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  1. Once you reach lvl60 in certain class, the buff will switch off for that particular class but will automatically switch on for any other class under lvl60. With that though, I also wanted to remind that Omega has the same exp buff for new characters as well as one time reward of 1,000,000 gil for reaching lvl30 in any class! 8-) And that is twice as awesome! Mmmm, yeah but it's primarily an EU server so, cancels it out for me.
  2. Awesome isn't it? Just reached Tam-Tara and level 27
  3. If you mean server queue, there is none. And if you mean dungeon queues, all worlds share same match making so, just as long as other servers. Ah sorry, I meant for roulettes and DF in general. Then yes, they are the same queue times as any of the other servers since they are shared.:thumbsup:
  4. If you mean server queue, there is none. And if you mean dungeon queues, all worlds share same match making so, just as long as other servers.
  5. Welcome to the forums! Will probably want to create an FC listing above so you can tell more people about your FC. Enjoy!
  6. Welcome to the forums! Good on you for taking the responsibility of your grandfathers care. Though the circumstances are different, I understand your odd play hours and your unavailability for the events. I myself have a little 2yr old toddler who's taken it upon herself to dictate her own bedtime so most events are usually well half way over or ending by the time I manage to make myself available. I understand your hours may fluctuate, but do you sort of have a base time that you are usually online? I tend to only be available from roughly 10pm - 1:00-2:00am EST. Are these hours close to your own?
  7. All I will say is....you need to see more movies! But welcome back! Good to see players returning.
  8. Seriously, what's not to be fascinated with by Pirates?? And welcome to the....game? Forums?....or maybe just the Welcome Desk? Either way, welcome to you, sir!
  9. I really think that everything that should of been said about the opening post, has already been said. Not sure why everyone keeps coming in and repeating the same exact thing over and over. They understand what they did, move on. Ahem, now taking my own advice.... Mateus I'm still a bit undecided on. Growing rapidly, a lot of new sprouts running around. Housing wards are no longer empty and as of last night, maybe a total of 12 plots across all wards/zones. I've not checked the situation with apartments so, not sure what's going on there. My biggest issue with Mateus right now is what appears to be a massive lack of any type of coordination among, well, anyone. I had expected to see RP companies posting up party finders, LS's being announced and such. But instead what I've found is a lot of RPers who have no idea where to go or where to look. So if any of you Mateus FC Leaders see this, may want to start helping out all that fresh blood pouring into your server. Otherwise I fully expect it to fizzle out. Granted, I'm sure that it has much to do with growing pains and it's just a bit of confusion now. Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon
  10. Yesterday it was a helluva queue. Only wanted to log in and square away a few things before putting in for a transfer, got hit with a 2,500 wait queue. After nearly 2hrs I was 90 in teh queue, it was then my PC decided to turn itself off for an automatic update.... Talk about raging.....
  11. Welcome back to the game! And what's this about Dragoon being useless? Does the class do damage? Can it kill things? Can you play it properly? Yes? Then it is not useless. Don't listen to morons:thumbsup:.
  12. Welcome back to the game! Depends how detailed you wanted to get with it? Hand gestures would be the more vague of the two when it comes to communication, but depending on how you handle the language barrier, may be the easiest. For instance, does she write in Doman or Eorzean? (I think they are different languages?) Maybe she's fluent in both? If not, and you do RP language barriers, hand signals is the way to go.
  13. Hey guys, how's Early Access going? (trolls 1,000s of people with just one question.)
  14. I've visited Mateus on & off for the past few weeks before Stormblood released and I'd say the population has nearly tripled from before the xpacks release, and a lot appear to be new RPers to the server. Would certainly check them out if you are looking for a new home or server transfer.
  15. Hey there welcome to FFXIV! We'll get right too it..... #1. Yes, Omega does currently seem to be the place where a decent number of EU RPers are gathering. #2. And this is speculation since I'm not located on Omega, but it being a newer server and all your best chance to find RP over there is through a Discord channel that's posted somewhere around here. (would suggest contacting Maril Hawker for more info since she's the only EU player I can think of off the top of my head. She'd probably know more about it then I...) #3. Level requirement, luckily, is not a huge conflict in FFXIV as most of the RP takes place in the starting city-states and surrounding areas. So I wouldn't stress trying to rush the leveling process just in order to RP. #4. Not sure about finding them in-game,but at the top of the menus you will see two tabs "Free Companies" & "Linkshells." Check those out and see what you can find. #5. A lot you will pick up by just playing through the MSQ. There is also a lore discussion section here on the forums for more direct questions regarding the lore. You know doubt will come acquainted quickly with a certain beloved user of the community named Sounsy who is the resident lore expert.
  16. Hello there! So with the gil transfer cap having been increased, I couldn't resist transferring a bunch of alts loaded with gil, and I ended up buying the Mansion plot in LB at Ward 1 Plot 6. I'd really like to turn this into a public RP spot. Would someone care to get a hold of me through PM or Discord here so I may ask a flurry of questions? Thanks! Discord: SicketySix#9477
  17. Welcome to the forums mate.
  18. Don't be, we all make that mistakes once or twice before figuring it out No, no we do not...... this obviously makes me better than everyone.
  19. Ahhh another sailor of the black flag? This sits well with me. I also RP as a pirate captain who commands a small fleet of two ships and one airship and always looking for pirate centered connections and the like. Also, like your character, S'kah is not inherently evil, he simply just does what he knows in life, and that tends to be jobs and opportunities that happen to be on the wrong side of the law. However I'm a late night player, usually logging on at least by 10pm EST. So when you say between the hours of 5:00 - 1:00 EST, are your referring to AM or PM?
  20. Yeah server transfer is the way to go. Ignore the part where it says you cannot transfer to a closed server as that is not the case.
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