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  1. Ohh hey I know you! This is Enticing, from tumblr! Good to see you over here.
  2. I think it's one of those "Everyone experiences something different" situations as I tend to RP both genders and I actually find my males getting more attention than my female main. So in my mind, I can't even really take this thread seriously lol. It doesn't mean it doesn't happen, and if it does happen to you, it's not really a YOU think as much as it's just your experience. Also to further my point on this, I recently quit BDO because I thought the RP scene was incredibly limited, whereas you seem to have found yourself a good home relatively quick.
  3. *looks at my highlander girl who only wants to brew essential oils and take scented bubblebaths* EXCUSE YOU ME, SIR! We are not all violent! XD
  4. Hey mate, when I first started playing I had a tribal seeker named Hayldean Sundance, so you are not alone.
  5. I also think Siren has a small RP scene as well...
  6. I think Jenova may be the next most suitable server for you. If you look at the menu header above, you can see the Linkshell & Free Company tabs. Those will show you the RP groups on any given server that's been added. Best of luck to you!
  7. Well, can always fix that! The last two expansions have been pretty good.
  8. Well, you know what they say, if you can't beat em' join em'!
  9. My Miqo'te lore is extremely lacking, but I think they originally hail from Meracydia, which is outside Eorzea borders.
  10. Yeah, I think Discord has taken over a lot of the chats, and I do know the Tumblr community is still growing at a fairly rapid pace.
  11. Just echoing what Mermaid said. I think just using one part of the character's name, not too many people will care. Ripping the whole and then applying that character to your concept, however, it's pretty likely that will raise some red flags. That being said, nobody should be able to tell you what you and can't do. It's your game, your money and time and you are free to do as you wish. Just expect a bit of backlash if you do.
  12. Welcome to the RPC! I'm unsure if Midgardsormr shares a shard with Mateus/Balmung, but server hopping will be a thing in the coming future so you may not have to worry about leaving your friends behind. You could simply stay on the server with them, and then hope to different serves on your shard (whatever the server clusters are called) for roleplay, and then hop back when done!
  13. Welcome to the RPC! Unfortunately, I do not know of any Garlean based FCs on Balmung, much less Mateus, but tbh there's some many FCs I wouldn't even claim to know the half of them. I've had reasonable success finding specific FCs by posting up a party finder with my request. Usually, someone can help get you started. I do know there is a Garlean LS, and if memory serves, a few of those people visit the forums here. You might want to browse the LS & FC tabs above and see what you can find. Cheers!
  14. Welcome to FFXIV & the RPC Forums!
  15. Heya! Welcome to FFXIV and the RPC forums! If it's Linkshells you are looking for I'd suggest hitting the "Linkshell" tab above you on the menu header and take a browse through there! I see you are on Balmung, so here's a link to their linkshell page! https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/search/?type=forums_topic&nodes=203&tags=balmung Enjoy!
  16. Stormy Bell

    New here!

    Either or, really. Discord can really be whatever and however, you want to use it. And welcome to the forums!
  17. Stormy Bell


    Welcome to the forums! If you'd like to feel free to throw up a post in "Making Connections" and tell everyone a bit about your character!
  18. This doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is everyone either in shock or complaining about it. It's been open for plenty of time now, you've had ample time to do whatever it is you needed to do. Who was under the illusion that it was to be unlocked forever? I certainly wasn't. I'm surprised it was kept open even for that long.
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