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  1. You can begin RPing as early as leaving the character creation screen and progressing the MSQ out of the instanced starting quest. I have no idea why someone would claim that apart from them being an obvious troll. Although I would recommend grabbing a few level and focus on completing the MSQ to the point of being able to dye/glamour your gear, and gaining access to the other city-states. (Level15)


    Not to mention that people will take you a bit more serious of you are on a character with a few hours of gameplay under it's belt.

    ((There's a stigma surrounding "Sprouts" in the fact that most Level 1 characters with the green leaf by their name are just ERP alts.))

  2. Usually the MSQ and FFXIV RP characters are kept separate. While it's certainly acceptable to say for instance you fought in the Dragonsong War or helped take back Ala Mhigo or the like, anything involving the actual WoL or a few select 'WoL Only" jobs (WHM for example) is best left alone if you want to be accepted by the majority of RPers on Balmung/Mateus.


    For example, you'll find a lot of PLDs who just happen to be sword & board users, or a DRG who is just a person with a lance. It's not saying you can't RP these jobs, its just that most RPers it seems RP around the weapon and not the class.


    As far as Datacenters and Servers for RP, you're best bet is transferring to somewhere on the Crystal DC as that's where the two largest unofficial RP serves are, them being Balmung (1) and Mateus (2)

  3. On 3/22/2020 at 2:01 PM, veloxiraptors said:

    I've heard stories of people getting kicked from FC's in Zalera for being gay, and been told in previous RP groups that enby/trans characters were off limits because "it wasn't supported by canon." I suppose I've been a bit hesitant to jump into the RP community here because of that, so really do appreciate your vote of confidence!



    I don't know who told you that but I'd argue that FFXIV is the most welcoming of LGBTQ+ community than any other MMO I've been in.

    In fact, I'm betting you can't hardly find an RP guild that doesn't advertise itself as being LGBTQ+ friendly.


    Unless you are talking Pve/PvP/Raiding FCs, in which case can be pretty toxic for any number of reasons that related to gender, orientation or pronouns.

  4. On 2/25/2020 at 11:47 PM, Faye said:

    Not really, but some general lingo (many of it unfortunately ERP-focused):

    M/MRP - Mature RP
    ERP - Erotic RP
    DM - direct message
    WU or W/U - walk-ups
    LFRP - looking for RP
    LFFC - looking for FC
    /c/ or -c- denotes they have an f-list page for their character

    And sometimes they will have preferences for their characters preferred partners (m - male, f - female, fu - f*ta)

    You many see some other terms like heavy RP, med RP, dark RP, all RP, etc. just specifying what RP they enjoy.

    Oftentimes people will also include links to their character profiles that are shortened or ran through a URL shortener. If you see anything referencing "carrd" that's what most people use for their character bios recently.

    I have played FFXIV since release almost and I'm just now learning this!

  5. 4 hours ago, Strongth said:

    Thanks for the responses, I've decided to make a new character on Mateus, since I don't want to limit my partner options unnecessarily. I'm going to say goodbye to my glamours (for now) and Strongth will continue to be my warrior of light. Guess it's time to start brainstorming some fun character ideas.


    Thanks for your honesty, and have a wonderful day!

    I hope you didn't take this as a "NO YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT DO THIS!" because ultimately you are 100% in your right to do whatever you wish. None of us pay your sub so we really have no say in what you can or can't do. I say if you can find a group that accepts it, than go for it and everyone else be damned! I just wanted to give you a heads-up that quite a few people wouldn't be to accepting of it.

  6. 7 hours ago, Lihya Zharipoh said:

    Well, in this setting, interdimensional portals and people falling through them isn't unheard of, its been the plot for numerous things here. I'd be fine with it to a point, and I'm always happy to take on new players as RP contacts, but sadly I'm on the Crystal Datacenter in NA.

    I think your acceptance you find for it is mostly going to be about the company you keep, rather than any universal "Yes you can do this / No, don't RP that concept" that would apply to every contact you try to make. It's admittedly a somewhat "out-there" character concept, but don't mistake that for an unplayable one. People have varying degrees of leniency when it comes to the character concepts of others. Some you meet will think it's a cool idea, some will be neutral about it and be fine with RPing with it, and some honestly will probably shun you for it, to be blunt. Whether it be a voidsent possessed person, someone with a multidimensional family history, an actual White Mage, etc, if you ever decide to RP a character with an out-there concept behind them, you just need to find people who are cool with that. RP with them, and avoid the ones who feel differently!

    While I certainly mean no offense to you, I feel as if you haven't properly portrayed how the RP community as a whole feels about these sort of concepts. I get a sort of "Meh you'll be fine, some might not like it though...." vibe from your post and speaking from roughly 5yrs experience in this RP community I'd insist it's so much more than that...


    While yes, it's not unheard of, you'll certainly find a majority of RPers within FFXIV being entirely against this concept. A large number of them can barely tolerate the entire Shadowbringers expansion zones as being impossible to get to without being the WoL. And while you may be able to find a certain small group of RPers that will tolerate this, the vast majority will be against it. 


    Nobody has the freedom to tell you what you can't or can do. But with a concept like this you are really going to have to take @Lihya Zharipoh advice and find a specific crowd of people who don't mind this type of charcter. So while I do agree with what's said above, I didn't want you to be disappointed when finding the majority of the community will frown upon it. But if you are prepared for that, then go for it! Either way I hope the best for you and best of luck searching it out! XD

  7. I have a VIera skypirate her left her village long ago and now has all sorts of crazy tales to tell to just about anyone who will listen!
    What are your "interesting" hours? I tend to log in around 9/10pm and play to roughly 2am or so, EST of course. Would that time suit you any?

  8. Yeah, TBH you're experiencing a double dose of it. Lala's in general are seldom taken serious, but you can also thank your fellow non-serious Lala RPers for that as well as most tend to play over cutesy cuddly characters. Add in the fact that it's already hard enough finding lasting, long-term RP and yeah, I can understand why it's a rough time for you. I don't have much advice that hasn't already been said, but if you want to RP (this goes for anyone in the topic here) feel free to add me on Discord and lets set something up!


    Discord ID: SicketySix#7204

  9. I thought I heard somebody mention Skyrim and I came as fast as I could.

    Though I didn't know much about RP when Skyrim came out so I missed out on crafting stories for my characters.
    I should give it another play-through sometime....for like the 50 billionth time.

  10. 58 minutes ago, Tristan Carver said:

    The only people you are going to upset are the lore strict crowd. 

    I feel like this line here can be a bit misleading as to me it sounds like "Ehh not many will care, don't worry about them" when in reality most of Balmung is a pretty lore strict crowd. What will happen is a lot of others will tell you that you have the right to RP whatever you want (and you do) but then say that your character just isn't for them. 

    That being said, there are groups of people who don't much care for the lore of the game. They are out there, sure, but I would say they are definitely the minority.


    Either way, best of luck in your search!

  11. Mateus is usually back open during the late night - early morning hours after prime-time ends. Maybe a little more difficult now since it is the weekend.

    Balmung & Mateus really are the best RP servers as far as roleplayer population goes, and if you are wanting to RP I'd suggest just setting an alarm and trying for Mateus again. Forget trying Balmung though, it's ALWAYS LOCKED.


    As for other servers, I believe Jenova, Coerul, and Siren have small RP populations.

  12. Hello there! 


      I play Megane Delaunay, a gunsmithing Elezen Noble that partakes in most all things that make the other Nobles frown upon!

      I'm currently looking for a host of connections revolving around friends, clients, friendly rivalries, treasure hunters and explorers, as well as possible romance or lovers!

    I'm okay with a bit or pre-planning to see what each of us may have in mind, but I prefer to let the actual connections work themselves out for RP!


      I'm available in-game nightly, mostly between the hours of 7:00 pm - 12:00 am PST.

    I also have a Discord (which I will send upon request) and a Tumblr Account I'll link down below.


    Attached below is just a bit more info about her!







     The wind howls and batters the fallen snow one late Ishgardian night. Heavy clouds block out the moon and stars above sealing the city-state in near total darkness if not for the lone flickering street lamps whose clear glass covers protect the small burning flame from being extinguished from the elements.


     There, in a nearby Estate, a small basement window is visible just above the snowfall. Just inside is a fairly well-lit room that reveals the form of a tall woman. She's dressed in a long flowing expensive gown that holds short just above the floor and the long, near thigh-high slit up the side of her leg revealed a pair of nylons and dress heels. To her left, a pair of matching dress gloves, a large fur coat, and quite a few pieces of valuable jewels and pearls had been scattered across the workbench where she toiled.


     A smile flashed across her red-painted lips as the flame of the lantern glinted off the steel of a new rifle as she raised it into the air for inspection. Long, slender fingers ran gently over the shiny new lever-action she'd just installed, as she gently thumbed away the soot and oil of the new insight. Though half unfinished, the woman's expressions and body language alone would show she was already rather proud of her work as she gently lowered it back to its rest upon her table and would move to blow out her lantern and turn in for the night. 


     Rumors were constantly swirling about this Elezen Noble and what nighttime activities had the oil of her lanterns burning so late into the night. The secrets were of forbidden lovers of both married and unmarried men and women alike, of private rendezvous, political plots and schemes, all had been speculated, and perhaps all true at some point or other. She was all to well known as the Woman who eagerly took to things of excitement and intrigue, risque encounters and all too often indulging in large amounts of alcohol at the highborn events and parties that were thrown. Yet none of these rumors seemed to bother the woman in the slightest, and some would say she only furthered the rumors herself


    Yet despite her pension for her own personal desires and whatever they may hold,  but for tonight, the only thing this Elezen Noble wanted to play with was her guns... 



    Character Info ––– –


    Title: Lady Baroness

    Name: Megane Delaunay

    Nickname: Megs 

    Alias: Gunpowder Kisses - The Black Widow

    Full Title:  Lady Baroness Megane Constance Marie Delaunay-Dutiot


    The Basics ––– –


    Age: 27 (Elezen Equivalent) 

    Birthday: August 17th (Eorzea Equivalent)

    Race: Elezen Wildwood

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian / Monogamous / 

    Marital Status: Widowed


    Physical Appearance ––– –


    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Reddish-Brown

    Height: 6′6″ (Max Height)

    Build: Athletic

    Distinguishing Marks: Small powder burn on the left side of her lower lip (often concealed with makeup) - Small birthmark under left eye

    Common Accessories: Black Choker


    Personal ––– –


    Profession: Gunsmith - Treasure Hunter

    Hobbies: Bartending - Treasure Hunting - Parties - Exploring

    Languages: Eorzean Common - Hingan -  Thavnairian

    Residence: Ishgard with residences in other city-states

    Birthplace: Ishgard

    Religion: Devout

    Patron Deity: Halone

    Fears: The health of her half-sister


    Relationships ––– -


    Spouse: Henri Dutoit, the Third (Deceased)

    Children: None

    Parents: Estranged

    Siblings: Willow Delaunay (Half-sister)

    Other Relatives: Various other family scattered about.

    Pets: “Toady” a small bullpup who’s petrified of frogs.


    Traits ––– -


    Extroverted / In Between / Introverted

    Disorganized / In Between / Organized

    Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded

    Calm / In Between / Anxious

    Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable

    Cautious / In Between / Reckless

    Patient / In Between /  Impatient

    Outspoken / In Between / Reserved

    Leader / In Between / Follower

    Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic

    Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic

    Traditional / In Between / Modern

    Hard-working / In Between / Lazy

    Cultured / In Between / Uncultured

    Loyal / In Between / Disloyal

    Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful


    Additional information ––– –


    Smoking Habit: Occasionally as she works.

    Drugs: Possible with certain friends.

    Alcohol: Heavy Social Drinker


    RP Hooks ––– –


    GUNSMITH: Megane’s Noble House has been a generous sponsor of Skysteel Manufactory for quite some time, and at one point, despite her families disapproval, learned how to assemble and unassemble rifles and other various firearms. It brought her great joy and she’s grown to love the smell of gunpowder and lead. Currently, she travels all about Eorzea as a small-time Gunsmith. Order a shiny new rifle or handgun from her and you’ll receive her trademark stamped upon it; Her own red-lipsticked kiss sealed over with gloss, earning her the alias of “Gunpowder Kisses”


    ISHGARD NOBILITY: Born into a Noble Family on the brink of losing it all, Megane had been betrothed to a rather abusive family known as the Dutoit’s. Her husband, Henri Dutoit was unkind and often unfaithful to his new bride. As time passed he grew ill and passed, his estates and holdings moving to his wife, Megane.


    RELIC / ARTIFACT / TREASURE HUNTER: Always a thirst for excitement, hunting the forgotten and lost secrets of civilizations past as just about the only thing that can properly sate her appetite for adventure. She's no stranger to forgotten and cursed ruins and caves, and have more than once encountered all too hostile of creatures within, yet this only adds to her excitement. In truth, this Noblewoman can just as often be found amongst the dirt and grime of some cave as she can be found dancing across the floor of some upper-society soriee.


    THE BLACK WIDOW: It’s rumored that a kiss from those ruby-colored lips bears a deadly curse. For everyone she’s ever kissed, misfortune has always seemed to follow, she's done a lot of kissing to a lot of unexpecting people! Perhaps you or someone you know had witnessed the unfortunate side effects of doing so! (PM me for details on this one!)





    "These wet lips sink ships, or so I've been told.
    Only a rumor, perhaps. Though there was that one time..."

  13. On 1/19/2019 at 5:56 AM, Starlogica said:

    Hello, all, I have been in the game on and off for a bit now, though now playing on Mateus as I last checked.  I do have one character still on Balmung, but I had moved to Mateus and started over as other friends were there.  I have played in games like SWG, WoW, TSW (now SWL), SWTOR, and others over the years, and enjoy roleplaying with others with good plot, humor, stories, intrigue, and more.


    I play when I can as I work full-time, and it has been over a year since I was back in the game, so not sure what is out there at the moment.  I am generally a heavy role player by preference, though at times, I also just relax OOC and play the game for the game.   If anyone has any suggestions for good places/links to meet others as I do have discord too, and anything else, feel free to say hello and suggest away.



    Ohh hey I know you! This is Enticing, from tumblr!


    Good to see you over here.

  14. I think it's one of those "Everyone experiences something different" situations as I tend to RP both genders and I actually find my males getting more attention than my female main. So in my mind, I can't even really take this thread seriously lol. It doesn't mean it doesn't happen, and if it does happen to you, it's not really a YOU think as much as it's just your experience.


    Also to further my point on this, I recently quit BDO because I thought the RP scene was incredibly limited, whereas you seem to have found yourself a good home relatively quick.

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