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  1. EDIT: Didn't realize this post was several days dead. My bad...
  2. I have a VIera skypirate her left her village long ago and now has all sorts of crazy tales to tell to just about anyone who will listen! What are your "interesting" hours? I tend to log in around 9/10pm and play to roughly 2am or so, EST of course. Would that time suit you any?
  3. Definitely a minor chore for me. As far as the realism argument goes, I can come up with about 15 reasons off the top of my head on why it's not realistic.
  4. Awesome, I'll try and look you up sometime!
  5. Yeah, TBH you're experiencing a double dose of it. Lala's in general are seldom taken serious, but you can also thank your fellow non-serious Lala RPers for that as well as most tend to play over cutesy cuddly characters. Add in the fact that it's already hard enough finding lasting, long-term RP and yeah, I can understand why it's a rough time for you. I don't have much advice that hasn't already been said, but if you want to RP (this goes for anyone in the topic here) feel free to add me on Discord and lets set something up! Discord ID: SicketySix#7204
  6. I thought I heard somebody mention Skyrim and I came as fast as I could. Though I didn't know much about RP when Skyrim came out so I missed out on crafting stories for my characters. I should give it another play-through sometime....for like the 50 billionth time.
  7. Hey this is SicketySix, glad to see you posting your art again!
  8. I feel like this line here can be a bit misleading as to me it sounds like "Ehh not many will care, don't worry about them" when in reality most of Balmung is a pretty lore strict crowd. What will happen is a lot of others will tell you that you have the right to RP whatever you want (and you do) but then say that your character just isn't for them. That being said, there are groups of people who don't much care for the lore of the game. They are out there, sure, but I would say they are definitely the minority. Either way, best of luck in your search!
  9. The new layout looks great!

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