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  1. Hey! My character, Rhel, is a tribal Keeper and always looking for new contacts! She's a warrior priestess type character, and very charismatic.
  2. I sent Veyha a request on discord to ask some questions.
  3. I already have an FC, but if it is possible to join an LS, I'm interested in bringing my Keeper into the fold.
  4. Hey, hey! Nicholas is a traveling doctor, mage, and mender. He likes studying the methods of using aether. He's got a few students right now, but I am definitely up to chat and see where things go. Here is his wiki page: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Nicholas_Graveshire I'm best reached over discord, so, just PM me and I can give you that info!
  5. Nick is a doctor and a mage, but he also has done some shady stuff. He likes support green-people in the medicinal field and offering support and advice (though he won't openly admit it). He could have definitely shopped for her, or, find out about her apothecary business.
  6. Nick frequents brothels a lot and isn't afraid to admit it (*cough*). He's a doctor and a mage, and he's fairly adaptable and laid back. He's also been active in Ul'dah's 'underworld' for many, MANY years now. There are definitely hooks here to work with if you're interested. I'll send you a message on discord.
  7. Hello! My character is also a traveling healer who offers services out of good nature, but it's also rooted in lots of selfishness and self-interest. He's a doctor that has combined alchemy and plant pharmacology with magic as a back up for severe wounds. On top of that, magically, he's got a few tricks up his sleeve regarding that field of study and what he has done with it. Nick would enjoy having more healer contacts, and I'm on EST time as well! Normally, I get home at around 8 EST on a late day. If you're interested, feel free to message me here or in game!
  8. Sharlayans are hardcore. Looks like I'll have to make a few minor changes to my character, but not an awful lot.
  9. I don't know if this is really the answer you're looking for, but perhaps build up your character's relationship with the people you meet in the Quicksand to do a personal arc yourself? Maybe suggest RPing again at another time but at a different place?
  10. Nick is a pretty easy name. I struggle with some other things. I used to pronounce La Noscea as La No-See-Ah and now it's La No-sha.
  11. so you singing up too or just going to be a spectator this time? o3o Spectating this time.
  12. Hello! I came from WoW as well and I understand your feelings completely about it. Glad you gave this game a chance! I really only have one character to throw at you, and that's Nick. He's a doctor/scholar with a whole bunch of other magic things tied in. Currently, he's glamoured as a miqo'te as well, but more for the turmoil going on in Ul'dah for reasons. Coughhe'sanoutlawcough. Feel free to PM me here, since I won't be logging into the game for the rest of the night, if you'd like to chat.
  13. Nick's: Vials of different potions he might need on the fly. Burn ointment. Gauze and bandages. Adhesive. Several sewing needles. A spool of thread. Syringes. A canteen of water, normally. Out in Thanalan he may carry several. His linkpearls. A small amount of gil. Jerky. Dried fruit and nuts, maybe. Separate bags for his herb collecting. Sometimes his tome, but he doesn't carry that around in public much. Paper. Writing utensils.
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