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  1. Is it all that surprising? They're trying to get people to move to low-pop servers. Once the server isn't low-pop anymore, why continue to give the bonus? Then you're giving people a choice between a low-pop with a bonus and a mid-to-high pop with the exact same bonus. You'd basically be fast-tracking yourself to another Balmung or Gilgamesh if you didn't drop the bonus once the server was out of the low-pop rungs. The bonus is not getting dropped till after it's labelled as congested, and no longer allows transfers/new characters. (if I'm understanding correctly) Meaning that those characters already on the world should continue to get their bonus for at least 1 character to hit a level 60 class, no? As it stands right now it's like you walk out into your yard where your 7 kids are playing and tell them the first 4 that comes inside the house each gets 3 cookies instead of one. Then the moment all 4 kids show up inside you say "Oh okay you no longer need these" and strip them of their cookies lol.
  2. Wow so, let's all give you an incentive to switch to this server. Oh caps been reached now? We're going to strip it all away......nice SE.
  3. Yeah, Garleans have a huge thing for racial purity going on. They are very limited in numbers as well. But they see themselves above everything else due to what they are. Always struck me as funny how they cannot cast magic like most of the other races but somehow view themselves as better than everyone else.
  4. It's not congested yet, they've only temporary closed transfers. You can still make new characters. Are you 100% sure about this? I tried to roll a fresh character over simply for it just being a new server and the name was faded out and said creation has been halted? Granted, that was like 3-4 days ago now. During peak hours Omega has often had character creation blocked - just like many other busy servers. Outside peak hours I think it is normally open though. This was between 2:00-3:00am EST. Not sure what hours that would be for EU so it's entirely possible that it was during the servers prime time.
  5. It's not congested yet, they've only temporary closed transfers. You can still make new characters. Are you 100% sure about this? I tried to roll a fresh character over simply for it just being a new server and the name was faded out and said creation has been halted? Granted, that was like 3-4 days ago now.
  6. Welcome to the forums! If it's an FC you are looking for, select the "Free Companies" tab from the menu, select Mateus (naturally) and take a peek at what's to offer. Granted, there are more FCs on Mateus the what is currently listed, but it's a good place to start.
  7. Thanks Nebs, that is indeed the one I was looking for. Weird, I thought they were an FC. Either way, thanks for the info!
  8. I almost replied to this earlier with my character as a potential contact at least, but now I'm not sure if this post is referring to IC or OOC....??
  9. Hey there! I just recently rolled a few character on Mateus. It's been a great server so far. I'm doing more leveling then RP over there currently but perhaps I'll bump into you sometime, character name is Shino Mayumi. Oh and good luck with the FC!
  10. Howdy folks! After having her away on an extended hiatus, I've brought back one of my old mains and am currently looking for RP contacts to through her little cinnamon self at. ABOUT THE CHARACTER! Attached below is the wiki for her character and a bit of what she is about. A few of you may ever remember seeing her around. https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Savona_Drake Anyways, the main contacts I am looking to make currently would be those under the Maelstrom banner. She's recently returned on a galleon and has made part in Limsa. I would like to find her a captain or commander to serve under as well as fellow soldiers. However all contacts are greatly appreciated. Whether it's someone looking to extort her kindness, wanting to break her heart, befriend her, the list goes on. Romance is also an option but due to her past dating experience she is extremely guarded against falling in love again. Not impossible, but this will more then likely be a long haul to win her over. I'm open for any and all types of RP including Dark/Mature/Adult given that it has a place and purpose in the story or it's fitting to the characters themselves. If you want to know more feel free to either message me on the forums here, or give me a poke on Discord at SicketySix#9477 (discord is best option) A LITTLE ABOUT THE PLAYER! Single parent father of an energetic 2yr old girl. As such I can be called away at random times due to something she may need. I also work a full time job as a graphics designer and occasionally part time at a local cattle ranch. I'm available for Discord RP, though my replies will be slower with the reasons listed above. However I prefer in-game RP and that's where I will most often be found. Sadly, I'm not accepting "discord only" contacts at this time. ACTIVE PLAY HOURS: 9:00pm - 2:00am EST Hope to here from you soon! Thanks! (Also, does anyone know who, or where, the Maelstrom FC can be located? I looked under the tabs and found nothing)
  11. As stated, I had this name near the beginning of Heavensward. I was ecstatic to finally get some form of Tamamo ears tho. Also, could people stop shit talking my friend that I'm having the debate with? Yeesh. Maybe next time try not to give the impression they are an asshole.
  12. Maybe someone can enlighten or correct me on this, but from my understanding, interior housing, inn rooms and apartments also take up space in the instance servers for the entire data center. So while other servers don't exactly need it, I think overall its a plus to clear up whatever amount of space AFKers use up in that regard. (Sometimes I can't even enter my own FC house to access merchants or melders ) Very few ingame issues tick me off more then "Due to server congestion, you are unable to leave this area. Please try again later" as you repeatedly try to enter your housing. It's downright infuriating.
  13. Most of my characters die before they could retire. So my answer is, death.
  14. More then a few skeptical people I knew are now singing a different tune after this auto-kick. Sure it's not the end all solution but it has certainly improved the circumstances.
  15. I'll admit that saying a person was pathetic for doing it was probably a bit harsh and could of been worded a little better. So for that I apologize. But my view of it still pretty much remains the same. Frowned upon, though in complete honesty I could maybe see why someone would do this, but it's just not for me.
  16. ngl I've taken naps and had Faye call/text me when she sees me log in. If only we all had good friends like that!:thumbsup:
  17. Queues have been busted since the first morning of Early Access. Have you gotten to play at all, and have you needed to adjust your sleep schedule to manage it? Not snark, legitimately curious. Every afternoon from EST to late night PST has had 2-4 hour queues and most people I know just don't bother if they show up to a 3200 person line. Ultimately it comes down to "just a game" to me. And I don't mean it like one of those "Ha, nerds. Just a game..." types. I love FFXIV and I play it more then I think I even should. Hell I'd even say I'm a HUGE nerd for it. But I get home at 5pm and log in, sit through a 3hr queue and play the remaining few hours I have. So no I've not had to alter my sleep schedule for it. Queues have never been more then about 3,500 for me. Luckily. I just wait pateintly and do other things while waiting my turn.
  18. Like I said, feel free to cut in front of me. Also, single parent who works both a full and occasional part time job here, and I see no need to cut through a queue line. Is it frustrating? Hell yes! Do I feel the need to queue myself in and sit AFK until I get home and screw over everyone else trying to log in? Nope.
  19. Honestly, if you are that pathetic that you need to run a startup script to put you back into FFXIV at the soonest possible moment or you miss out on precious game time, feel free to butt your way right in front of me. This game is obviously paramount in your life and you probably couldn't survive without it.
  20. Mm, yeah but there's already quite a few prettu much unused servers. That would only increase the number.
  21. Should have paid attention to the logout announcement lol. Granted this system is not perfect, but something had to be done.
  22. Ahh I missed that part. That seems odd to log out all worlds. Especially when we know it's possible to only shut down particular worlds.
  23. Well good, because fuck all y'all selfish people who spend the entire day AFK because you don't want to wait for a queue.:thumbsup:
  24. Once you reach lvl60 in certain class, the buff will switch off for that particular class but will automatically switch on for any other class under lvl60. With that though, I also wanted to remind that Omega has the same exp buff for new characters as well as one time reward of 1,000,000 gil for reaching lvl30 in any class! 8-) And that is twice as awesome! Mmmm, yeah but it's primarily an EU server so, cancels it out for me.
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