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  1. Yep, I was able to make an alt at around 3 pm GMT (10 am EST) so definitely not closed!
  2. Main Character's Name: Rosamund Hale Alts: Brynja Scorchsteel, Dejah Zhavesh, J'inarah Marad, Quri Ayaala Server: Balmung Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: See above! Usually online between: 5 pm to 12 am GMT Intensity: Heavy
  3. Thanks so much to everyone who came last night! We hope you had a good time! We really enjoyed all the interesting questions and had a lot of fun practising against mammets with you. We’re considering a more advanced lecture as a possibility in the future, for those of you who already know the basics, so watch this space!
  4. Join Metaphysick for an evening discussing the Void, the monstrous creatures that inhabit it, and protective measures you can take should you find yourself faced with one. We will begin the evening with lectures on voidsent in the library on the ground floor. A bell later, we will move to the basement for practical lessons on protecting yourself from voidsent, using glamoured mammets to mimic their abilities and test what you’ve learned. Refreshments will be available throughout the evening at the bar situated on the top floor of the estate. What: Learn to defend yourself against the darkest arts and voidsent! When: Friday the 9th February 2018 at 10 pm GMT/5 pm EST Where: Mists, Ward 12, Plot 35 on Balmung Contact Torhe Raanu or Rosamund Hale with any questions!
  5. Halla

    Jackal & Hide [EU]

    [align=center]Jackal'n Hide's Recruitin'! [/align] “Ah love me pack wiv all me ‘eart…even if’n they drive me mad more often’n not.” - J’inarah Marad “We’re the best’ah the best’ve what’s left!” - J’kilid Tia “Ye’ll never find a more talented, nor bonnier group o’ lads n’ lasses in all de realm~” - Zaoka Aloka “After about.. nine moons, a lot of Jackals still scare me, you know? But.. we’ve got each others’ backs! Err-.. usually!” - Ryder Bailey “They’ve been there for me in my literally darkest bells.” - Rufus Wightman “They’re a tolerant lot. Ye could come from any walk of life and find a home here…just look at Rufus; even he is still about.” - Thya Kahzuun Jackal & Hide are an EU-based roleplay free company on the FFXIV server of Balmung, on our second year of running. We’re salvagers and mercenaries with a splash of chaotic good morals, featuring an eccentric (to put it lightly) ‘pack’ of Jackals who band together for fun and profit. We host roleplay events regularly and you can see here for some examples of our past events. We also run a public event once a month near Costa del Sol, the Sunny Seaside Bar. We’re looking for people who are eager to get involved and become steadfast members of our little pack. If you’re interested in running your own events, that’s a plus! We have our own combat system and are happy to help you learn the ways of a Jackal DM (hint: lots of bloodshed). Want to know more? Check out our site or company tumblr.
  6. Adore your art, Savo! Definitely commission her, she's fantastic with a superbly unique style! :love:
  7. Is this going to be at the same time every day? Because we run our RP events at around this time, as well as the Sunny Seaside Bar. The queue to get back in was quite short today but I'm worried about the weekend.
  8. Yep, plenty of us still around. You can check out the European RP Directory for Balmung but I'm not sure if anything's been consolidated for Omega yet.
  9. Halla

    Jackal & Hide [EU]

    Another month draws to a close at Jackal & Hide! Aelia and Rufus both sent us to investigate mines in Thanalan, with the former involving a moral quandry that caused friction in the pack, and the latter resulting in a bloody battle with a powerful mage. Meanwhile, another jade chocobo adventure ended without too much difficulty and a hefty treasure hoard. Who knows where the next stone tablet will lead? [align=center][/align] We opened up the Sunny Seaside Bar again with dodgeball for our entertainment. Team "The Best Team", led by Rufus, won the first match and Team "Creamy", led by Kaya, won the second. Kilid's excited to start up a proper league and tournaments in the future, so watch this space! [align=center][/align] What's in store for us next? We've heard the drums of war beating in the distance and it seems the battle will soon be upon us. The Jackals have plans to aid the Resistance, but will the pack unite against a common foe or splinter in the face of conflicting ideals? Whatever the case, some of us will be leaving the chaos behind, travelling across the seas to Othard in the hopes of setting up trade routes. We wish them a safe journey! And that's all the news fit to print from the Jackals this month. Please note, the Sunny Seaside Bar will be closed in June due to Stormblood early access launching that same weekend, but we'll be back on 15 July! Azeyma light your path!
  10. Your art is just stunning. Love it (and you)! :love:
  11. Thanks so much to everyone who came to the Sunny Seaside Bar tonight! We had a great time playing dodgeball, with "Team The Best Team" winning first match and "Team Creamy" winning the second. Well done and hope you all had as much fun as we did. We won't be open in June as Stormblood's early access launches that weekend but look forward to seeing everyone again on 15 July!
  12. As an FC leader, with a house and lots of friends made in NA, the cons in moving outweigh the pros. Even if I did demand everyone follow me - which I wouldn't - I could very well end up being the only one from my circle who does leave. Free transfers help, reimbursement on housing helps, but you can't replace friends and that's going to be the biggest factor for a lot of people: will my friends come with me? It's a huge risk to take if you've already established IC and OOC ties. So yes, all I'm willing to do at this point is make an alt elsewhere. But you're right, it does have greater potential than other efforts due to the sheer fact that people can't get onto 'the' big server anymore. I'm watching with interest to see how it works out and I wish all the best of luck to anyone starting a new community. I'm just worried because I've seen similar happen in other MMOs and the results weren't good.
  13. We open up again tomorrow at 7 pm BST/2 pm EDT! No performances this time; we're going to be playing dodgeball again about an hour after we open. See here for rules and more information on how we run a match. Hope to see you there!
  14. I'm in a discord right now about potentially establishing an alternative server which includes NA and EU - link here. I do like the idea of an EU one specifically but this one is already off the ground and I think efforts should be consolidated or it's going to be even harder to organise what's already a fractured population. As for an EU RP server itself, I'm still not convinced it'll pan out. I'm happy to throw alts around and see how it goes but I'm not optimistic enough to start trying to convince my FC and friends to consider moving. I've been on low pop realms in WoW before and ultimately transferred to Argent Dawn because it was impossible to find RP. I'm aware that the difference here is there is no option to transfer to the big server if you're a newcomer, but I don't see it ending well. Call me jaded; that's just how I feel. That said, my ping doubling overnight does worry me too. But RP is what I'm here for at the end of the day, and my home is going to be where the RP is regardless of how many times I'll fall off the ledge on Titan.
  15. My main concern is that whilst lots of events and open RP in my timezone sounds great, will it actually happen in practice? I think we have a fairly substantial EU population on Balmung but the number of events that start before I need to be in bed are completely dwarfed by all the NA-friendly events. People need a lot of time and motivation to get public events off the ground and if there doesn't seem to be that many even on a server as big as Balmung, this worries me. I'm just not sure a move would be sustainable long-term. I think we'd ideally want all EU RPers to move to the same server so the population is large enough, but I'm already hearing talk about going to X, Y or Z, and trying to organise people spread across many realms is going to be a herculean task. You can't force people to go somewhere else so it'd require a lot of communication and perhaps even negotiation. All that said, the incentives offered by Square are indeed nice, and I'd be quite tempted to start on a new EU realm - but that's only if I was reasonably certain it would be sustainable. At this point, I'm not.
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