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  1. Because Qestir seems like it would be a pain to RP. Now maining a Qestir. Can confirm, is a pain to RP, but still fun.
  2. Awesome. Thank you very much. I'm doing some more fleshing out right now and looking for a tavern/bar-style roleplaying FC that we might potentially ally with, going into some details, and trying to find an angle that might give more initiative to members' walk up roleplay so I'll try to keep you updated.
  3. Awesome. I'm trying not to bend too much; I figure crime exists everywhere in some form or fashion! So far there's a pretty big number of people on Tumblr who're also interested so I'm going to work out a few more things. I messaged you back as well!
  4. I posted this over on my Tumblr and got some positive feedback in a very short period of time. I thought I might post it again here to see if I might get a bit more feedback before I start polishing it up. (This LS) would be particularly geared towards characters in the neutral (self-serving) to evil (self-serving to the point of exploiting others) spectrum. I wrote up some things about Kotori a couple months ago in her wiki page on the RPC. Since we didn’t have much information in regards to Au Ra I kept it as vague as I could. There are some things I intend to change– mostly, removing the pseudo-spirituality aspect from the character and the made up clan she hails from. I’ll be very straight-forward and say that the idea is very much based off an intentionally twisted concept of Yakuza groups in Japan.
  5. I'm thinking of starting an LS that goes more along the lines of enhancement/aetheric/recreational drug-peddling (with a focus on the enhancements akin to what the bad guy in the Pugilist storyline employs) as well as 'small business'/'personal' loans, extortion, and perhaps questionable weapons-dealing. I have two friends who've already got characters up and are interested in starting with me, although we may wait until Heavensward (we could start laying out the foundation now). If you were interested in this as well, feel free to PM me! It'll be new so I'm still open to tailoring it around what people prefer. If your character is small-time, mine can very likely seek her out and firmly persuade her to work for the group, perhaps even against her better judgement or will if you'd like more friction for your character.
  6. "El Coloso" is the name of something in the Golden Saucer (the giant cactuar statue?). It doesn't necessarily mean Spanish is a spoken language in the game any more than Latin is, given the Latin roots in Garlean naming conventions. Plus, his translation is pretty shoddy--telling her that "El Coloso" means "the Coloso." Virtually all Elezen have French names but don't show any sign of having French accents or speaking anything akin to French do they? It's also a bit odd that Roegadyn who pronounce their full names flawlessly also don't have hints of accents either. (For example, people with French or Italian names in America often don't pronounce their names the same way they're pronounced in the language because the language their name comes from isn't one they speak; whereas people like Merlwyb -specifically- pronounces her name differently than she normally speaks). Less so than full on French names, though. I would've at least hoped that some noble Elezen somewhere would retain their whole language and be speaking it. (Another example: Bastien often being pronounced 'Bast-ee-an' rather than 'Baes-teeoh' or 'Baes-teeohn') So far the most frequent characters I've seen (one of my own, included) that had a 'native language' RP-wise are miqo'te. Something about them being tribal and potentially reclusive through generations, I suppose, makes that seem somehow more likely. I still dream of a reclusive Duskwight family somewhere out there who still speaks some variation of a previous tongue and since they might abstain from trading often and prefer to communicate among themselves, have thick accents when speaking the widely accepted dialect. Some might argue that the generic Eorzean speech has been going on so long that no surviving individuals would be speaking 'native' tongues still or perhaps they never even -had- native languages but that just doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Miqo'te clearly did/do. Roegadyn clearly did/do. Elezen clearly did/do. Garlean-Latin and Spanish or what appears to be Spanish might share roots in some older language. Maybe they're even shared with the original Elezen language. For the more scholarly or historically inclined individuals, being fluent or at least learning those old languages seems like it would be a rather fulfilling goal.
  7. I finally got to make Kotori Birdsong. I'm too happy to talk, really... I made her a while back and drew a design for her. And they let me do it. But better. Even better... I have her wiki up here, though she's still on hold until HW.
  8. I haven't met any roleplayers from Zalera, but I don't know too many people as it is. If it comes down to it, perhaps roll an alt on Balmung to play when you've got free time?
  9. Ahhh I don't think I did badly with Kotori Birdsong. I'm relieved. Thanks for this thread! Edit: When I was looking up the meaning of Yugiri a long time ago, I did find out that it was the name of a ship but that it was also apparently the name of a character in the Tale of Genji (The peak of Genji’s glory, however, also announces his slow but inexorable decline, and chapters such as “Nowaki” and “Wakana” reveal his vulnerability in front of a new generation of young heroes, Yūgiri and Kashiwagi. The disintegration of Genji’s world becomes final with the death of his beloved Murasaki, in chapter forty, “Minori,” and not long after, the Prince’s shining light is finally extinguished.* - Wikipedia I guess it's based on the definition of the name but Oboro seems to always be used in manga/anime/games/shows relating to a ninja or bandit character. I thought that was pretty interesting as well. http://www.babynames.ch/Info/Language/laJapanese Here's a list of names, some of them two-parted if anyone else was looking. It's a pretty short list but I liked some of them and it gives both the Kanji and the Hiragana spellings as well as the translations (which you might want to double-check if you pick one).
  10. My friend Des and I are leveling new characters and he's new all around to FFXIV. If you'd like any help with working out your character, would like to roleplay, or would like some people to level with (if our times work out) don't hesitate to holler! I'd appreciate some more company myself.
  11. I'm a light tan and have been for a long while (lack of sun), and also half-Thai. My characters intentionally range but I have a strong preference for the dark-skinned, light haired types. It's purely aesthetic, at least in my case. I typically build them based first on something I don't feel I see much of (class/race/clan), second avoiding traits I've made on previous characters or that I've seen a lot of, then third straight on my favorite face and colorations of that race, clan, and class(es) combo. For my first roe, I went dark-red with white hair. For my highlander I went dark brown with blonde hair. For my lalafell it was dark skin dark hair. For my miqo'te I went grey-ish blue skin and blue hair. For my Midlander I went with pale white skin and tealish hair. And finally for my newest roegadyn it's white skin white hair. I do prefer dark skin because make up, tattoos and lip colors tend to show up better on them. The pale skin tends to make them look faded out and there's less impact with many of the lighter colors while the darker colors all look grey or black and smudged. So for me there's no correlation between my ethnicity and my preferred in-game skin color (except that I'm so used to seeing it that I sort of avoid it?). I think since there isn't a lot of revealed prejudice based on people of varying skin tones (as opposed to varying clans who can have the exact same skin tones in some cases), I'm not sure I could see there being a more emotional empathy unless there's just a preference to have your character look like you, which is great! I think it's nice to have an avatar of yourself in a game especially if you have an easy time not taking things that happen to your character too personally, out of character. For some of us, or at least me, when you have a lot of yourself in your character it becomes harder to separate your emotions so focusing on what I do while I'm creating them helps to create that distance in the first place... If any of that makes sense. TL;DR: While not everyone is bleeding in through their character based on some stronger connections felt by choosing to make the character's skin tone closer to their own, I suppose it exists as a bond for some people. More likely I think what we find visually appealing to put into our characters often goes along with what we find visually appealing IRL. That, in turn, can often be based on the palette range of the people we're most often spending our time with and admiring on a regular basis, or they can be the exact opposite. For instance, I was raised around my family and their friends who were mostly Thai with light-medium tan skin (Central people) and I'm obsessed now with any pigmentation from pale skin and freckles to the darkest of colors, except for my own. I find all of them beautiful-- but I'm so used to seeing the slight variations of my skin that I'm sort of tired of the brown hair light-tan skin and don't really want to see it in my characters. So... even my Doman is pale and blue-haired.
  12. I have to apologize if my reply earlier made it sound like I was trying to say people don't pay attention to new people. 90 percent of the people I've met randomly are the kind of people who wouldn't just acknowledge a new person but say hello and try to help them out. I'm not saying people intentionally ignore or write off people who are 'less popular' but I am saying that new people can and sometimes do feel that way. It's understandable. Like with artists who post great artwork somewhere and it gets few views and fewer shares or comments, when someone works up the courage to walk up to a player with 'Walkup Welcomed' in their search info or makes what they consider to be a well thought out post on the forums, it's disappointing to feel like no one thought those things were worthwhile responding to. It's not giving credit to the fact that people are -busy- or even 'popular' people can be shy. We all afk for a bit or get floods of random talk text in our chats that hide someone's walk up emote before we even have a chance to see them. No one should feel guilty about not roleplaying with anyone. Certainly, no one should be guilting other people into anything (even if they really want Warren's attention). On that specific note, let me say that I had a lot of trouble in that particular position with people feeling as though A. I thought I was better than them and was only interested in talking to my -select- group of friends or B. Really really wanted me to roleplay with them outside the event. Alot of the stress came from having my attention split between so many people with so many grievances and ending up involved in so many poor situations that I couldn't even get my own personal roleplay done. That was a huge factor contributing to why I quit playing Siobhain in the first place. The same stress applies to FC and Linkshell leaders as well as any other form of leader in the community. You have a group of people to look after and try to pay attention to and if you don't do it, you're being 'neglectful' but if you do then you're not getting time to fulfill your own interests at all and even if you -are- giving as much attention to everyone as they require, someone will likely, inevitably, feel like they're getting less than someone else. That quickly escalates into them complaining to others about either your leadership or your group and it's difficult to prevent. Like people have said, it helps a lot to try and remember that others are people too who have a lot of things going on for them at any given point. That stress they've built up can accidentally overflow into something that comes across as harsh at the wrong time. We're not perfect, but we -can- acknowledge when we've hurt someone and apologize. So while I still say empathizing with other people, even people we don't personally like, and taking any bad opinions of people with a grain of salt would be really beneficial to everyone just in general, I'm not going to say people don't care about one another. We do. Everyone cares about someone. We just can't care about everyone all the time to the point where we've completely sacrificed all our free time to making sure that everyone is happy. Because then, when someone is still unhappy, it's incredibly painful and disappointing. Now that there's a thread and more people have gotten some insight about what they may or may not be doing and how it may or may not be affecting others, wouldn't it just be best not to try and alter things like reputation or anything (those seem like symptoms as opposed to the root of the issues) and let things go for a bit? At least someone was bold enough to bring it up and there's actually a lot of good points in here.
  13. Honestly, even before 2.0 launched there was plenty of hostility. Maybe a lot of it didn't -openly- appear on the forums, but it was definitely there. It was typically very lightly veiled as joking or sarcasm but there were and continue to be cliques, and new people back then and I have to assume now are being 'warned' against certain individuals based on either the bad experiences the people warning them had, or even more troubling, just the rumors. One individual comes immediately to mind who I won't name but was, at one point, a very active and well known member of the community (there are a lot of those so this in intentionally vague). Someone who doesn't even post on the RPC, who openly denounces it in game that I met through my ooc friend who recently started playing this game, first brought up the name when I asked if they had a linkshell/FC profile listed in the directory here. Then, when I said I didn't know, this individual proceeded to try to incite a smearing conversation with me in regards to this person; someone who wasn't related whatsoever to the topic at hand. This has happened several times. Over the course of my periodic visits (that were once upon a time pretty frequent) to the RPC, I've had people go out of their way to talk to me about other members that I don't even know and how much they despise them. I usually feel pretty indifferent, but that without a doubt translates into hostile replies to those individual's posts by the people who just do not like them. There's a variety of reasons why they might not like them. Maybe they don't agree with their philosophies. Maybe they personally slighted them. Maybe they feel too intensely about their opinions or are offended by the way someone else words theirs. Maybe they don't like how popular or well-liked someone is. All of this has been more or less covered in this thread, but that's what happens in communities where people become embittered by their own experiences or have been conditioned to become defensive of topics or beliefs or friends. If you want to crack down on hostility, that's grand and all, but it won't stop lonely people from feeling like they're not heard or not worthy of people's attention turning those same sad feelings into aggression towards the objects of popular interest. People are just going to dislike people, and that's how it is. What people need to learn isn't 'Grow a thicker skin; I'm just saying what I think is right' it's -tact-. If you want to be in a community with other people, then EVEN IF ALL THOSE PEOPLE are thick-skinned, filterless, unapologetically close-minded individuals (this is an exaggerated hypothetical, not referring to this coalition or anyone in it) then you SHOULD STILL learn to be tactful and NOT contribute to the bitter back and forths, even if you feel like you're being targeted or that your response is justified. If you have a problem, maybe talk to a moderator and have them try to help you work it out with someone else. So instead of trying to catch hostility in progress, usually after the fact, and thereby try to find a solid definition of what can be considered hostile, why not just point out when people are being harsh instead or when they're being far too strict in their stereotyping and opinions of other people's characters or questions? Why not just soften the tone instead and try to encourage people to give a little more than a half-effort to drop just enough sugary disclaimer onto a post to hide the personal hatred of how other people do things, or how these players are, or why I don't like this thing because this one other thing happened to me and this is how I responded to it--? I honestly don't think anything'll work, but trying to discourage toxicity in any way at all like the ones the leaders have planned is -something-. And if you have something to say about something you don't like that you can't be open-minded about then maybe make a tumblr and go rant about it there instead of here.
  14. I'm fairly certain this debate is over, but I had a cent or two to contribute if it hasn't already been done. We have this fairly easy to acquire bit of information: "The short, rotund builds of the Lalafell belie an incredible agility, and their seemingly feeble legs are capable of carrying them long distances over any terrain. Many among them are also known for possessing highly developed and cunning intellects." So we know that they're at least -very fast- just inherently. If we're looking at them and trying to relate them immediately to humans, imagine a child that size (a toddler, thereabouts) running 'long distances over -any- terrain' and obviously, that's not really something most toddlers can do. Lalafell are, though related to Hyur, their own race that has adapted different. They're small and apparently rotund. Who is to say that their musculature isn't simply different, more efficient, for bursts of speed that can (most importantly) be maintained, or for powerful impact given their size? Even if they can hit as hard as an untrained Midlander, that's incredible. And if they were to retrain/repurpose those muscles for combat rather than escaping, that could undoubtedly be accomplished-- but in all situations it would require training. Could a Lalafell rival the sheer strength of a Roegadyn equally dedicated to his or her martial training? Doubtful. A Midlander? Perhaps. They're obviously just far more physically capable than their closest 'real-life' equivalent (children) and how far that goes is debatable. We saw the 'exceptions' of the miner brothers in 1.0 but that seems far more like examples. If you spend your life doing something, you'll probably get quite good at it. A full grown human man -might- be able to throw someone through closed doors and a few yards down a hallway as the brothers did, but the fact that someone around three feet tall managed it REGARDLESS of how much training they did seems telling that lesser feats of strength like wielding a heavy (proportionate) axe with precision or flipping someone over (especially given your remarkably low center of gravity) is probably possible even if the other lalafell in question isn't as powerful as those examples. "Well, if they could be that powerful, why isn't it mentioned?" People assume Miqo'te have better hearing and eyesight than I've found any evidence to believe. All that's mentioned is their strong legs and their olfactory sense. That seems to indicate, not that miqo'te can't hear or see better than your typical Hyur, but that of their traits the most characteristic is that one or two that sets the standard against other races. Lalafell aren't as strong as Roegadyn. What's the point in mentioning where their strength level is for the developers, so long as it's not 'the strongest'? There isn't a scale they've released that gives us any way to gauge every race's powers in relation to the others, except this: http://www.ffxivguild.com/racial-stats-and-god-stats-guide/ Which lists Plainsfolk strength EQUAL to Keeper of the Moon strength and barely beneath Wildwood, Duskwight and-- Hellsguard? Wait. So you're saying a Hellsguard is weaker than a Midlander? And both are weaker than Highlanders? Yeah, so, my theory is that they're probably capable of being pretty freaking strong but since they're inclined to use their cunning and high-speed intelligence, they spend more time getting smart and haggling on average than working out. TL;DR Lalafell are probably capable of being super-powered for their size, equivalent to Hyur or maybe slightly greater on average, given their small stature and muscular capacity to produce high, sustained speeds. They probably are being but can't be compared to Hyur children despite their stature.
  15. On the original topic, I had mixed results with Roegadyn and Highlander females. (No secret) Sigyn was pretty openly received by members of the opposite sex (and a few of the same). Siobhain, however, was more approachable to the same and only maybe three of the opposite? She wasn't a huge Hellsguard but she was pretty strict looking in her armor and such. I'm not sure if it's because certain styles of dress or look or something give people the idea that the character has a 'preference' that doesn't include them, whether race-based or gender-based.
  16. And all the "Races of Man" have the exact same number of chromosomes, making this an entirely moot point. Haha, no, I don't know that for a fact, but I really doubt they even thought it through to that level of detail. Either way, it's mostly an irrelevant point because very few of us will RP cross-breeds when there's no way to represent them in-game and even fewer of those will try to breed. That's true. It is a pretty moot point and genetic messups happen all the time anyways so if anyone chooses to have one, it's probably going to be achievable in other ways. I just have a hard time seeing Midlanders being related immediately to a race that still has an enhanced olfactory gland, tail, vertical pupils, etc. or a race that's 3 ft tall. It sort of denotes whatever shared ancestor they had was thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago-- or I guess, magic. There are tons of people to roleplay crossbreeds, even without the ability to represent them in game. Midlander/Highlander is most popular, there's Seeker/Keeper, definitely some Wildwood/Duskwight, and possibly Hellsguard/Seawolf. I know at least one Plainsfolk/Duskfolk, and then some Miqo'te/Hyur, Elezen/Hyur, and so on. That first one is pretty popular.
  17. Thanks! I'll definitely give it some consideration. ^^ Ooh, a fortune-teller, I plan to make one of those, once Heavensward comes out. Actually, that would be an interesting fit for Viral. Just how does your playtime look, if you had to ballpark a time period when you'd be online? Typically during the week I can be on all day starting around 9 am est and usually not after 7 pm est unless I'm leveling the weekends I can be on anytime really.
  18. Hello dere. I've just started maining another character and I'd be happy to start you off with some rp if our playtimes allow it. Kotori's a fortune teller/healer with a fairly positive outwards personality. I think they'd get along fabulously.
  19. I really like this idea and I hope to see it come to fruition. Also, human trafficking via kidnapping and such has happened in the game. With all the refugees and such, people 'going missing' and ending up far from whatever family they have left, if they have any, and being put to work as workers and such isn't unlikely. Likewise, indentured servitude in the sense of borderline slavery is also very highly likely in Ul'dah where if you ever accrued a debt (through mercantile work, opening businesses then having them fail, extortion, etc) with the intention of paying it off with labor, you'd probably never be able to. Debts might even be passed down to children and children's children. The Syndicate couldn't exist without forcing people to obey by using the lure of coin and the threat of death against them. So, if slavery is too strong (and it's doubtlessly illegal in Aldenard, but shipping off kidnapped victims to other City-States likely wouldn't be abnormal, especially with the high demand for exotic dancers in Ul'dah and laborers and sailors in La Noscea) then extortion and indentured servitude of a kind might happen with these Turks. Forcing people to pay off their gambling debts and what not by working or running messages they can't read or otherwise being pawns of the organization so that the actual Turks don't have to risk their identities so often. Just invite your debtee to a shadowy room and give them a task and if they don't fulfill it, pick them off later. At least that's an idea, anyhow, and one that might've been mentioned. If so, apologies.
  20. Donkeys and horses, tigers and lions, bison and cows, and various other interbred hybrids that sometimes have sterility also have common ancestors. *Possibly the oldest known true felid (Proailurus) lived in the late Oligocene and early Miocene epochs. During the Miocene, it gave way to Pseudaelurus. Pseudaelurus is believed to be the latest common ancestor of the two extant subfamilies and the extinct subfamily, Machairodontinae. *Molecular phylogenies indicate the most recent common ancestor of all modern equids (members of the genus Equus) lived ~5.6 (3.9–7.8) mya. Direct paleogenomic sequencing of a 700,000 year-old middle Pleistocene horse metapodial bone from Canada implies a more recent 4.07 Myr before present date for the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) within the range of 4.0 to 4.5 Myr BP.[24] The oldest divergencies are the Asian hemiones (subgenus E. (Asinus)), including the kulan, onager, and kiang), followed by the African zebras (subgenera E. (Dolichohippus), and E. (Hippotigris)). All other modern forms including the domesticated horse (and many fossil Pliocene and Pleistocene forms) belong to the subgenus E. (Equus) which diverged ~4.8 (3.2–6.5) million years ago.[ *The closest relations to this tribe are the Boselaphini and Tragelaphini tribes. The common ancestor of all the Bovini species appears to have lived about 5–8 million years ago. The first clade to diverge was the buffalo clade (Bubalus and Syncerus species). This was followed by the banteng/gaur/gayal clade and the domestic cattle clade. A fourth clade leading to the bison and yak species may also exist.[1] Of these three, apparently, bison and cows being interbred for hybrids typically aren't sterile. There has to be some form of common ancestry in order for interbreeding to happen at all, but that alone obviously doesn't necessarily mean that the genetic variation between the two won't cause issues in the offspring such as sterility *Interspecific hybrids are bred by mating two species, normally from within the same genus. The offspring display traits and characteristics of both parents. The offspring of an interspecific cross are very often sterile; thus, hybrid sterility prevents the movement of genes from one species to the other, keeping both species distinct.[12] Sterility is often attributed to the different number of chromosomes the two species have, for example donkeys have 62 chromosomes, while horses have 64 chromosomes, and mules and hinnies have 63 chromosomes.
  21. Depends on how far apart their genetics are, I think. Also not all hybrids are infertile. Males in various species have a higher likelihood of being sterile, apparently. Different types of animals have a higher or lower likelihood of infertility, depending on their crosses and such. Also crossed of the same species but different clans would undoubtedly be fertile as the species remains the same. See/Kee's, Hells/Sea, High/mid, Dun/Plain, Dusk/Wild would likely all bear fertile offspring. The largest issues for hybrid children would likely be (but not always) social prejudice. Seems a much higher if not exclusive potential issue for Elezen. I'm not sure the different miqo'te clans hold any real animosity towards each other but variations in appearance and the issue of breeding habits in their cultural construction might isolate the child by way of the mother or father (female Seekers/Male seekers breeding outside their tribal restrictions, female Keepers breeding at all with male seekers, etc.)
  22. Blue and black cohosh equivalents might be something in Thanalan. Maybe it's the same as thistle. This is a great informative thread. Thanks for posting it.
  23. Friday's closed tournament is -cancelled- 6.6.14. Saturday's tournament will go on as scheduled.
  24. You just show up and ask for an Overseer! They'll almost always happily sign you on. We've got a shortage of healers.
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