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  1. Pious Hunter

    RP on Omega - The EU Community (DISCORD link inside!)

    Omega RP universe continues to expand! If you're an RP'er in the EU timezone, come join us, you may like it better than NA! The discord link is https://discord.gg/us7uNfN we're over 400-strong and that's only a percentage of the larger in-game community!
  2. Pious Hunter


    Adventures and other event pictures.
  3. Pious Hunter

    jenova Jenova RP Directory (RP Locations)

    Updated FC estate address. ⦿ Hall of the Keepers at Keepers of the Oath (/tell Ct Mcclelland or visit Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 12)
  4. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    Fight Night location update! Where: The Goblet, Ward 3, Plot 54 Server: Jenova Time: Friday 5pm PST
  5. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    RP is very common here Taijha and the community's very friendly. Feel free to alt over to look around if you like.
  6. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    Rumours: I heard Ser Marcus tried to call off the wedding when he heard Alicia's father was coming from prison. Rumour: I heard he's being dragged in wearing prison clothes. Did you see that ugly picture of him in the papers? Rumour: Alicia is a model of beauty, to think she came out of that monster. Rumour: I heard he killed his first wife and offered her to a Primal god. Rumour: I thought it was his -second- wife, Alicia's mum? And wasn't it a voidsent?
  7. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    RP Event: Guard Duty at Wedding Story Theme: Drama, Action Date: Thursday 6th Time: 6pm-8pm EST / 3pm-5pm PST / 11pm-1am GMT+1 Location: Meet at Adder's Nest. Wedding is at the Sanctum of the Twelve, East Shroud. Invites available: 50.
  8. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    Thanks to everyone who helped make the birthday event a super success, hope to see you again at the next server event.
  9. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    This Saturday evening, come by for entertainment and drinks. All are invited to Lucy's 19th birthday party and Lyna's mansion! Mist Northeast Subdivision, Ward 11, Plot 32. Or send a whisper to Lucy Ambers.
  10. Pious Hunter

    jenova Jenova RP Directory (RP Locations)

    Social & Entertainment at Keepers of the Oath Hosting a bar and performance stage. (/tell Ct Mcclelland or visit Lavender Beds Ward 3, Plot 12)
  11. Pious Hunter

    Lucy's Diary: Sunflower's Blossom

    Page #26: "Nameday" Dear diary, I have had the most extraordinary day. I had spent the morning with Astharoshe Aubrenard, my elezen friend from the Nine Ivies, who goes to the same school of magic I recently enrolled to, the Ashen Academy, but my surprise came later. My uncle ferried Asth and I on a journey to Limsa Lominsa, the port city on the southern coast of Vylbrand island. My first ever trip beyond the Twelveswood. I suppose he and my aunt had not since allowed me travel with the Wayfinders, so they would be the ones to escort me on my very first voyage. And what a fun trip it was. Uncle dislikes water or sailing so he remained on the lower decks, but Asth and I basked in the gentle breeze of the ocean from the upper decks, watching the waters and spotting shadows of dolphins and other great sea creatures. It was amazing fun, and yet, the real surprise awaited me yet. On shore, Asth and I were left to tour the city, to later join my uncle at the local tavern, the Drowning Wench. But as I entered, I spotted quite a crowd of familiar faces. Naih'tan, the Miqo'te from Nine Tails who rescued me from the woods of Galvanth's Spire, Headmaster Jax Stahl, the adorable yet unorthodox Lalafell who leads the school of martial and magical arts, Ashen Academy, Professor Rhiannon Monvoison, our magic and history tutor, and of course, my favourite family, the Silvernails! They had all gathered to give me company on my nameday and so prepared a surprise party, with food and drinks and a towering cake. I could not help but smile, all through the afternoon, I smiled and blushed. T'was all I could do to keep from fainting out of hardly contained happiness. Astharoshe gifted me with a Gridanian Carnation, one of my favourite flowers, with a scent that brought to the fore memories of the times we first crossed paths at the Nine Ivies, waving and smiling across the meadows to one another. Professor Monvoison gifted me with a brown leatherbound book, titled 'A Realm Empowered: Brief History of the Dawn of Magic in Eorzea, First Edition, by Rhiannon Monvoison' which details the history of magic. It was a perfect present, to aid my learning in the deeper studies of magical history. Headmaster Jax gifted me with a weighty pair of ornamental daggers. From the Silvernails, three gifts in total. First of course was my wand of winds which I learnt to craft the week before, and this time, wrapped inside a lovely little box was a pendant with a delicate strand of silver. The pendant was fashioned after a small, yellow flower with a crystal in the centre, clear but with a shade of the lightest green, which I recognised as a wind shard, from our previous wand-making lesson. Such a beautiful jewel, and with potent magicks, it made a perfect gift. I wear it on a necklace about my neck, closest to my heart. Last of the three gifts was one Sir Wemrys brought in, albeit hastily wrapped. A stuffed Chocobo toy, sewn by Doctor Silvernail herself, as she did for Maple's and Sindril's own. It was a gift of utmost endearment. To have a toy not only made for cuddling, but one that was in likeness to that of her other children, I took it as a sign of acceptance, and it very nearly brought me again to tears. I prayed to the Twelve as I blew out the sixteen candles on my cake, that I may find a mother in her, Doctor Llinos, and a home in her family. I tried not to show my sadness as I brandished the ceremonial knife and slit the strawberry sponge cake through it's chocolate exterior, but I secretly wished my sweet mother was here to see me mature at last, through my coming of age. Naih'tan, in all his immature silliness, offered to take me in on his bed for the night as my nameday gift, though a humoured attempt at a joke, my uncle and Doctor Silvernail saw it otherwise and he was told off quite pointedly. Apparently he did have an idea for a gift for me, and skipped outside to find a Chocobo feather to pluck. Ah, I suppose its the thought that matters, bless him. Last of my stack of gifts was a long black mage's robe gifted to me by my aunt, along with a matching pointy hat that filled me with much excitement. It was a fabulous hat, much like Maple's own, which meant of course we could now both wear our pointy hats! We sat together at the table to share a slice of my cake, the first cut which I especially wanted Maple to have. She was my first real friend and I foresee a lasting relationship. Now of adult age, I am to leave home, properly, and so I did ask of my aunt and uncle if I may move in with the Silvernails. I am of a nervous mind, wondering if I would be taken, but the hopeful thought gives me much delight. Imagine it, dear diary, to be a part of a family again.
  12. Pious Hunter

    Lucy's Diary: Sunflower's Blossom

    Page #25: "Sunflower's Blossom" Dear Diary, against sense and reason, I snuck away from the hospice and sought solace with Maple and Doctor Silvernail. She was in the front garden, Maple, beneath the cherry blossoms. I sat with her, and ran my fingers through the grass, allowing my pain to wither away into the earth. She's very gentle, Maple, with a down-to-earth attitude that resonates well with my own. I felt safe, sitting by the tree with her, away from my home troubles. So I confided my secrets to her. Perhaps I ought not have done that, because Maple was suddenly quite weighed with guilt, the burdens of holding my lies. Doctor Silvernail arrived to tend to her Chocobo and later invited us inside for a lesson in wand-making. It was truly beautiful, I had made a wand of winds, which blossomed like a sunflower, a floral yellow that I'm told suggests an attunement to earth more than wind. Towards the end of class, I became overcome with emotions, the memory of my mother and I training in magic as Maple was with hers, brought upon me a sudden pain. I miss my mother. Doctor Silvernail and Sir Wemrys were a little shocked of my sudden tears and quite understandably worried. Unable to bear the burden longer, Maple told of my secret, that I had ran away from home. I confessed to it's truth, and also that I had snuck away from my aunt and uncle again from the hospice. I feared I would be rejected at this point, cast out as a liar, never to see Maple again, for such a terrible influence I must be. But it was not so. Doctor Llinos and I spoke at heart's length, and she understood my pain. She too had lost much to the Calamity. "We all thought it was the end of the world" she explained, "and when we emerged from it, the land had changed, our lives, changed. I venture it changed your aunt and uncle too. It can be hard to see anyone want to be an adventurer after that, though they are still what keeps us safe. With Maple and Sindri, I scarce want them out of my sight, but I know that it's an inevitability. When that happens, I want to know I gave them everything I could. Your aunt and uncle may want the same for you, but they might not know if it's enough. I shall help assure them." Doctor Llinos's insight is a power born of wisdom, experience and a level of intelligence I may never truly attain, but under her guidance, did I find peace within myself and the will to accept my aunt and uncle's protectiveness, seeing their actions from a new light. It is true, they do love me. They have sacrificed much to care for me, I know that. It has been some days now, and things here at home have settled again. I feel lighter, having apologised for my recent rebellions. I'm allowed to venture out once more, and return to my usual forest walks. It is an amazing feeling, to close one's eyes in the morning song of the Nightingale or spark a melody with the beautiful garden Robins, with your feet bare on the fallen autumn leaves, bathed in the warmth of the rising sun. Oh Gridania, how I love thee. A blessing under Nophica's light, in whose bosom have I grown. Hark, the calling of destiny afar, a journey awaits me over the seas, but sweet, sweet Gridania, never shall I forsake thee. Mine nameday comes, 'tis but three sunsets away. I shall be a woman, released from this sour green shell. Mayhaps I'll visit the Silvernails, have dinner with friends and wake anew in the morrow. Bright and yellow, like a sunflower's blossom.
  13. Pious Hunter

    Lucy's Diary: Sunflower's Blossom

    Page #24: “Adder’s Hospice” Dear diary, I’m told I spent time unconscious here at an Adder’s camp, that I had been rescued by a Miqo'te from the Nine Tails team. It all seems quite a blur. I recall pausing my flee from home to seek shelter at Bentbranch Meadows. The rain passed, and I made way towards Lavender Beds in hope to see Doctor Llinos, perhaps, I had thought, we would join the Wayfinders tavern crawl together. Not far had I walked, past Galvanth’s Spire, that I was set upon by Diremite, enraged it seemed, by a dark presence. Try as I may to calm the shelled creatures, my soothing fell to ensorcelled minds. In panic, I fled. And absent of direction, the trees of night’s forest did forsake me guidance. T'was then, I heard the noises. A movement in the shadows. The rustling of leaves, the breaking of branches, there were more than one. Unarmed and utterly unprepared, I felt defenceless, something my mother taught me never to allow. Foolishly, perhaps, I searched the ground for fallen sticks. Of poor health or good, I thought, anything from the earth would do. Brandishing my soil-grown plant, I waved it outward at my perceived stalkers. That was it. I can not recall what happened next, for all I know, is of a so-called rescue, by a Miqo'te hero who returned me here, to the Twin Adder’s custody. I’ve seen my aunt and uncle. They visited earlier, and are none too pleased with my escapades. Dear diary, I cannot remain in hospice, I must get away. I cannot bare sight of my aunt’s disappointment or the disapproving scowl of uncle Pious. Mayhap, I get away. I gather this is nearby Lavender Beds, not at all far from Maple and her mother.
  14. Pious Hunter

    Lucy's Diary: Sunflower's Blossom

    Page #23: "Runaway" Dear diary, please, help me. I feel emotions confused and thoughts in disarray. I know not where I am. It rains and I sought shelter. Mayhap I'm south of Bentbranch Meadows but certain I cannot be. I've been so angry. Filled with rage, I did fight with my aunt. Heavens forsake, she would not listen, the Wayfinders are leaving the shroud! I beseeched my aunt to let me go, to let me say goodbye. On my knees, I begged of her, and in spite of my tears, in spite of my pleads, she did deny me leave. Curse her. Curse her and her missing child. They care not for me, but he. Though here I be, in plain sight, they loved me not, but he. I shan't go back. I won't return. I'll make journey to Buscarron’s Druthers. There I hear, will be the caravan. There is to be a party, a tavern crawl with friends. Pray, Sechen be in attendance, Sir Connor and Miss Lilia. Yes, should all efforts fail, I have the pearl, to reach Doctor Llinos for aid. Thank you dear diary, for now, a plan I have.
  15. Pious Hunter

    Jenova Roleplayers (Old)

    Jenova's pretty active here. Smaller of course, but certainly a well-knit community. I'm one of the EU'ers here too. Hope to see you in-game.