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  1. The answer for myself is pretty simple really: Because I don't want to RP in /p or /t but I also don't want my RP ruined by shitty, god modding, WoL characters.
  2. Oh nonsense, your art is fantastic!
  3. I like all the colors you use, looks awesome!
  4. I have this mental picture of the SE tech guys slowly extending and raising their middle finger to everyone as they strip away the XP buff. Which was more than half the reason people transferred off Balmung and into Mateus to begin with.
  5. Oh my god she's adorable! Thank you! You're very welcome. Randomly decided to add some colour. Enjoy That is perfect! You've captured her flawlessly I'd say. Thank you again!
  6. Wow that is crazy awesome of you and I'm sure everyone appreciates it very much! Savona Drake https://imgur.com/fAI3i7e Anything with a smile!
  7. Welcome to the forums! Also glad to see that you've chosen to play the best race within the game!:thumbsup:
  8. Not exactly scientific here, but somewhere in-game is an unnamed NPC that when approached says something to the effect of "Gridania to Ul'dah in one day's ride, I'll never do that again!" while rubbing his backside next to his chocobo. (I believe he's a merchant somewhere in Thanalan) So if Ul'dah to Gridania is a long days chocobo ride, I'd say that by airship it's maybe half a day. By ship, probably somewhere in the middle of the two.
  9. Stormy Bell


    Welcome back to the game!
  10. Only reason I don't RP in dungeons/instanced areas is for the timer. I wish if you went in with a pre-made party the timer would be disabled. That would be fun.
  11. I can't speak fully on the matter as I'm not on Coeurl, but there is an occasional Roleplayer who shows up from your server. Even more-so since Balmung closed it's borders.
  12. Savona's pretty much the Jersey Shores style of drunk. A mess of blonde hair dancing to her hearts content atop a table surrounded by onlookers, while probably losing her shoes and possibly her shirt somewhere. It's almost guaranteed she'll try to make out with at least one or two different people.
  13. Savona's combat style is one born of fear. She's timid. And it shows in her fighting. However she lacks much in combat experience despite having been in the Ishgard military, and what few scrapes she managed to find herself in has been against hostile wildlife, and 2 out of those 3 times have left her wounded. Needless to say, being bested by mere beast that most seem perfectly capable of dispatching without incident, has had a physiological impact on her ability to fight clearly and effectively.
  14. Every Escort levequest ever.
  15. Welcome! Mateus seems to be the current go-to for NA roleplayers, Omega if you're in the EU. Mateus has a decent RP community with mostly friendly players. Omega I've no experience with but wouldn't imagine it to be any different.
  16. My one friend had that exact problem. Buying the game on Steam, the xpack from EB Games or something. Either way it's dumb but what can ya do. Best of luck to you!
  17. Welcome to the RPC! Occasionally a few Courel roleplayers pop up now and then so it's just a matter of hunting them down. Bets of luck to you!
  18. Unless I'm wrong, which I usually am, I believe they can still roll new characters over there? Maybe just not transfer in? Wouldn't make much sense to me but it said nothing about creating new characters.
  19. It's a new RP scene, and all the growing pains and issues that accompany it. That being said it's a great server with friendly people. Finding RP should not be a problem for you
  20. Balmung is completely shut off to new characters and transfers as of now. Mateus seems to be the go to spot for RPers right now and has gathered quite an impressive amount in the short time it's been. If you plan to roll a new character, I'd advise to do so over there. And welcome back!
  21. Welcome to Mateus! I'm currently on Mateus & Balmung both, and both have their ups and downs, but you choose a great server none the less. Enjoy!
  22. Hey there! Added you on Discord but thought I'd make a post in here as well. I have a character you may be interested in, though the connection wouldn't be the more lawless type you are looking for. Instead, she's a young Highlander, age 20yrs old who quite simply is trying to find her place in where she belongs. She has a heart of gold, but is easily impressionable and manipulated into things less so. She's quick to befriend people of all race/gender and is quick to offer a hand to those in need. If you wish to know more you can browse her wiki listed below or hit me on Discord. https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Savona_Drake
  23. Welcome to the active side of the forums!
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