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  1. Well, you know what they say, if you can't beat em' join em'!
  2. My Miqo'te lore is extremely lacking, but I think they originally hail from Meracydia, which is outside Eorzea borders.
  3. Yeah, I think Discord has taken over a lot of the chats, and I do know the Tumblr community is still growing at a fairly rapid pace.
  4. Just echoing what Mermaid said. I think just using one part of the character's name, not too many people will care. Ripping the whole and then applying that character to your concept, however, it's pretty likely that will raise some red flags. That being said, nobody should be able to tell you what you and can't do. It's your game, your money and time and you are free to do as you wish. Just expect a bit of backlash if you do.
  5. Welcome to the RPC! I'm unsure if Midgardsormr shares a shard with Mateus/Balmung, but server hopping will be a thing in the coming future so you may not have to worry about leaving your friends behind. You could simply stay on the server with them, and then hope to different serves on your shard (whatever the server clusters are called) for roleplay, and then hop back when done!
  6. Welcome to the RPC! Unfortunately, I do not know of any Garlean based FCs on Balmung, much less Mateus, but tbh there's some many FCs I wouldn't even claim to know the half of them. I've had reasonable success finding specific FCs by posting up a party finder with my request. Usually, someone can help get you started. I do know there is a Garlean LS, and if memory serves, a few of those people visit the forums here. You might want to browse the LS & FC tabs above and see what you can find. Cheers!
  7. Welcome to FFXIV & the RPC Forums!
  8. Heya! Welcome to FFXIV and the RPC forums! If it's Linkshells you are looking for I'd suggest hitting the "Linkshell" tab above you on the menu header and take a browse through there! I see you are on Balmung, so here's a link to their linkshell page! https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/search/?type=forums_topic&nodes=203&tags=balmung Enjoy!
  9. Savona Drake

    New here!

    Either or, really. Discord can really be whatever and however, you want to use it. And welcome to the forums!
  10. Savona Drake


    Welcome to the forums! If you'd like to feel free to throw up a post in "Making Connections" and tell everyone a bit about your character!
  11. This doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is everyone either in shock or complaining about it. It's been open for plenty of time now, you've had ample time to do whatever it is you needed to do. Who was under the illusion that it was to be unlocked forever? I certainly wasn't. I'm surprised it was kept open even for that long.
  12. Honestly, as long as I can read and understand the point they are trying to get across, I really couldn't care less about it. I've even willingly roleplayed with another who would write like this: "He hurryed and rdrunk the tee from his cup befor sitting it down on the table an standing too go wuld wave bye" And the reason why is simple. I can understand it. From an IC perspective, my character is not reading his actions, she is watching them. Therefore, as long as I can have a clear picture of what the character is doing or saying in my head, I'm chill with it.
  13. I think it's fairly obvious she's going to unlock her memories. But from there I am unsure what happens. I've also considered the possibility that Gosetsu is going to give his life defending her, for whatever reason. Something is already clearly wrong with him and that's been pointed out several times by various NPCs already. But then again, something much larger could be happening. Three characters who are supposedly dead suddenly show back up, and each one seems a different person then they were before, which is rather interesting to say the least. Also, don't get me started on Gosetsu's whole spew about returning her (Yotsuyu) to his master so he may decide her fate, and then when Hien goes to take her life Gosetsu speaks out about how he should not and it's not the will of the Kami. Behead them both. Her for war crimes, and Gosetsu for treason. Boom, problem solved.
  14. Your art is amazing! Not sure how I missed this thread! I may have to get you to draw some things for me sometime! ((If you take commissions, I onlt scanned the pretty arts and didn't read anything! lol))
  15. Nahh, most themes of foreplay revolve around sex....:thumbsup: Funny typo (I assume?) aside, you can usually find any type of RP that you'd like, lore friendly, and not so much. But I'd say a good 80% of roleplayers here stick to the in-game universe/lore.
  16. At first, I came for the pizza. Then I saw it was you, and I'm still only here for the pizza....8-)
  17. Hey there! It’s that time again where I’m looking for more contacts and friends to RP with! And so, I thought I’d list a few RP hooks of things Savy has to offer, as well as a few connections that I’m looking for! I can offer RP through Discord/Tumblr (Discord ID: littlehighlander#9477 - Tumblr: littlehighlander) or in-game under the name Savona Stormhaven. Also keep in mind that Discord/Tumblr usually takes me anywhere between 3 minutes to 8 hours to get a reply off, depending on how busy work is at the moment. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that my in-game hours are from about 9:30/10:00pm EST - 2:00/3:00 am depending. These hours are pretty strict so I’d like to apologize to you add me and hope for RP outside those hours as maybe you’ll get RP once a month. Here's a little about her so you can familiarize yourself with her! Savona Anne Stormhaven. A 20yr old, Ala Mhigan born, Ishgard raised Midlander/Highlander mixed girl with a French accent and a love for drinking, sparring, tattoos, piercings, and friends! Anyways, on to the fun stuff! Currently looking/seeking the following! #1: Sparring/Training Partners! Savy loves to train and she makes a great punching bag if you are looking to hone your combat skills, as she is too. Anything from hand to hand combat, lances, swords, daggers, archery, you name it she is down to train. #2: Workout Buddies! Savy is all about fitness and staying healthy, as one look at her toned form would tell you. She trains in weights, running/jogging and her personal fave, yoga. She can even teach yoga to your character if they have an interest #3: Friends/Drinking Buddies! She’s a pretty heavy drinker when it comes to social settings or just hanging out in a tavern some night. It would be nice to have a few friends along so she’s not drinking alone as much! #4: Body Piercings! Savy loved these so much, and found them easy enough to do for herself and has since wanted to branch out and offer the service to others as well. So if you need something (anywhere) pierced, she’s your girl! #5: Tatto Artists! She’s recently fallen in love with tattoos and already has quite a few and continues to add to them. Most of these I just assign off to some NPC role but if anyone out there is an IC tattoo artist, I’d be interested in setting something up! #6: Various Connections! As I’m open to all types of RP, there’s not really much I will turn down. Relationships, Rivals, Family Members, Lovers, Friends with benefits, whatever. If it fits the character I am open to it. #7: Bonus Points for Ala Mhigans! Whether those who’d be willing to teach Savona all about her homeland, heritage, the occupation, and just everything related to Ala Mhigo. She’s very much a daughter returned and wants to make up for her absence during the war. However, if your character wants to view her as a coward/imposter and disown her since she was not present for the occupation, I’d love that! Not everything has to be sunshine & rainbows when it comes to roleplay. Rape/Violence/Death/Incapacitation/Marring/Death…..MUST BE DISCUSSED FIRST! If not, I will retcon the scene entirely and ask you to respect myself and the character, and you will be free to try RP with her once again. I’m a very patient, understanding person, but repeated offenses of the above will not be tolerated and may lead to no further RP interactions. So please discuss these plots first! Thank you!
  18. Thank you soo much, again! She's freaking perfect and couldn't be happier!
  19. Your art is fantastic and I love your art style.:thumbsup:
  20. Considering all my RP carries heavy consequences, and all my characters are prone to get over their heads in trouble, none of my characters have lasted a year.
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