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  1. WHOOOO got into Balmung? ME! ME GOT INTO BALMUNG! here is a celebratory Local Bear Girl Holding Meat. yaaay i'm so excited! also idk if anyone will read this, but i'm down to rp WHENEVER, so pm me here if i'm not on balmung as Wild Blood! eeee!!!
  2. Elilbhar probably loves to drink and gets VERY loud and nice-violent? like she'd probably slap someone on the back excitedly but do it over and over. and mangle them
  3. i see i see! this is tough...i just wanna rp so BAD AAAH! this waiting game is too much for me to bear!
  4. i thought i read somewhere that balmung is gonna be closed for a while? is that wrong? thanks for the welcome, pal!
  5. hello, everybody! i just started playing this game, and it's gotten me all HYPED UP! as a kid i ALWAYS wanted that genuine in game roleplay experience with unique characters like .hack. every time i try a new mmo it's lacking somehow, but i think i could really get into this, especially with so many other roleplayers out there! this game's just got such good lore and i'm so pumped to get into it! i've already made a cute oc, even! i hope you don't mind if i introduce her a lil here! meet Wild Blood! (also called Elilbhar---please tell me if having two names, an old language and a new language one is wrong! wouldn't want to be inauthentic!) she was abandoned as a child and left to the animals, but she managed to survive on her own until she was around 8. lots of people saw her but were fearful of her, taking her as a bad omen, calling her Elilbhar because of her outcast status and because she had the tendency to snarl and roar and chuff the way a bear did. rumors arose that she was the product of a raging fire and a ferocious old bear. a group of traveling marauders, not knowing the stories, took pity on her and attempted to socialize her. they dubbed her Wild Blood since........well, you know. you can assume at her current age (~27? nobody knows how old she really is) she can speak (sort of) and is (relatively) socialized. she has a kind heart and has genuine motivations, but still acts a little off. she's a BIG, BIG girl, REALLY strong, and she sits kind of goofy and bites and licks herself when she's itchy rather than using her nails, and she'd probably hug you too hard and lenny you on accident. she's fearless, strong, and a pretty cool chick! here are some doodles i did of her! my tablet is broken waah! i really want to roleplay in-game, but gilgamesh has been closed the whole time i've been on. it's breakin my heart! how are you guys? thanks for reading all this if you did!
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