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    Dungeons, Dragons and Lizard Cowboys

    Welcome to the RPC!
  2. SicketySix

    New to the game; what server do I join?

    Jenova didn't make it onto Crystal? RIP
  3. SicketySix

    New to the game; what server do I join?

    I also think Siren has a small RP scene as well...
  4. SicketySix

    New to the game; what server do I join?

    I think Jenova may be the next most suitable server for you. If you look at the menu header above, you can see the Linkshell & Free Company tabs. Those will show you the RP groups on any given server that's been added. Best of luck to you!
  5. SicketySix

    Where is everyone?

    Well, can always fix that! The last two expansions have been pretty good.
  6. SicketySix

    New to FF XIV, but been RPing for a while

    Welcome to FFXIV & the RPC!
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    New to RP, been playin casually for awhile

    Welcome to the RPC!
  8. SicketySix

    Where is everyone?

    Well, you know what they say, if you can't beat em' join em'!
  9. SicketySix

    General Lore Questions

    My Miqo'te lore is extremely lacking, but I think they originally hail from Meracydia, which is outside Eorzea borders.
  10. SicketySix

    Where is everyone?

    Yeah, I think Discord has taken over a lot of the chats, and I do know the Tumblr community is still growing at a fairly rapid pace.
  11. Just echoing what Mermaid said. I think just using one part of the character's name, not too many people will care. Ripping the whole and then applying that character to your concept, however, it's pretty likely that will raise some red flags. That being said, nobody should be able to tell you what you and can't do. It's your game, your money and time and you are free to do as you wish. Just expect a bit of backlash if you do.
  12. SicketySix

    Old player making a comeback and looking to get into some rp

    Welcome to the RPC! I'm unsure if Midgardsormr shares a shard with Mateus/Balmung, but server hopping will be a thing in the coming future so you may not have to worry about leaving your friends behind. You could simply stay on the server with them, and then hope to different serves on your shard (whatever the server clusters are called) for roleplay, and then hop back when done!
  13. SicketySix

    Somewhat new to FFXIV, Very old to RP!

    Welcome back to FFXIV!
  14. SicketySix

    New to both FF14 and RP, hello!

    Welcome to the RPC forums!
  15. SicketySix

    Garlean FC ?

    Welcome to the RPC! Unfortunately, I do not know of any Garlean based FCs on Balmung, much less Mateus, but tbh there's some many FCs I wouldn't even claim to know the half of them. I've had reasonable success finding specific FCs by posting up a party finder with my request. Usually, someone can help get you started. I do know there is a Garlean LS, and if memory serves, a few of those people visit the forums here. You might want to browse the LS & FC tabs above and see what you can find. Cheers!
  16. SicketySix

    Solaela's first steps

    Welcome to FFXIV & the RPC Forums!
  17. SicketySix

    New and gearing up for RP finally!

    Heya! Welcome to FFXIV and the RPC forums! If it's Linkshells you are looking for I'd suggest hitting the "Linkshell" tab above you on the menu header and take a browse through there! I see you are on Balmung, so here's a link to their linkshell page! https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/search/?type=forums_topic&nodes=203&tags=balmung Enjoy!
  18. SicketySix

    New here!

    Either or, really. Discord can really be whatever and however, you want to use it. And welcome to the forums!
  19. SicketySix


    Welcome to the forums! If you'd like to feel free to throw up a post in "Making Connections" and tell everyone a bit about your character!
  20. SicketySix

    Balmung is closed once again

    This doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is everyone either in shock or complaining about it. It's been open for plenty of time now, you've had ample time to do whatever it is you needed to do. Who was under the illusion that it was to be unlocked forever? I certainly wasn't. I'm surprised it was kept open even for that long.
  21. Sent you a Friends Request on Discord! ID is Savona/Masika#9477
  22. SicketySix

    The tricky subject of Rp and Spelling

    Honestly, as long as I can read and understand the point they are trying to get across, I really couldn't care less about it. I've even willingly roleplayed with another who would write like this: "He hurryed and rdrunk the tee from his cup befor sitting it down on the table an standing too go wuld wave bye" And the reason why is simple. I can understand it. From an IC perspective, my character is not reading his actions, she is watching them. Therefore, as long as I can have a clear picture of what the character is doing or saying in my head, I'm chill with it.
  23. SicketySix

    [Spoilers] 4.2 MSQ Discussion

    I think it's fairly obvious she's going to unlock her memories. But from there I am unsure what happens. I've also considered the possibility that Gosetsu is going to give his life defending her, for whatever reason. Something is already clearly wrong with him and that's been pointed out several times by various NPCs already. But then again, something much larger could be happening. Three characters who are supposedly dead suddenly show back up, and each one seems a different person then they were before, which is rather interesting to say the least. Also, don't get me started on Gosetsu's whole spew about returning her (Yotsuyu) to his master so he may decide her fate, and then when Hien goes to take her life Gosetsu speaks out about how he should not and it's not the will of the Kami. Behead them both. Her for war crimes, and Gosetsu for treason. Boom, problem solved.
  24. SicketySix

    Sketchbook (+other such Nonsense)

    Your art is amazing! Not sure how I missed this thread! I may have to get you to draw some things for me sometime! ((If you take commissions, I onlt scanned the pretty arts and didn't read anything! lol))