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  1. As stated, I had this name near the beginning of Heavensward. I was ecstatic to finally get some form of Tamamo ears tho. Also, could people stop shit talking my friend that I'm having the debate with? Yeesh. Maybe next time try not to give the impression they are an asshole.
  2. Maybe someone can enlighten or correct me on this, but from my understanding, interior housing, inn rooms and apartments also take up space in the instance servers for the entire data center. So while other servers don't exactly need it, I think overall its a plus to clear up whatever amount of space AFKers use up in that regard. (Sometimes I can't even enter my own FC house to access merchants or melders ) Very few ingame issues tick me off more then "Due to server congestion, you are unable to leave this area. Please try again later" as you repeatedly try to enter your housing. It's downright infuriating.
  3. Most of my characters die before they could retire. So my answer is, death.
  4. More then a few skeptical people I knew are now singing a different tune after this auto-kick. Sure it's not the end all solution but it has certainly improved the circumstances.
  5. I'll admit that saying a person was pathetic for doing it was probably a bit harsh and could of been worded a little better. So for that I apologize. But my view of it still pretty much remains the same. Frowned upon, though in complete honesty I could maybe see why someone would do this, but it's just not for me.
  6. ngl I've taken naps and had Faye call/text me when she sees me log in. If only we all had good friends like that!:thumbsup:
  7. Queues have been busted since the first morning of Early Access. Have you gotten to play at all, and have you needed to adjust your sleep schedule to manage it? Not snark, legitimately curious. Every afternoon from EST to late night PST has had 2-4 hour queues and most people I know just don't bother if they show up to a 3200 person line. Ultimately it comes down to "just a game" to me. And I don't mean it like one of those "Ha, nerds. Just a game..." types. I love FFXIV and I play it more then I think I even should. Hell I'd even say I'm a HUGE nerd for it. But I get home at 5pm and log in, sit through a 3hr queue and play the remaining few hours I have. So no I've not had to alter my sleep schedule for it. Queues have never been more then about 3,500 for me. Luckily. I just wait pateintly and do other things while waiting my turn.
  8. Like I said, feel free to cut in front of me. Also, single parent who works both a full and occasional part time job here, and I see no need to cut through a queue line. Is it frustrating? Hell yes! Do I feel the need to queue myself in and sit AFK until I get home and screw over everyone else trying to log in? Nope.
  9. Honestly, if you are that pathetic that you need to run a startup script to put you back into FFXIV at the soonest possible moment or you miss out on precious game time, feel free to butt your way right in front of me. This game is obviously paramount in your life and you probably couldn't survive without it.
  10. Mm, yeah but there's already quite a few prettu much unused servers. That would only increase the number.
  11. Should have paid attention to the logout announcement lol. Granted this system is not perfect, but something had to be done.
  12. Ahh I missed that part. That seems odd to log out all worlds. Especially when we know it's possible to only shut down particular worlds.
  13. Well good, because fuck all y'all selfish people who spend the entire day AFK because you don't want to wait for a queue.:thumbsup:
  14. Once you reach lvl60 in certain class, the buff will switch off for that particular class but will automatically switch on for any other class under lvl60. With that though, I also wanted to remind that Omega has the same exp buff for new characters as well as one time reward of 1,000,000 gil for reaching lvl30 in any class! 8-) And that is twice as awesome! Mmmm, yeah but it's primarily an EU server so, cancels it out for me.
  15. Awesome isn't it? Just reached Tam-Tara and level 27
  16. If you mean server queue, there is none. And if you mean dungeon queues, all worlds share same match making so, just as long as other servers. Ah sorry, I meant for roulettes and DF in general. Then yes, they are the same queue times as any of the other servers since they are shared.:thumbsup:
  17. If you mean server queue, there is none. And if you mean dungeon queues, all worlds share same match making so, just as long as other servers.
  18. Welcome to the forums! Will probably want to create an FC listing above so you can tell more people about your FC. Enjoy!
  19. Welcome to the forums! Good on you for taking the responsibility of your grandfathers care. Though the circumstances are different, I understand your odd play hours and your unavailability for the events. I myself have a little 2yr old toddler who's taken it upon herself to dictate her own bedtime so most events are usually well half way over or ending by the time I manage to make myself available. I understand your hours may fluctuate, but do you sort of have a base time that you are usually online? I tend to only be available from roughly 10pm - 1:00-2:00am EST. Are these hours close to your own?
  20. All I will say is....you need to see more movies! But welcome back! Good to see players returning.
  21. Seriously, what's not to be fascinated with by Pirates?? And welcome to the....game? Forums?....or maybe just the Welcome Desk? Either way, welcome to you, sir!
  22. I really think that everything that should of been said about the opening post, has already been said. Not sure why everyone keeps coming in and repeating the same exact thing over and over. They understand what they did, move on. Ahem, now taking my own advice.... Mateus I'm still a bit undecided on. Growing rapidly, a lot of new sprouts running around. Housing wards are no longer empty and as of last night, maybe a total of 12 plots across all wards/zones. I've not checked the situation with apartments so, not sure what's going on there. My biggest issue with Mateus right now is what appears to be a massive lack of any type of coordination among, well, anyone. I had expected to see RP companies posting up party finders, LS's being announced and such. But instead what I've found is a lot of RPers who have no idea where to go or where to look. So if any of you Mateus FC Leaders see this, may want to start helping out all that fresh blood pouring into your server. Otherwise I fully expect it to fizzle out. Granted, I'm sure that it has much to do with growing pains and it's just a bit of confusion now. Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon
  23. Yesterday it was a helluva queue. Only wanted to log in and square away a few things before putting in for a transfer, got hit with a 2,500 wait queue. After nearly 2hrs I was 90 in teh queue, it was then my PC decided to turn itself off for an automatic update.... Talk about raging.....
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