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  1. Roe Dad

    Looking for fancy date location!

    My cafe has lovely seating with candles in the downstairs area.. Just contact Denkyreyha in game.
  2. Hour and a half before we start.
  3. The Black Cat Cafe will be hosting a Valentines event on the 9th of February. We will be open for extended hours along with many games to enjoy as well as a date auction. To enjoy the auction will be 1000 gil given to our lovely receptionist and we will add you to a spreadsheet of guests. You will be given 100 tokens to use at the auction. If you would like your character to be auctioned off, please let any of our officers know. There will be a link to the tumblr post with their info. The types of auction you can go for are Romantic, Friendly, Business. So please let us know what you are looking for and a brief description. You may also private message or send the Black Cat Cafe a ask. Thank you. Tumblr Info
  4. Roe Dad

    Cat of Fortune «HOME»

    Open tomorrow night hope to see you all there.
  5. Roe Dad

    Cat of Fortune «HOME»

    Do swing by the website my lovely counterpart put together. Its pretty amazing. http://cat-of-fortune-fc.enjin.com/home
  6. Roe Dad

    Cat of Fortune «HOME»

    Open right now swing on by.
  7. Roe Dad

    Cat of Fortune «HOME»

    Stop by and join us!
  8. 1. Orchestrion 2. Tox Box 3. Stuffed Mandragora Queen 4. Expeditor's Set (Female) 5. High House Cloche 6. Wind-up Leviathan 7. Wind-up Shiva 8. Plush Cushion 9. Expeditioner's Set (Male)
  9. Moonfire Set Wind-up Tonberry Large Woven Rug Blue Bird
  10. *runs in out of breath hugs Eleni* Still best Daughter ever. Birthday is soon too!
  11. CAUSE HOLY GUACAMOLE I HAVENT BEEN HERE IN AGES! Also Eleni is best Daughter, she is a delightful Chubby Marshmallow that brightens our discord channel anytime she speaks *goes to disappear for months on end.*
  12. Roe Dad

    Cat of Fortune Auction

    Half hour
  13. Roe Dad

    Cat of Fortune Auction

    THis is today