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  1. Another Kett! Man, Our character's dad really got around! lol welcome to Balmung! If you'd ever like to RP or the like, I would be happy to bump into each other at some point. ^.^
  2. RiniKett

    No Love for Straight Women

    As someone who plays both genders with different orientations on many different characters, I personally feel that it is, sadly, a matter of chance on what kind of person you meet. Faye really hit the mark and I have little to add to it other than to remind you to keep an open mind. There are people out there who will use their characters to pursue sexual fetishes, live a double life, etc, but not everyone is like that. I have straight men, straight females, and a pansexual female. Some of my characters want to settle down, and some just want to jump from person to person. Something that I retained from a Q&A panel for RWBY one year was if any of the characters were going to actually be LGBT or not. It was smack dab in the middle of when the movement was going at its strongest and companies had to be very careful in how they responded as to not offend anyone. I don't have a quote unfortunately, but they basically said "We have characters, characters who are written and fleshed out over hours and hours of writing and brainstorming. Is it possible for them to develop romance? Yes, but if it does then it will be because the character grew into it, not to appease an agenda." I thought that was a pretty good way of looking at it. Our characters take a life of their own and don't necessarily reflect on us as a person. There are boundaries, but those should be discussed player to player out of respect. In the end, RP is however someone wants to play it, but if you feel uncomfortable with an advancement I would tell them OOC and be as polite as you can be. You never know what kind of person you are RPing with until you start so there's going to be some hit and miss in there, but you only have to find one good one to have a friend for the rest of your gaming life. : ) P.S. I've had two straight guys single, one repeatedly, and one for a straight year. Lesson learned: Don't make a lalafel and nice, shy guys finish last. lol
  3. RiniKett

    L'rinhi's Scrapbook

    A collection of screenshots and screenshot manipulation in regards to the events and day to day life of L'rinhi Kett.
  4. I must apologize to everyone but the event is being postponed until next Thursday due to IRL complications. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvience but we will still hold this event on the 21st. Thank you.
  5. It's that time of the year again, and we are hosting another Singles Night in tradition of the Starlight Celebration. While these have become more common due to popularity, I'm still keeping the tradition going. We welcome all to come and try to find that special someone for Starlight!
  6. RiniKett

    Wayfarer's Rest: Singles Night 11/30 7PM CST

    Starting now! Don't be shy! We're looking forward to meeting everyone!
  7. RiniKett

    Wayfarer's Rest: Singles Night 11/30 7PM CST

    This is tonight! Can't wait to see everyone.
  8. RiniKett

    Wayfarers of Eorzea

    Free Company re-work in the works. We are closing down the idea of being an adventurer FC and more towards an entertainment FC. This doesn't mean we won't be doing adventure RP, but that it will not be a focus of the company itself.
  9. Today is the day! Just a aboutban hour and a half away :3
  10. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Welcome to the Wayfarer's T'was the Night before Starlight Contest![/align] [align=center] [/align] Welcome to the second T'was the Night before Starlight Contest and I will be upfront that this is no original idea by any means but something I remember someone doing on a World of Warcraft forum so many years ago that I don't want to think about it. Regardless! I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with since last year we had some amazing entries, only a handful, but some amazing entries. So Bards, Poets, Money Hoarders! Are you Ready? Da Rulez: The way this works is pretty simple. There is the age old time classic "The Night before Christmas" in which many of us at least know that first line. All you have to do in this contest is basically write your own wacky, fun poem about the Starlight Celebration. If anything, I would like people to do this for enjoyment but *sigh* money talks lol. So now that you know what it is here are the specifics. Prizes: 1st: 300,000 gil and bragging rights. 2nd: 200,000 gil. 3rd: 100,000 gil. Rulez: Each entry must start with "T'was the night before Startlight". I figure that is obvious, but I want to make sure. Poems will be judged by myself and a few Wayfarer volunteers. We hope this contest stays friendly and keeps the heart of the season true. There is no length limit, and it will be purely judged on which three each judge likes the most and then averaged together and debated. Poems must be submitted here by 18th of December and the results will be posted Christmas Day. Keep it relevant to the season, please...Somewhat at least. Be creative and have fun! I hope this is something everyone can have fun with and not take it too seriously as a competition. I hate posting things about Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I want to give ample opportunity for people to have time to write. Take care everyone and have a good one! Lastly, I have to bring attention to a last minute submission that was made last year by Aegir. It was past the deadline, but the work he put into it was amazing and if it wasn't for his little comic I might not be redoing this one. But, regardless of the low participation last year I will gladly throw this back up for a chance to see the quality of those who did participate. Check it out! Twas the Night Before Starlight...
  11. It's that time of the years again! Starting from now until the 25th of December at 12 am CST, you can send a small gift to be added to a collection pool that will be distributed Christmas Morning. This is a fun little event to have a chance to give and receive from others in the community and give you something to look forward to in your mailbox. How it works: Purchase a gift that you would like to donate. The cap is 100,000 gil with a minimum of 50,000 gil, as long as the gift is useful(You are free to break this cap, however, you may not get something of equal value in return). This can be RP clothes, housing items, pets, etc. Please exclude sending food, potions, or materials please. Only send 1 item. Add me, L'rinhi Kett, to your Friend's List. Note: I may be afk but you can usually find me on at all times. Leave a friend request. If you can't find me or my friend's list is full(yes that happens now apparently lol) please PM me on here and I will do my best to contact you. Mail your item to L'rinhi Kett before 12 am CST of December 25th. Your name and your item will be added to an excel sheet. This will keep up with you and your gift so you don't get your own present. *You may specify what type of gift you would like as far as Rp clothes or housing items. Naturally, housing items won't be of use to those with no housing.* In the wee hours of the morning, Rini will start mailing gifts back to everyone who participated. While not required by any means, donations will be accepted if someone wishes. I will have several other events in December where I can give out donations to unsuspecting recipients. If you would like to include a small note to whomever receives your gift you may as long as it doesn't reveal you and is in good taste, maturity required. People may exceed the cap of 100,000 if they wish, but do not expect to get anything that high in return. I can understand if people feel giving this year and it is a nice gesture of you doing so, but someone else might not be as giving. If you have any questions or comments on how this works feel free to ask and as always have a good one.
  12. [align=center][/align] [align=center] New Annual Soup Kitchen[/align] If there's one thing we love, it's traditions, and I have decided to start another yearly gathering for those whom are interested. For one evening, and one evening only, Wayfarer's will open its doors to the public for a night for free drinks and free soup to any and all who might find themselves at our doorstep. You might make friends, you can chat to the staff, enjoy a good meal, get to know us a little bit, anything you like. There will be little staff on hand for this event, so if we get crowded feel free to help yourself as well as all kegs will be tapped and the pots are open to all in the case you'd like to help yourself. We want to give back to those who are unfortunate during this time and even if you are well off please feel free to come by and spend time with us. I'm looking forward to seeing your friendly faces. Additionally, the stage will be open to anyone looking to perform, though this isn't necessary. We'll be holding this on the 25th day of this moon at our usual spot in Ward 6 of the Goblet, plot 58 and will begin serving on the 17th bell and will last at least two bells. ((5pm 7pm cst)) What exactly is being served you ask? Well, in recognition of our upcoming two year anniversary of being in service, we are serving our signature dish from our first Bar Night; Stone Soup. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Good food, good drinks, and good company. Come as a guest, leave as family. We look forward to serving you![/align]
  13. RiniKett

    Wayfarer's Rest: Singles Night 11/30 7PM CST

    We will be holding another Singles Night next week! Hope to see you all there!
  14. RiniKett

    Wayfarer's Rest: Singles Night 11/30 7PM CST

    This is tonight! Hoping to assist in everyone making a few friends and possibly someone special. You never know! See you tonight!