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  1. I probably wont ,but i would make an Alt for said server. On behemoth Since I run a fc and run RP LS on there I'm kind of Engrained into by now. Plus it's easy to invite people to behemoth since its not under as strict locks. IF everyone of my RL friends left, my fc died out completly and noone rped at all anymore then Id move after all that.
  2. Merchants are great because if it exist someone might need to buy it. Depending on what you deal in will give you better surplus of characters ot interact.
  3. We have 2 Pirate factions on behemoth (Both open to new members)as for other servers ,I'm unsure how open/locked down their groups are.
  4. Sorry, man. I said "no pseudo-legendary final evolutions" and Hydregion is a pseudo-legendary final evolution. If you wanna swap it out for one of it's other evolutions, then go for it. Oh. Well I can list quite a few replacements but for now Would bisharp be fine? IF not Houndoom if not that then Krookadile.
  5. Zoktai Kha Dark Gym Hydregion, Malamar, Crawdaunt The gym would have a huge pit under it and players would have to go around using switches to activate lights to show the path. As for themes V7EmBGUbZvE
  6. "The Weaver's guild? Ah of course! That's brilliant Follow me good sir!" He motioned to the door hurried as he felt the need to find the owner of this hat. Zoktai was familiar with basic lay out of Ul'dah thanks to business from before he was able to arrive out side the guild easy enough. What bothered him was how many onlookers and passersby could not help but stare at the hat in his hands. Murmurs oohs and aahs were aplenty some even walked up to ask him where he got such an amazing hat and in response he kept repeating he just found it and is trying to find the owner.
  7. Old lizard pirate wants to be rich ,but is scared of ice.
  8. "Aye.....Ah! I Know! Why not you assist me in finding the owner? I bet if we do we can find the source to such a well made hat and probably can procure others!" He smiled before looking on the inside of the hat. "I'm still unfamiliar in this city where would one go to ask about lost items and the like?"
  9. MY character is only using Puglist arts as a lst resort especially sicne he's used to it So he strictly is a 'boxer' resorting only to fist fighting styles seeing as how he's not as young as he used to be.
  10. Zoktai was shock taking a step back before looking down at his hands the old Au Ra just shook his head. "To be honest I just found this magnificent thing out in the street. I was hoping to look for a merchant,owner or twelve forbid the maker of this fine jewel. " He nodded before eyeing the Roedaedyn. "You wouldn't have happen to seen any other hats fitting this appearance or quality have you?" He started walking toward the Roegaedyn motioning towards the hat in his hand showing off the beautiful brim, the emblem with feather accent, and finally well crafted felt? exterior.
  11. Zoktai was hurried from the market place when he spotted the red hat. He look around confused. "What the...Did someone leave this?" He approached the hat looking around. "Hello anyone?" He looked down carefully picking up the red hat by the brim. "This is very nice quality....I could probably sell it at nice price...I wonder if i can find more.." He flipped it over examining the interior. "I never really seen such quality material either...maybe someone at the Quicksand can enlighten me on the owner." He carefully held the hat walking towards the quicksand whistling.
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