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  1. Thanks. You guys been a huge help No problem, feel free to fire off whatever questions you may have!
  2. I do know there are exact matching boots and those same colored pants available but yeah, the shirt color scheme is unobtainable, as far as I know.
  3. You put /em at the start of your text. For example. /em leans against the wall, quietly sipping from her mug. Which will read like.... Savona Drake leans against the wall, queitly sipping from her mug.
  4. One thing I do recommend is, don't do what I did and during the cutscenes of the game be like "OMG hurry up!!" and skip them lol. I did that because really I'm not a fan of MMO storylines. But then when I started to RP I was a bit unfamiliar with the lore and had to do a lot of research so my character would be lore friendly.
  5. When I read your title I instantly thought you were a youtuber.... "Hey it's ya boy comin' back at ya with an all new Call of Duty Infinite Warfare video! As always remember to smack that like button and keep it real....." :frustrated: But other then that, welcome to the RPC lol
  6. Added you on Discord! But bellow, attached in my sig is a wiki of my Highlander who shares a few similarities as your character and she's always looking to make new friends as currently she is very short of them. Feel free to take a read thru or give me a poke if you'd like to arrange a bit of RP or have further questions!
  7. Savona Drake would startle and perhaps gasp a little, but ultimately know it to be a prank and would take it in good fun. O'key Rvah would squeal with fright, turning white and passing straight out right away. Probably awakening, seeing the prank, and passing out once more. U'khoa Ohhbi would be the least likely to give a damn, and would be more apt to pull a dagger and in turn, scare the hell out of the pranker.
  8. I think Mari would get along best with my character U'khoa, based on her love of gil alone! Feel free to look me up ingame sometime or send a PM thru the site here. Also have Discord/Skype as well
  9. I would strongly disagree. I think you forget that most all of us here have already cleared the game at least once. And once you've been through it, it's the same garbage again and again. It's no like an RPG where different choices affect the outcome of the ending. So why do I want to keep playing through it? I think your points would be much more valid for players who've not completed the game yet, and not those of us having played since release.
  10. My thoughts on jump potions are "I sure hope they're cheap enough as I'll buy them by the dozen"
  11. My apologies. I wasn't pointing out your typo, I was pointing out you were making a large assumption and providing no information for those who don't in fact know what an Ark Knight is. I, for example, have no idea what the hell an ark knight is!
  12. Auto generated apartments. More housing wards. Untimed dungeons. Ability to buy old event gear/emotes. More housing item slots. Barding that doesn't look so ridiculous Idle emotes. Send friend request while they are offline. More character customization. To dye clothing in a primary/secondary color for more variety. Mail to alts. Level 60 boost potions. More weapon idles. More people to RP with. A reliable way to make gil outside crafting. Bard gear that doesn't look like shit. To run unsynced and still get mob drops. Ability to level sync up/down to hangout with friends wherever. More inventory space. Yeah, I don't want much.
  13. Was going to offer my character up for RP and then I realized, I already know you thru Discord and we just haven't put anything together yet!
  14. Wlecome to the RPC! Another Discord user! -added- That being said, no need to be shy about your writing. Mine is only one level above "absolute suck" and I still manage to make friends!
  15. Savona Drake


    Welcome back to the game! Real life sucks sometime, yeah?
  16. Savona Drake


    Old farts who RP are pretty cool! Welcome out of the shadows!
  17. Hey welcome to the forums and FFXIV! If you are looking for others to RP with, feel free to look me up sometime! I will try and do the same but horrible at remembering to check!
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