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  1. Welcome to the game and forums!
  2. Well you still habe two options so never fear! You could always just say that when she came to Eorzea, she changed her last name to better fit in with the local population. So you could always choose one of the better known tribes for her to be from, but then still keep your character name. So for instance, someone asks you your name and she can reply "Uzali Uyagir" and then when they mention that's an unusual name she can reply "I'm originally from the Dotharl tribe, but I wanted to better fit into Eorzean culture" and presto, problem solved. The second option is, just make her from a smaller, less well known tribe aand use her last name is the name of the tribe. And there is a 3rd option, and that is just ignore me entirely and have that be her name *just because* but being a fairly new RPer in ffxiv, it may be best to have at least some explanation for the character name:thumbsup:
  3. As far as where she was raised, I believe most Au Ra were around Doma/Orthad areas. ((Not sure if spelled correctly)) Also, the 2nd thing would be her last name. Xaela, like Miqo'te have a naming convention most follow. Attached is what those names could be. Also, even SE says themselves, there are countless other tribes out there who are not named, so maybe she could be one of those. http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/63112-Race-Naming-Conventions Other then that, I myself don't see much wrong with your concept. Although if she was raised in Doma/Orthad, Au Ra would of been a highly common race, so the fear of them being related to dragons would of been almost minimal.
  4. Character names are the worst.Weeping City while blindfolded is a cake way compared to naming my characters. But anyways, welcome to the forums!
  5. Ohh that actually looks awesome! Do you have a tumblr or something I can @ you in? And much thanks!
  6. I'm sure on behalf of everyone here, thanks for doing this!
  7. Well I mean, if you insist... https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/U%27khoa_Ohhbi Attached in there are several screenshots that you should be able to make out.
  8. Now would be a good time to do it since we're all bored from maintenance! And welcome to the forums!
  9. Have a most;y IC Tumblr for my main character U'khoa Ohhbi. Tumblr - U'khoa Ohhbi
  10. I've already been so excited for a day off from work and log in...Oh nope just kidding. Maintenance. So I can feel your pain for sure. Anyways, Welcome to Balmung and the RPC here!
  11. Welcome to the RPC! You can feel free to add me to your friendslist if you want to RP sometime, or if you have any questions regarding RP. A PM on here would work just as well also.
  12. I remember when I first played the game, you are sure to have a lot of fun! So welcome to FFXIV and the RPC here. Have any questions feel free to fire away!
  13. Just to add, you can transfer over 1 million gil on your character and 100k in gil on each retainer. Only being level 58 and thus I'm guessing fairly new to the game, unless a "buddy" made a "donation" of gil to you, you should be okay as far as that goes.
  14. I've been wanting this class to rock IC for awhile now. Never really thought we'd get it so, do I now add yet another RP character.....probably.
  15. Welcome to Balmung, enjoy the RP!
  16. Yeah that "Closed to Transfers" have thrown a lot of people for a loop. But regardless, welcome to the RPC!
  17. It's not your job to cater to other people for their RP needs/wants. So no, you handled the situation just fine, considering there wasn't really one to handle.
  18. Quit reading after "marry Thancred" but still, welcome to the RPC. lol
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