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  1. Welcome to crystal! I have a miqote who has a love for music that he might get a long with. : ) Color me interested! I have a wiki here on the site. https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/L'Rinhi_Kett Still a WIP!
  2. I'd be happy to share screenshots or light RP ^.^ Welcome to the RPC!
  3. A lot of points are being made and it's good to be aware of, but just don't let this experience get you down. You're new to the scene and regardless of how rude you may have come across, or what plans they had, they still didn't handle it in a respectful or proactive manner, from your statement anyway. Keep trying and don't let it phase you. If instances like this continue to happen with your company and they don't show the will or effort to help teach you then you should probably find an FC that is more helpful to your play level. It's nothing bad on those types of FCs but some are more tolerant and helpful to new RPers than others. Keep your chin up and you'll be fine.
  4. Healer needed? Sent a friend request. : )
  5. I'd love to RP with you sometime! I have several characters and the like that might mesh well for character building.
  6. Another Kett! Man, Our character's dad really got around! lol welcome to Balmung! If you'd ever like to RP or the like, I would be happy to bump into each other at some point. ^.^
  7. As someone who plays both genders with different orientations on many different characters, I personally feel that it is, sadly, a matter of chance on what kind of person you meet. Faye really hit the mark and I have little to add to it other than to remind you to keep an open mind. There are people out there who will use their characters to pursue sexual fetishes, live a double life, etc, but not everyone is like that. I have straight men, straight females, and a pansexual female. Some of my characters want to settle down, and some just want to jump from person to person. Something that I retained from a Q&A panel for RWBY one year was if any of the characters were going to actually be LGBT or not. It was smack dab in the middle of when the movement was going at its strongest and companies had to be very careful in how they responded as to not offend anyone. I don't have a quote unfortunately, but they basically said "We have characters, characters who are written and fleshed out over hours and hours of writing and brainstorming. Is it possible for them to develop romance? Yes, but if it does then it will be because the character grew into it, not to appease an agenda." I thought that was a pretty good way of looking at it. Our characters take a life of their own and don't necessarily reflect on us as a person. There are boundaries, but those should be discussed player to player out of respect. In the end, RP is however someone wants to play it, but if you feel uncomfortable with an advancement I would tell them OOC and be as polite as you can be. You never know what kind of person you are RPing with until you start so there's going to be some hit and miss in there, but you only have to find one good one to have a friend for the rest of your gaming life. : ) P.S. I've had two straight guys single, one repeatedly, and one for a straight year. Lesson learned: Don't make a lalafel and nice, shy guys finish last. lol
  8. I must apologize to everyone but the event is being postponed until next Thursday due to IRL complications. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvience but we will still hold this event on the 21st. Thank you.
  9. It's that time of the year again, and we are hosting another Singles Night in tradition of the Starlight Celebration. While these have become more common due to popularity, I'm still keeping the tradition going. We welcome all to come and try to find that special someone for Starlight!
  10. Starting now! Don't be shy! We're looking forward to meeting everyone!
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