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  1. So, I had a friend toss this to me--apparently it's an official response from Yoshi P on the First to Source etc. debacle that RPers are left in. I suppose it is still left up to the individual to decide, but for those who care I thought it would help contribute to the discussion. I don't know exactly where the screen shot was taken from, but if someone's seen it, feel free to post a link.
  2. One thing to note, apologies if it has been mentioned--on the subject on Purebloods manipulating aether, look into the Resonant project headed by Aulus (an NPC). The project was begun in a response to combatting the Echo. Not much details on limits of the resonant are known, but I think it might allow some kind of fabricated manipulation to some extent. I myself tend to use it sparingly because of the lack of detail in the lore. But you'd be capable of the 'Echo visions' here and there and maybe enhanced martial prowess (I believe thats the only things that are nailed down in the lore). But it does have its weaknesses, as shown with Fordola. I imagine it is fairly taxing on the body, too. But most of what I do with Lucius and resonant is head canon. It can be fun, but just be sure to have a good ratio of weaknesses/strengths!
  3. Hi Vadi'a! Im honestly not certain about 'vampires' in FFXIV in the sense we might typically think of them in typical folklore. If there -is- vampires in FFXIV, I imagine they would operate by feeding off aether stores kinda like voidsent? If there is actual lore, I'd love to know it.
  4. Bump! Still searching for a romance partner for Luke! Check deets on the Hooks on his carrd!
  5. Hi Law! Great to see more Purebloods! I think, now this is just my interpretation--some may disagree. When someone undergoes the resonant experiment, they seem to become an 'enhanced' (insert race here). This is mostly going off of what I've seen on the wiki for characters such as Zenos and Fordola, but I felt it to be a good explanation to what happens to a person who undergoes it. I dont think it is at all odd that experimentation would be done on a Pureblood. Thats the whole reason the experiments began--to allow Purebloods to manipulate aether in some capacity, and to give a bit of a rival power to the Echo. Having the Echo from what I've seen/heard, isn't really all that bad? Its mostly dependent on how you as the player play and percieve it. Ordinary people can have the echo and not know what it is. Or the character knows, and might utilize it here and there with players who are comfortable with it. I'm of the mind Resonant is similar. We dont exactly know the details of what, beyond what the experiment was made for, exactly /gives/ to the character beyond echo-like things (the echo visions) and maybe enhanced fighting capability. BUT. Again, I would only use these with people who are comfortable playing with it on an OOC level. Even then, when I have my character utilize it, I use the combat enhancement sparingly, and kinda treat it as a limitbreak or adrenaline. Im also of the mind that most characters who underwent the experiment are at Fordola's level. This would be most easy to reference IC with one resonant eye when the resonant is tapped into. Kind of like how Fordola shows one Resonant Eye, and Zenos has two. I have a feeling Zenos was juiced up to the full extent and has more abilities (like stealing bodies) that ordinary people experimented on would'nt be capable of. This is just how I play Lucius/treat the Resonant, but others may have different thoughts. I kinda hope they will explain Resonant more as MSQ goes on.
  6. Hi Vaaxy! For Relationships, it can be either canon characters or say, your character's family that you made up. Most times family, friends, enemies--anyone who has made a fairly impactful impression on your character via RP or your character's history are put in here. Rumors, you can add whatever rumors you yourself think the character would be known for. The commonly heard rumors about him, to the lesser known things about him. Typically you yourself put what common NPCs (merchants, for example) or even NPCs in your relationships might say about him. Players you interact with might add rumors of their own from their character on your page if you wish them to! Stories would probably be things like, an IC journal, things that have happened to your character, or anything story-worthy. Hope this helps!
  7. I think putting forth any ideas, no matter how strange are very useful to this discussion. I think for people in the first two camps I mentioned, as long as it makes sense for lore/creative enough, it can be done. I think the thread is made to just try finding a solution(s) or suggestions that satisfies people who want to RP that way. :3 Ill be honest, I think your option might be the closest we've gotten so far. Probably not something I intend to do, but I think its creative!
  8. I think it'd be fair to mention as well--I had a small discussion with a good friend of mine a few days ago. Basically, there's a few of shades of RPers. Or even RPer camps. They exist in almost all MMO's that allow some form of textual RP. Theres a camp that adheres 100% strictly to lore, no bending, no violations, they try to keep as close to what the game's official lore setting puts out. Then theres a camp (where probably a good chunk of most MMO RPers resonate with) that adheres to lore, but bends it ever so slightly, with knowledge of loopholes in lore (or lack of lore). It still keeps to the lore of the game, but you put your spin on unexplained things where necessary. I think I'd best fit here. There's probably two more camps, probably indistinguishable from one another--they enjoy the lore, but dont keep too close to it with their RP and sort of just go with what they enjoy (which is completely fine!) and lastly, RPers who dont care at all, and just do what they want (which is also perfectly ok!) No camp is better than the other, they just find their fun differently. I think what this thread is meant for, is the people in the first two camps. We aren't trying to necessarily say 'no one can RP here, if they do they are bad' (even though Im almost certain it has happened) . We just have a different style of RP and prefer to try keeping to the lore as close as we can manage while maintaining our enjoyment. RP at the end of the day is what we make of it, and if you are having fun--who cares? But some people just have different views on how close they want to stick to lore. ^^ Apologies if that was off topic, I just felt there might be a misunderstanding on what the discussion might be targeted towards. xP
  9. Great responses on the Crystal Tower. I think, IF I were to have a character visit the First, they'd be experimenting with things via Crystal Tower. Lucius himself is an employ of the Ironworks, so I figure an accident of sorts could spit him out in the First for a time. Then he'd have to work to find a way back which would be the difficult part. Im thinking almost like something similar to the old 'Army of Darkness' movie. Not a chosen one, but he'd have to have another 'accident' to get him home. I'd like to work in some longterm consequences of that. But. Either way, it's one flaky idea. Still mostly convinced the future patches will help us with lore getting to/from there safer. Scions are more than one person.
  10. Some good points to consider there too. Its the main issues I struggle with when deciding if I want to actively go to or from the First for RP. To be honest, this was one of my main issues with this expansion. Everything else was awesome! I just seriously wish they took into account lore that would give roleplayers some wiggle room for this issue. I have a thought that there /will/ be lore eventually, because the scions have to return with the WoL at some point. And it seems like people we know on the First wont be totally vanishing from thin air. They could, but... I dunno. For someone who enjoys following happenings in the MSQ for a good part of their RP, this expansion might be a little lackluster (besides the things happening in the Imperial Palace obviously). One of the main things I enjoyed about Stormblood because the threat was real, seen, and known by ordinary people. The First threats do matter, but for us RPers who primarily play on the Source, right now theres not much material, which is pretty frustrating IMO.
  11. Welcome Mud! Ill answer your questions in numerical order as they are asked, just for easy reading. 1. Bounty Hunters are indeed a thing! Its a very easy thing to start a character with, and they can grow beyond that, if you chose that path. There are several types of bounty hunters (voidsent hunters, monster hunters--you have a pretty wide range!) 2. Villains in FFXIV actually come in a very wide spectrum. You can have the more natural villains, such as you mentioned (assassins, thieves, etc) or you can be a Garlean Empire conscript, an evil mage working for a cult (think sorta like the Ascians; but I think Ascians in lore are limited to the ones you will meet in the storyline, so people rarely RP as them. You can be a sympathizer of course, though. Just be warned people would not be kind to you, lol. Garlean conscripts can be interesting to play, because they often join the empire to save their family--the Empire takes these other places (Othard, Doma for examples) and basically puts them under their heel with their might. Ala Mhigo, as you will find out, suffered a great deal from the Empire (I wont say much more since I don't want to spoil anything!) But you have a very big variety to choose! 3. Apprentices/Masters RP is a very good route to go if you want to start out on a long-term sort of thing with another player. As for how the RP is done, you would need to converse with your RP partner on how you both would like to do it. Some people get more detailed in it where others are more lax with it/don't get into the details. Its very varied between the partner you find! 4. Religious characters are more than acceptable! I'm uncertain what race interests you, but one of the more 'established' bits of religious lore would be Ishgardian Elezen and their reverence to Halone. But all of the Twelve have their followers, and you'd have to look around for that lore (I haven't played a character heavy on religion in FFXIV XD) 5. Actors/Musicians/Singers/etc. are also very common! There is actually a few theater-based troupes in terms of player Free Companies (or guilds) that have RP events to do varied things to that nature. I recommend looking around these forums to check out some of the other inquiries to things similar to your own; when I first started, the threads of others really helped get me on my way! 6. As far as things to avoid--there is a good bit, but as I mentioned before, I'd check the other threads asking about jobs (classes) and similar things; there are good responses!
  12. You know, that does make the most sense. They do take on 'saplings' as well, so I think it could be fairly plausible.
  13. I've actually thought of this a lot, but never really wrote it down! Lucius is well kept, generally, so he usually bathes/showers and brushes his hair daily--usually waking up in his bed in his apartment in Shirogane. Depending if he's planning on searching for people he might wear his suit of platemail, because usually if he's searching for certain people, it won't end up in just talk. He tries to be prepared to be defensible, so its a 50/50 if he wears casual clothes. Sometimes his casual is more 'formal' than casual, but he has varied wear for different occasions. He has a pendant that he wears from his pureblood garlean birth family (he was sold off to another family for a payment to his birth family after the birth-father died, and recently found, upon his adopted garlean father Decius' dead corpse, the pendant of his birth family whom he found out after meeting Volcatia Volturcius.) Besides that, he likes dodo eggs for breakfast (or fried rice with shrimp/eggs). Maybe some sushi. He enjoys far eastern cuisine a lot, and has taught himself how to prep/cook it. He used to be a chef at the Bismarck, so it came easy.
  14. Thanks @Leezil! If I decide on a way that he could safely come back/forth without bending lore too much, I will consider it! :3
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