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  1. Vincent Sarkoza

    balmung Wild Hunt

    I'll sign up for the 21st
  2. Vincent Sarkoza

    [Balmung] Vincent Sarkoza

    Basic Info Characters: Vincent Sarkoza Primary Characters: Vincent Sarkoza Linkshells: None Primary RP Linkshells: Underground Linkpearl (real name withheld, but you get the idea) RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium - Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: Consent required to kill or maim otherwise, I'm fine with injuries. Views on IC romance: Not actively seeking it, though if it just happens to go that way during RP I don't mind. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Not actively seeking it, though if it just happens to go that way during RP I don't mind. Views on lore: I try to stick to the Lore, but am open to an "extended universe" sort of idea. Just nothing that wouldn't make sense lore wise. Other Information Country: US Timezone: EST Contact info: Message me here or in game Character Profile: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Vincent_Sarkoza
  3. Vincent Sarkoza

    balmung Returned player looking for friends!

    heya i just returned too lol. See you in game!
  4. Vincent Sarkoza

    balmung Primevil[Fate14][OOC-Post]

    Please put me down for the trial of Ice (and fire heh~)
  5. Vincent Sarkoza

    House of Hand Drawn Artistry

  6. Vincent Sarkoza

    House of Hand Drawn Artistry

    Random Portraits and Group Portraits http://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/images/3/36/Catdue.jpg[/img]
  7. Vincent Sarkoza

    balmung Primevil[Fate14][OOC-Post]

    Sign me up for sunday's event
  8. Vincent Sarkoza

    Drachma <DCH-RP>

    Drachma's RPC profile has been updated! Our Company is small but growing and steadily forging relationships with other companies! Feel free to apply at https://drachma-rp.enjin.com/recruitment or contact me here or in game to learn more
  9. If you need a cause to serve, then fighting in the name of Drachma might be something that interests you I"d love to interact with you in game! PM me here or add me in game if youre interested ^.^
  10. Vincent Sarkoza

    [OPEN 1 SLOT] Eltheia's art thread

    are commissions still open? I'd like to request one as well
  11. Vincent Sarkoza

    mateus closed

    Honestly, just lookin for RP these days lol. Romance or not, always down to meet new people.
  12. Vincent Sarkoza

    Drachma <DCH-RP>

    Company Profile has been updated! Changes have been made to the Main page as well as an added Rank Tab for simplified information about the Company Structure. Feel free to Contact Ashua Rajin, Vincent Sarkoza, or Kysiri Sasiri in game or submit an application at https://drachma-rp.enjin.com/recruitment
  13. Vincent Sarkoza

    balmung Shinobi LF Master!

    Vincent has been a ninja all his life, and I'm definitely interested in training an apprentice. Add me in game and we can rp . Not really much else to do while the fringe is congested haha
  14. Vincent Sarkoza

    Drachma <DCH-RP>

    Our last event was a relative success and we have definitely learned a lot from the experience and will definitely work to ensure that future events run more successfully so that everyone can have the RP experience they deserve. We hope that everyone is enjoying Stormblood (despite its launch issues) and hope to see everyone in game! If you wish to join us please go to https://drachma-rp.enjin.com/ and fill out an application 6/14/2017 Assault on The Pearl quick summary: Eorzean forces win after a long and arduous battle with Garlean forces on the shores of The Pearl! Hayate Ashikage's forces were able to defeat a devastating Imperial force that routed many Eorzean troops. Drachma engineers have since begun working on building a new harbor on the island to house naval merchant ships going to and from the Far East.
  15. Vincent Sarkoza

    Assault on The Pearl

    Thank you all for coming to our first public RP event. On behalf on Drachma I apologize for the confusion that occurred in the beginning. I'm glad that everyone had fun and enjoyed the new concept we developed for large scale battle RPs. We have taken in lots of feed back and will continue to work to ensure that all our future events runs smoothly, and give everyone the high quality experience they deserve.