet. Ward 6. Plot 4. It was honestly hard to narrow down these themes as there is such a diverse cast of characters inside of the linkshell currently! I might have to update this later. Thank you for creating this master list!
  12. X'shah Zinbhe

    Curious on this Miqote tribe concept

    Hm, I'm not sure if I'm answering this correct. The PC-created sub-branch my character is the chief of is a warrior culture and has quite extensive player-written lore. Following Nunh conventions of course, within reason. It's more so lead by priestesses because it's a very religious with castes. Warriors are often called Champions of Azeyma. There's elders, kids, apprentices ... all sorts of things.
  13. X'shah Zinbhe

    The Warden's Reliquary

    Hello everyone! Happy holidays. I want you to know that I'm doing an inactivity purge this week. If you haven't been seen online for quite some time or you're incredibly inactive you're going to be removed. You are welcome back when you return to the game. Thanks!
  14. X'shah Zinbhe

    The Warden's Reliquary

    Thought I should add this linkshell hosts a 24/7 RP spot, a Temple devoted to Azeyma. Goblet, Ward 6, Plot 4. Enjoy and I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!
  15. X'shah Zinbhe

    The Warden's Reliquary

    I wanted to add a small update that we have managed to acquire a Goblet Medium and I'm stoked! We'll be able to have events in the wilderness and a middle access RP point for tribal and city-dwelling miqo'te to meet now. More to come soon!