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  1. Hrm. Well, my availability is...well, a lot more open! I'm also coming back from a brief hiatus and still looking!
  2. Ivar Blackfang, Voidsent Hunter. A failed Garlean experiment who nows roams Eorzea in search of voidsent, monsters, and Garleans to destroy seeks friends, allies, enemies, an assistant or even an apprentice (possible romance here if female). I'm mostly looking for a long-term female partner for him, whether she be an apprentice, an assistant, or even a fellow hunter. Ideally, said partner would be pretty active in-game, and on Discord. I have the intention of creating an FC centered around Voidsent/Monster hunting, and would love for my potential partner to join me on Zalera. If one were to transfer or start a new character, one could expect lots of support and help to get your character up to par. I'm EST. I'm active mostly all day but am frequently on at night around 9PM-3 AM, again EST. I typically enjoy writing detailed posts that are at least a paragraph or more, and would like my partner to be able to at least write a paragraph in response. Themes I enjoy and fit this character are dark, mature, horror, slice of life, and possible romance. Please only inquire if you have actual intent. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad! https://blackfang.carrd.co/ Discord: NorseKorean#3251
  3. Hello! I'm starting fresh on Mateus, leveling up a new Hrothgar. Details are within. https://gorefang.carrd.co/
  4. Name: Grim Blackgrave Server: Zalera Gender: Male Age: 35 Race: Hyur/Highlander Sexuality: Hetereosexual Occupation: Crime Lord Marital Status: Single Hooks Grim works as a killer for hire, smuggler, and a procurer of goods. Grim is always on the hunt for victim. Grim indulges in drink and entertainment. Grim is seeking associates and underlings. Looking For Associates, Subordinates, love interest/partner in crime. Availability: Starting next week, my playtime will primarily be 1am-3pm EST. Maybe sometimes in the afternoons and evenings. Weekdays. Weekends are harder to get on play. Discord 24/7, everyday availability for RP and chat. I enjoy casually doing end-game content and am an omnicrafter/gatherer. https://grimblackgrave.carrd.co/
  5. Sorry about the late reply! For the most part, things vary from individual to individual, from group to group. Key is finding a group you click with, who also run the sort of themes or stories you enjoy. https://discord.gg/wAeFqAj The above link is for the Zalera RP community where you can meet, coordinate, and find others who may suit your tastes.
  6. The Iron Devils, officially a mercenary company under the employ of the Grand Companies of Eorzea and Doma, is said to be nothing more than a banner for criminals and thugs to hide behind. None will deny that they've spilled their fair share of Garlean and Beastmen blood, but there always seem to be "mishaps" or inventory gone missing. Some even say that they use their mercenary status to haul illicit goods back and forth between the East and West, some even claim that they've borne witness to the Devils selling folk to the Beastmen, but of course - it's all hearsay when none are willing or able to testify. The Iron Devils is a new Rank 8 Heavy RP FC on Zalera. We welcome new and experienced players alike. Due to the mature and graphic nature of crime-based RP, all members must be at least 18 years old to join. As mentioned before, we're a starting FC with no house as of yet, but one can look forward to a myriad of benefits, as the FC has been ranked to 8. Dual bonuses will run 24/7, as an omni-crafter I can offer help in obtaining gear, dyes, glamours, etc. for free or at cost. We will host a number of various in-game events and hold contests, such as weekly FFA treasure hunts, RP events and missions, writing and art contests and so much more! While we do not yet have a house, I am saving gil like a crazy person (as stated above, I am an omnicrafter.), so the moment we can afford a great big place to call home, we'll have one! (Plus it'll be great fun in RPing the house warming, etc.) Hopefully, I've piqued your interest and you're willing to at least give this carrd thing a bit of a look over and join us should you decide we are a good fit. Thank you! https://irondevils.carrd.co/# https://discord.gg/mcfs9fj If this link is broken, NorseKorean#3251
  7. Hello! I would just like people to know that Zalera has a growing RP community! With the Discord population more than 400+! I know it's difficult to create characters on Mateus and Balmung, and just wanted to point out this fact. Goblin and Coeurl also seem to be viable options, but my experience on Zalera has been pretty good so far! So if you're a new or returning player looking for a new home, please consider Zalera!
  8. Hello! As the title states, I'm looking for a long-term RP partner to not only write with, but to play the game with. I'm not tied down to any one particular server, though I am currently on Zalera. Have a gander at my character's carrd. More details within. https://grimblackgrave.carrd.co/ If you have any questions, please either DM me or find me on Discord @ NorseKorean#3251
  9. Awww! Thank you for the praises! But still on the search...-Brings binoculars up to his eyes again.-
  10. Thank you for all your encouragement, but alas, the search continues. =3
  11. I have completely overhauled the ad, and am attempting to put this into play.
  12. Thank you for all your kind words! Looking forward to meeting you Aure, but I'm also looking to meet some more people, if anyone is interested!
  13. I. Basic Info Characters: Grim Ulfr Primary character: Grim Ulfr Linkshells:None yet. Primary RP linkshell:None yet. II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): The only real reason I play MMORPGs is for the immersive RP potential, but I do enjoy other aspects of the genre, such as running dungeons with friends and PVPing. Views on RP combat and injuries: I prefer a more realistic approach to RP combat, dice rolls determining hits may not be the most..."balanced" as one also has to consider the type of armor/sword/angle/etc, but so long as things are discussed before hand, it's alright. I'm not a fan of instant healing of injuries, but yes, I do believe a character who is wounded, should be wounded. Views on IC romance: I love it, if it's done right. People have to be able to seperate IC and OOC. I understand sometimes people get really deep into it, and there are times when emotions can take over, but still they must be kept in check. My character may be the sort to not have a traditional romance, but who knows, only RP can tell. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Family characters are great, friends, comrades-in-arms, they're the bulk of the RP. While more intimate RP in itself can be great, without context or value outside of just MRP becomes bland, and to me, boring the longer it goes on. Views on lore: I'm rather new to the game, so far, the lore is intriguing, thus I am attempting to RP in this game. I can't really say much on the topic, yet. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): /say, is to me what I use for what comes out of my character's mouth. I can't really comment on linkshells, not really sure what they are just yet. Party is of course used for mature-themed RP, whilst tells are more for OOC conversation, I suppose. III. Primary Character Details Characters:Grim Ulfr Primary Roles:Warrior//Crime Boss Race / Gender: Hyur Highlander/ Male General Description:Short, wild black hair adorns his head, whilst dark green eyes are ever assessing the value of "merchandise". His physique is that of a warrior, large and muscular, much like those of his Highlander kind. Scars adorn his body from both blade and beast alike, it would be easy to assume that this man to be a veteran of any number of battles and conflicts. IV. Other Info Country:United States Timezone:EST Contact info:Message me on Grim Ulfr or send me a PM. Other points of Interest: I'm the leader of an upstart Free Company, the Grim Wolf Syndicate. I'm very open to MRP, meaning, I prefer to play and RP with people over the age of 18, as my RP tends to become a bit dark and twisted. I am practically married IRL, so I'm not looking for an online relationship, just great RP, making new friends, and having fun in FFXIV.
  14. * A NOTE TO THE ADMINISTRATION: If this ad is out of line, please know that I do not mean to offend. Please guide me, rather than reprimand me, for I crafted this ad carefully after attempting to look for rules & guidelines and could not find anything sufficient as to not warrant this ad. Introduction: Hello! Firstly, let me start this thread by saying this isn't an ad for pointless ERP. I am seeking a single female companion to develop a long-term, monogamous, story with. What I am not seeking is OOC love, and can assure you that I will not stalk you, for I do not wish a stalker upon myself. What--or rather, who I am looking for, is someone special for my character. I am the leader of a new, growing Free Company, and would also like your character to be apart of this as well, as my character's story is quite entangled with the fate of his new organization and all the people within. So unless you're a new character without a Free Company, or you're willing to leave the one you're in now, please don't bother sending me a PM. I can assure you that I will not stalk you, as I am happily married, but I don't mind OOC flirting, or being friends. I am quite the friendly person, and am rather open, almost to a fault. My Free Company does use Teamspeak, so someone who is able to jump on and interact with the group will most certainly win my heart, but of course it is not a requirement. All I can say is that we have a mix of men and women, and you will not be harassed or made to feel inferior, for if anyone does, it means instant banishment. My schedule is rather open these days, I can adjust as necessary to match your own time zone. Who Am I Looking For? I am looking for someone to play the role of my character's female companion. Someone who is literate, and can write long, descriptive posts. My potential companion should be willing to actively enjoy and play the game, and not simply jump on an alt for an hour before swapping out. As mentioned above, I would like my future companion to be an active part of my Free Company, possibly even acting as my right hand, to aid me in the creation of RP events and the like, so my partner must be willing to partake in at least the bare minimum of PVE content. I'm not saying my partner should become a raider, or anything like that, but at least be willing to aid other members and myself in questing, dungeons, and helping towards our Free Company's goal of obtaining a house. With all that is mentioned, it is easily implied that I want my potential companion to be able to play quite a bit, but I do understand the restraints of those who have busy schedules, and so I must say that if you cannot commit to at least 4 hours a week to the game, do not bother replying to this ad. * For those of you who may be interested in FFXIV: ARR, but do not have a copy. I do have a spare CD key that someone gifted me a very long time ago, and after a trial period between the two of us, either in Skype RP or playing during the in-game free trial together, I would not mind handing this over to you. My Character: My character is a Hyur Highlander, a large, brute of a human essentially. A former soldier of Ala Mhigo, who has since turned to a life of crime after the destruction of his home nation at the hands of the Garlean Empire. He is an aggressive, intimidating juggernaut, who has recently become the leader of a criminal syndicate. He once had a heart for honor, for justice, but the time he spent as a refugee has long sapped him of such qualities and has instilled in him a darkness that craves power, fear, and respect. When the expansion releases, I intend for him to become a Dark Knight, for right now he is delving into darker magics, attempting to learn and study its qualities so that when the time comes, he can emerge with shadow in one hand, a great sword in the other. RP Ideas: The Instrument of His Will: Perhaps your character had been raised by him as a child, maybe even an orphan created by him, taught to wield a blade, spear, or maybe even taught the arcane arts, so that one day she could serve him as an adult. An already loyal, and steadfast weapon for him to take at any time, or to dispatch against his foes. His Source of Power: A demon, a succubus, bound to his will during his elementary practice over the darker arts. Perhaps she becomes enslaved, or bound to him in some way, forced to take on the appearance of a regular denizen of Eorzea. Maybe she even becomes the dark fount from which he will later come to draw upon, to fuel the darker energies required of him in becoming a dark knight. If not a demon, maybe she is a well-versed Black Mage, powerful enough for him to draw upon. -- I will admit, my knowledge of lore is not all there, so if there are any corrections or suggestions people have, please do not hesitate to correct me, I am always wanting to learn more of the lore. These are only suggestions and ideas, I'm always of course, open to more. In fact, I 'd prefer to collaborate, to build something together. So, if you have an idea, please do not be afraid to share. I am intentionally leaving out parts of this ad that are more mature in nature, as to not offend anyone, but if you have any questions or would simply like to know more, please do not hesitate to PM me. The End: Thank you for taking the time out to read this ad. Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM. If I have a crossed a line, please do let me know, and I will make the necessary corrections.
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